Friday, October 16, 2015

Rule of Law

The downfall of our society is being usered in as the rule of law is being violated by ever increasing numbers and classes of people join in. We now have a president who knowingly administers his regime by systematically ignoring the law and the constitution.

We have a presidential canidate who has committed felonies against the congress and is still a candidate with maybe enough ignorant  and selfish citizens to elect her.

In the lawless big cities policemen are being shot with impunity and the criminals are raging at-will destroying property and killing its citizens while journalists justify and incite.

The criminal element has gotten itself elected and staffed the government with cronies who use their power to persecute their enemies.

The amoral and godless are occupying greater numbers of the seats of our congresses and legislatures promlugating regulations and replacing laws which diminish the constitution and enslave the productive for their socialist purposes.

America as it was invisioned was never really implemented and the few ideals that have managed to survive and enable prosperity and a semblance of freedom are succumbing to the evil nature of man and the willingness of women to sacrifice the future.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, bias, even hate and discontent is an emotion based on preference and ignorance. Retribution is not based on preference or ignorance it is a conscious and premeditated persecution of a person or group thought to be the source of discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, bias and even hate and discontent.

The problem is that some self interested activists of the discriminated group thinks that they are morally justified seeking retribution from the posterity of the accused discriminating group. All things being equal that might not be the case but because of persistent inequities the discriminated group has an ax to grind and some a willingness to grind it.

Some of the problem is that there are a few who profit from the situation and strive to maximize it as opposed to seeking solutions for it. There are a few who benefit from it and are interested in keeping things as is. The are many who are sympathetic to it and offer no resistance or encourage any redemptive actions. There a few who perceive the problem and vocalize their opinion only to be chastised, rebuffed, or threatened.

Theory vs reality

I am not gifted enough to use math as a tool to model reality but I seem to be gifted with the ability to envision reality and question its intricacies. For example, string theory, the mathematical calculation of natural phenomenon could be, more accurately, the cross section of a frequency bubble in space.  Space being the ubiquitous medium of existence.  It is the smallest aspect of existence within which matter is created and destroyed. Similar to bubbles in water.  Water being the representative of space in this illustration.  Every thing exists within the continuum as elements composed of frequencies adjoined and synergistic to each other.  Constituted of space the smallest element of existence becomes the subatomic building blocks or bubbles which become atoms arranged in their various matrices representative of the constituents of this existence. Which we some how perceive as composing our reality and everything in it.

Similar to a bubble within water, only space occupies both sides of the frequency horizon which is the apparent perimeter or surface of the observable bubble.  Like the surface of a lake there is a point where it is both air and water.  With each bubble there is a transparency which is both space and time which represents matter in this existence.  Our existence is determine by our frequency range. The spectrum of everything we can observe and manipulate. A bubble appears instanteously upon sufficient energy input.  Not knowing exactly what energy is but it some how animates space. Space is not a discrete particle because that would mean something other than space would have to surround it which must be something other than nothing.

Instead of multiple dimensions we exist within infinitely variable spatial frequencies.  We surround and are surrounded by other spectrums of existence determined by our frequency attentiveness.  That would enable practically instantaneous space travel.  We occupy a different spectrum upon achieving that degree of vibration which could mean occupying the very big or the very small.  The question is, can we travel within the apparent infinite reality of each existence. Light has a limit in this existence, assuming we know what light is. It seems demonstrable in that we can measure its affect on our surroundings and  it appears to enter our existence at various points of  our observable universe and travel throughout it. However our existence appears to be too vast for us to easily traverse the distances between bubbles of matter spread throughout.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Water and air are akin to space. To the naked eye we can not see the individual constituents we only see and free the affects. Space, however at the subatomic level is not composed of atoms but is a constituent in and of itself.  There can be no smaller constituent everything is composed of space and is differentiated only by vibration such as a bubble in a boiling pot of water.

Each and every particle of the universe is simply the vibration of space which gives rise to everything else. Therefore it was not a big bang but the first vibration or symphony.

The most interesting question is how did space begin to vibrate when it was presumably in equilibrium with no physical attributes to react to a universal sound (does a falling tree make a sound if there is no one there to hear it?) which was not in existence assuming that we are correct that nothing really exists outside of the physical universe we seem to occupy.

How can something which is not something vibrate? For example there is no sound in space that we can hear. It does however conduct electronic signals and light. Is space truly a vacuum or a medium we cannot perceive.  Did prehistoric man realize the significance of air? The space time continuum simply can not be succinct defined be cause no one knows what space is.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

God's time

Existence in this life is similar to a computer game program. A world is created by the program code and its characters established by subroutines. Their actions and interactions are dictated by the programs code. A person can go and do as his will dictates but only to the extent that the program will allow.  For example a prehistoric person can hunt and gather but not cook the meat until the right subroutine is discovered by  himself or a contemporary.  Cooking meat over a fire using a frying pan doesn't come until centuries later when enough sub routines are discovered by the cave man's posterity to smelt iron.  It is not outside of a characters programming code to do a 21st century task it is only not being accessed because other routines are not yet available for example having a car to drive. The human genome is  a complete program. Each person is essentially identical accept for the character specific routines that make us who we are, brown eyed, dark complexioned, short, fat, and bald. We cannot become a horse even though the genetic code is present in each of us. The reason we are not a tree is merely a few different genes or programming routines.

Our time and place in this existence is relevant to the programming subroutines available to us. Our abilities to venture outside of our existence, even though it exists, is determined by the protocol. We do not live forever, cannot move faster than the speed of light, cannot read another's mind or be something we are not. Even thought the possibility exists.

Time for us is linear but existence is retained within a given set of parameters. God knows the past from the future because it is merely a scenario programmed into this existence.  We have the prescribed agency to choose for ourselves but only from the available routines.  We cannot choose something that does not exist to our knowledge or in our existence.  Therefore we can access possibilities or subroutines available to us we just are limited by relevance.

Is there any reason to stop trying or consider our every action destined? No because, in this game, to stop means death, there is no reset, and the range of accessible subroutines can enrich our lives and deliver, as yet, unknown possibilities for future generations. The sophistication of the program and language is beyond any man made version and artificial intelligence of today's languages pale in comparison but it is still a program.

Is there a limit to this programmatic existence? Yes. Is there an optimal set of routines that lead a person to self actualization? Yes. What purpose is served? Awareness is realized by our unique spiritual entity through living in this programmatic existence. The electricity which powers the program is formless and purposeless accept in response to the code of the programmatic machine language and binary existence of off and on.  Our existence is similar to that of an electrically generated impulse used to power the computer and activate the routines of the available program.

Do we step upon an ant because we can or because we are meant to? Can we choose to not step on the ant or are we destined not to? Do I become what I am or am I what I become? Is my existence on purpose or does my existence have a purpose?  The answer is that this life is an opportunity for us to discover our potential.  We can choose to step on the ant or not and that choice affects both us and the ant. We can inadvertently step on an ant and that incident affects us and the ant.  The reason those possibility exists is because for us and the ant to realize our potential both possibilities have to exist.

Is the world changed for the better or the worse? It is immaterial because either possibility existed before so the program is unchanged but not fully realized.

What is in store for the ant? Does its subroutine cease to exist or can it be reincarnated?  The third alternative is that death is the gateway to a new existence or programming code which enables the ant to become something more that it was before.  Does it resume being an ant or does its subroutine become integral to a greater existence a more enlightened being or place made more complete? Once the program has run its course and all possibilities are exhausted does it set idle, is it reset, or are there aspects of the program only realized by its conclusion and assimilation into a larger program or new existence. Similar to the Star Trek Borge only not with the propensity for domination and darkness but liberation and enlightenment.

Assuming that the program must be fully realized before it can run its course is there sufficient redundancies to facilitate programmatic realization? It seems so.  Anecdotally, no idea seems to be unique.  There are countless examples of more than one person coming up with a similar idea. For example the wright brothers were p, supposedly, the first to fly but several others close to doing the same thing. As a consequence powered flight is common today.  Realizing that not all possibilities are necessary to advancements or self actualization the program may not need to exhaust the possibilities simply provide the opportunities for awareness and agency to determine faith and obedience.

Do we become united as if a single body or unique structures like the cells of a larger body which can not fully function with the absence of any one part.  Individually one might be lost but collectively the potential is magnified.


Black on white violence is being vindicated on the premise that historically white on black violence was considered necessary during slavery, justified during segregation, and condoned in some regions. It is not only fair but necessary to set the record straight. The issues are, however, mind set and knowledge. People have for centuries, especially if one considers evolution, considered others either as superior, equal, or inferior. Those considered inferior could be enslaved, brutalized, or killed with impunity. Today the difference is that regardless of the skin color the perpetrators are discriminating, brutalizing, and killing people of another color with full knowledge that it is more than a violation of a person's dignity, a person's civil rights, it is knowingly violating the laws of the land.

Violence, outside of a declared war, toward anyone should be unacceptable let alone unlawful.  Redemptive violence in spite of current laws and with full knowledge that it is wrong is even more heinous than violence toward a person in the absence of social mandates and criminal law.  It was not right for a white to persecute a black and it is not right for a black person to persecute a white regardless of the past.  Nothing can remediate the past only mollify the future.  A person's character is what is on trial.  A black harming a white is no better than the opposite.  The attitude of the current political administration I suppose is expected because it is their first venture into superiority but it does not portray them as being any better than their ancestors past persecutors.  Redemptive acts don't solve the problem it only prolongs the conflict.  The question is does it make one feel better? The true answer is no it replaces anger with anger. It does not resolve the problem it generates a new one. In that light I do not look upon the black president with any kind of reverence for him, his office, or the people he has chosen to surround himself with and their discriminatory and vindictive actions. Is there any recourse other than moving forward in conflict.  There could be if the evils of the past are not perpetrated on the future. If the expected remuneration for the past injustices is less financial and vindictive and more reflective and respectful.  A better quality of life for the future and a heightened awareness of how not to lead our lives. Reverse discrimination has proven to be just as bad as the original discrimination.  It is amazing that the politicians are so stupid.  Then again maybe they are simply greedy and realized they could profit from this.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


How many different direction are we traveling at any one moment? Spinning, orbiting, spiraling, flying, and expanding. Gravity doesn't exist. It is an illusion. Like water in a bucket being spun around it does not fall out even though it momentarily is suspended overhead or perpendicular to the ground. Our tendency to stay at rest is overwhelmed by the spinning motion of the earth. The lack of apparent gravity on the moon is more relative to its limited spin than it is to its smaller size. The tides are not gravitational affects but evidence of space deformation as the moon passes through space pushing it out of the way as a rock pushes through water. The oceans are liquid enough to be affected by the passing of compression waves of space. The sea of air surrounding the earth is similarity affected even facilitated by the earth passing through space compressing the gasses generated by the natural mechanisms of a water covered planet. Weather is both facilitated by the spinning and augmented by it. The fact that balls of different sizes return to rest at the same speed demonstrates that it is inertia not gravity that describes the motion of the universe. We're it gravity a larger ball would have to gain speed simply because there would be more forces acting on the larger sphere.