Friday, June 29, 2012

lopsided universe

An article by Sean Carroll for Discover Magazine introduced, to me, the concept of a universe that has more energy on one side than it does on the other which causes a problem for the big bang theory.  He also introduced the circumstance that the initial conditions surrounding this state of being is one of low entropy and prior to the so called big bang. A theory which doesn't really address the initial conditions before the big bang.  This caused me to think about my own theory The initial flick.

The existence of God is the state of being where there is no existence of entropy. Yet the initial conditions for our existence is all encompassing.  At any given time God can reach out his arm and flick the primordial soup, i.e. space, and set the arrow of time in motion and initiate the conditions of high entropy. As a result the vibrations of space like a wave in the pool of water radiate out and through the water. This would account for the lopsided energy signature because there would be point of creation to all things.  Thus a lopsided universe.

The fact that the universe seems, to us, to be expanding and the lopsidedness would account for the initial flick but the variability in the direction of the constellations and the anomalies that are observable would have to be accounted by the discontinuity of the primordial soup which is being animated and aggregated by the vibrations introduced by the big flick.

Thus from the smallest quantum fluctuation i.e. space to the largest structure i.e. the cosmos all things and events along that continuum are revealed and the arrow of time is set in motion.

Does agency exist and am I unique?  Could I just a easily not exist as exist because the initial conditions are not predisposed to my existence or am I a quantum fluctuation destined to animate along the continuum in respect to the initial conditions either prescribed or consequential.

The notion that God exists and the evidence of faith leads me to wonder if my decision to stomp on an ant or not is agency or destiny.  You can't honestly tell.  The very fact that we occupy in an existence where entropy is high is the apparent default condition makes me question the scientific notion because the circumstances are toward desegregation not aggregation.  The idea that we exist in a high entropy state situated in a low entropy environment causes me to consider God.  I just lack the faith to know of his existence so I ponder the options in my feeble limited way.

Arrow of Time

The arrow of time postulates that the past can never meet the future.  So how does God exist in a state of being where he can meet himself coming and going and where he knows the answer before the question is raised.

The problem with that existence is that you can't go anywhere you haven't already been and you can't think something you haven't already thought.

I suppose that he amuses himself by shooting arrows of time into or through his low or not existent state of entropy to create high states of entropy allowing to happen what already has happened. i.e instant replays and state-of-being for creatures like myself.

The Chicken

While watching a report about a chicken farm and the production of eggs the reporter asked the farmer, in a smug and condescending manner, which came first? Not really expecting an intelligent answer the reporter held the microphone up to the farmer.  Without hesitating the Farmer replied, "If you believe in God the chicken, if your a scientist the egg."

I think the wisdom of that answer is that moment of creation of everything is unprovable scientifically.  The scientistic perspective is limited by both time and intellect.  Everything that exits today existed before man and no man is smart enough to figure it out in spite of his egotistic attitude or his willingness to discount the existence of God.

Even the so called big bang had to occur in space and time or have an initial conditions in which to come into existence which means that there was something here before it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The unintended consequences of government's usurping of its citizen's responsibility for health care, retirement, unemployment, welfare, child care, education, environmental protection etc... has been an unmitigated disaster. Health care costs are bankrupting everyone involved with its inflated fraudulent costs; retirement has become a bankrupt ponzie scheme spoiling the contrived dreams of the irresponsible; unemployment compensation is exacerbated by enticing the lazy to not seek work; a growing multitude with multiple generations of recipients actually prospering off of the public's dime;  expanding numbers of fatherless children being raised by uneducated women destined for more of the same; facilitating the dumbing down of recurring generations of intellectual midgets and incompetent, and uneducated citizens; stepping back from polluted waters, fouled air, and devastated landscapes only to exclude, deny and restrict our citizens, our industries, and our prosperity etc...

If evil is the absence of good, then government is the over abundance of good intentions.  If sin is good gone to the extreme then government is the root of sin.  If government is a necessary evil and its intentions are only good then the pathway (expressway) to hell is more than paved.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A place in Hell

I can only hope that hell has a special place for politicians and in that place there is and excruciatingly painful place reserved for those that callously spent our great grandchildren's future labor on today's wants.

I understand that some of us are willing to mortgage his or her labor for today's wants so that they can enjoy it now as opposed to later. It is obvious that they don't understand the concept of interest or that they are willing to pay more to have it now as opposed to paying less by saving enough money to pay cash.  It is even arguable that paying interest is slightly better than paying rent because of the concept of appreciation.

There is however no justification for paying interest on food or taxing everyone to pay for something like a road, a public building, even a sewer line that only a few will actually use.  It is not only not justified but should be criminal to encumber future tax dollars to pay for anything that not everyone will use, that will cost everyone even more to maintain, and will deteriorate and be gone before the following future's future will be able to use it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Searching for intelligence, wisdom, and common sense has become a chore. There are lots of people posting their opinions, me included. Some people publishing their thoughts and positions have facts and figures to reinforce them. Others no so much, me included. The one thing for certain is that no two people actually think alike. There are obviously like minded people but when it come right down to it the details differ.  I suppose that that the realization of intelligence, wisdom, and common sense is unique to the observer and relative to the circumstances. So does that mean that there is no absolute truth? and that there is no particular purpose served by existence? Try as I might to find the answers in the scriptures my mind seeks skepticism and try as the world does to indoctrinate my worldly perceptions my mind sees only incomplete understanding and unsubstantiated nonsense.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Awash in Idiots

The world is awash in idiots and too many of them are in government and too many of them are in leadership positions. The financial crisis which the world is being overwhelmed by is entirely the making of the those idiots.

The world is awash in morons who can't, won't take care of themselves and expect others to come to their aid when their irresponsible actions get them into trouble.

With idiots minding the morons the world's population is faced with economic and social collapse because eventually the idiots will print enough money to make it worthless and the morons are going continue to expect something for nothing. The remaining few who are intelligent and responsible will be overcome and decimated and no amount of innovation will overcome the idiocy.

All the rest of us can do is deal with the uncertainty and try to prepare for the pending chaos.  And unfortunately when everything resets either step forward or travel the same path yet again.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Perfect Excuse

Barack Obama is the perfect excuse for divesting the powers of the United State Government. No person should be able to lie, cheat, or steal his or her way into the most powerful position in the world. President Obama is an embarrassment and an affront to the country, its people, and its founding principles.

There is no person capable of performing the role of the most powerful man in the world so that position should be abolished. Obama's socialist ideology, Marxist political connections, and law flaunting personal history illustrates the error of assuming that anyone can divorce themselves from there past, present, or future bias and prejudices.

The time is right, the perfect excuse has arrived, and the opportunity has never been brighter for the people of the united States and the world to divest the power of the federal governments and replace it with the state and local governments.  There are no legitimate reasons for power to be consolidated and there is every reason for the people of this world to repulse those who would be king. The most interesting thing is that more so than ever before it is possible and eminently desirable for the individual to be responsible rather than a faceless and moral less bureaucracy headed by an absolutely corrupted human being.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nanny State

Conservatives powerlessly ridicule and rail against the country's newest nanny, mayor Bloomburg of  New York City. The concept of restricting carbonated sugar drinks is the epitome of liberalism gone awry. Instead of dealing with real issues of corruption, cronyism, drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking (not just in public) etc... The nanny state chooses sugary drinks as it next objective.  What a joke this country's so called leadership has become. We have a president that can't speak coherently without a teleprompter and then he flubs his lines and is filling a book with them. We have a congress that is so busy picking every one's pockets and legislating against common sense that they don't even realize that they have become irrelevant. We have a public sector which has declared war on the private sector and doesn't care that their actions are destroying this union. We have and economic sector led by crooks and maintained by selfserving criminals for the purposes of stealing money and who could care less about the unborn generations who they are enslaving. We have a private sector which is made up of a vast population of people too stupid to manage their own affairs, too lazy to take care of themselves and too greedy to realize that their lives are bankrupt.

The problem with the nanny state is that it is founded in the principles of personal care. It makes sense to take care of yourself so the liberals go about forcing it and the conservatives have a hard time arguing against it accept at being forced to comply. Consequently the nanny state will continue to increase in deepth and breadth because the general public does not act responsibly.  By accepting public assistance you accept public control which is embraced by the liberal establishment, only marginally objected to by the conservative establishment, and a cost most people are seemingly willing to pay because of the benefits offered. Retirement and health care.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Living wage

I have a several considerations for you that was not mentioned in your article.First, consumerism. I think that as soon as the consumer, who is compelled by self-interest, expects to pay the real value of a product then business owners who are trying to stay in business, by meeting consumer demands for the lowest cost product, can be legitimately excoriated for their greedy and compassion-less business practices.  Second, what happens when a minimum cost of doing business is dictated? The minimum cost of the products are raised or lowered to meet that artificial number. In that case the living wage only causes the cost of living to raise for the poor and subsidizes everyone else. In a free market employment forces would negotiate the actual wage and the cost of everything would reflect the real cost of labor but because the government dictates a minimum wage business can factor that into their prices and artificially lower the labor cost of its minimum priced product and leverage that labor saving into their higher end products. The poor end up paying more for the artificially priced things while everyone else pay less for the super sized things.

Third, I think the real issue about illegals is that they would not willingly work for less or do the less desirable jobs if they were not confronted with the task of trying to stay alive and having to run the risk of getting caught violating the laws of the land. Conversely, it is only worth taking the risk for the farmer, contractor, or manufacturer to employee illegals because they can not stay in business if their products and services aren't the lowest priced. As a result government, unknowingly, has a contrived a situation which attracts people to enter the country illegally as a means of satisfying the need for low cost labor to meet the demand for low prices exacerbated by artificially minimizing wages.

Response to Desert Newspaper article by Eric Schulzke 6.10.12

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keynesian Econmics

The liberal economists and the administration's current talking heads don't seem to realize that their position and talking points are worthless. The theft of billions of dollars from our children's children, because they can't steal anymore from us or our kids, with the excuse that the economic machinery only works when cash is infused has proven to be wrong , again.

The suggestion that hiring more public sector workers will finance a private sector revival by putting more money into the hands of consumers seems to be missing the fact that the economy is much bigger than few messily teachers, fire fighter, and policeman and the stealing of money from the public and inflating the currency only harms the economy and raises prices.

The lack of understanding or the willingness to ignore the realities of economic freedom, innovation, and individual incentive allude the central planners of the government and their comrades as they persist in thinking that they know better and that the American people are predominantly idiots who can't take care of themselves.

The naive approach that the environment is separate from the economic engine of this country and it is okay to restrict access, regulate outcome, and reduce supply without affecting adversely the economy and impoverishing the society dependent upon it for their livelihood.  The notion that somehow inefficient, effective, an inequitable technologies are viable alternatives and that the economy and can accommodate the loss of bedrock processes and mineral resources without debilitating cost increases, severe service shortages, and unnecessary and ultimately unacceptable social consequence.

It is unfortunate that liberals are relying on subjugation as a means of imposing their ideals rather than providing leadership and inspiration.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Just returned from a trip to Texas. Drove from Idaho through Utah, New Mexico and some of Texas. My wife and I flew from Dallas to Denver then Salt Lake. I understand that this part of rural America is not representative of the population dense regions of the world but the relative crush of humanity was apparent. I understand that the living standards exposed to view are beyond most and way beyond the majority of the world's population. I question whether the world's resources are adequate for the potential demand. However, I am impressed by the ingenuity, creativity, and flexibility of human species. I am concerned at the incompetence of the collective leadership of this world. I am afraid of the evil that lurks in the hearts of man. In spite of that, I know that throughout the world, life is better than it has ever been so I guess I have hope for the future.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Liberal commentators

What would happen to liberal commentators if conservative bloggers stopped watching? Their audience would drop to zero. I am tired of being force feed liberal pablum by the conservative sites! I would, much, prefer to spend my time perusing a government exposé like the GSA boondoggle. I under stand the effort needed to investigate and report a credible story and the pressure to post hourly. If It weren't for conservative blogs, liberals wouldn't have an audience. The so called major media would eventually have to stop wasting money they weren't getting from non advertisers. If the conservative trolls would stop referencing the liberal trolls and directing visits to their sites some of the liberal trolls would have to find real work. Even Soros would get tired of wasting his money on blathering idiots posting to no one. Shutting one's mind to alternative points of view is a stupid thing to do but so is returning to one's own vomit. The challenge is to diversify and discriminate. Eat it once, throw it up once and move on to the next entree, pass up those items experience teaches you to ignore. If the item persists to be offered you may want to reconsider the possibility of having missed something or that there is no accounting for taste.

Monday, June 4, 2012


The DOJ has decided to monitor the Wisconsin recall. How much are we willing to bet that the outcome will be decided by the SCOTUS? Even though the odds are 95% in favor of the incumbents retaining their offices. I am so frustrated by the circumstances which allow this country to sink into obliviation when its possibilities are practically endless. It is a shame to watch as the mindless are fooled by a few crooks, con artists, and clowns into thinking the government owes them something and the apathetic don't realize what we are losing.


all seems to be lost. The bad guys are in charge and are doing everything possible to retain power. Even if they are unable to keep power for now the circumstances insure their return. The American people as they were once characterized are no longer in control of the situation. The socialists are empowered when in the position to destroy things and incompetent at leading when in power which causes chaos in either case. I don't understand why this is happening or how it might be avoided as in the past but there seems to be no viable alternative where freedom and liberty can survive.