Saturday, May 11, 2013


The problem with giving to the needy is that the more you give the needy the more needy you have to give to. Need is the motivator of first resort. To minimize need in a person's life is to inhibit life in the person. It is opportunity that we should consider funding not need. 

Monday, April 22, 2013


Would someone please take the mirrors away from the democrats.  They hold it up to themselves and proceed to tell us what they see, liar, bigot, homophobe, etcetra and then they look up and add republicans to their statements. The brain dead media dutifully regurgitates the drivel and  posts their editorial comments so that the few useful idiots tuned in can get their talking points and all is well in the funny farm.  Big government thinks it is communicating to the masses and has consensus with each returning echo from the chambers called Washington DC, academia, main stream media, and the open mouths of the world's leadership.

The self-anointed political elite complain about the unwashed and stinky visitors being allowed into the so called people's house as they pilot their tax payer purchased private jets over fly-over country.

The problem with looking into a mirror is that you can only see yourself and that what is behind you. This country's elected so called leaders have been looking into mirrors far to long and all they think they see is a populous that has had its hand out and its attention on the wrong things.  I seriously doubt that this country can be saved from its economically spoiled and arrested development situation.  It is hard to imagine what could be next. Even is there is an economic meltdown there is no place left to start over. We are stuck in the morass and there is no escaping it.  We will adapt to the new circumstances but man's nature will not change and the circumstances will only become more dire.  The only glimmer of hope is technology. However, Is it possible that our inabilities can be overcome by technology and not have it perverted by man's nature as well.

Friday, April 19, 2013


After a week of never ending  "he said she" said by the less than intelligent mass media their minds can now shift to the awards ceremonies where the self-gratualtory tendencies can take on a full bloom.  The competition will be keen.  There was so much made of so little it will be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff an choose the most innate from the most inept.

It is heart wrenching to consider what the innocent victims will have to suffer for the rest of their lives because of the callous actions and wanton destruction of the two deeply psychologically disturbed individuals but the media needs to recognize that it is their grand standing and over the top theatrics which encourages this very thing.

Thousand of people are dieing everyday in this world. Many by accident but too many by the heinous acts of deranged individuals and unfeeling gangs and thugs. They don't need to be given a stage to pander to. Perhaps the most irritating development is the selective amnesia to ignore the stories not to the media's liking and the conscious decision to hyper inflate the stories that are to their liking.  The most disgusting is obvious efforts to follow or concoct a story that may implicate their chosen despised groups.  The most intreguing is when the anticipated story line faulters and the facts don't corroborate their conclusions. The most despicable is the biased and prejudices reports which vilify the medias adopted whipping boy and make excuses for or obfuscates the incriminating evidence of their chosen protagonists.  Aw-well on with the show. News never stops and there will always be another story to take the stupid public's mind off of the mistakes of a report two.

The count down can begin for "The award goes to"

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brain Dead

Yesterday during the reporting of the Boston Marathon bombing incident a female reporter told us that Obama has been informed and he was now telling everyone what to do. I thought to myself, my world is safe now!  Obama is handling it.

What a pile of crap that is. For her to even insinuate that the POTUS is and integral part to the response or any of the investigations suggests that she is a brain dead product of our educational institutions.  The Boston Police and every other enforcement agency in the country had better not wait to receive orders from the President.  What a joke this country has turned into.

The so-called news organizations go into hyperventilate and regurgitates the same news and video clips incessantly.  As soon as the news has been reported and there really isn't anything substantially new or newsworthy they start to interview their own reporters and pundits pontificating and blustering about what they don't know.
Next the politicians will elbow their way to the front of the photo-op line and blowviate their indignation's and resolve too apprehend and bring to justice the perpetrators of this dastardly deed and that they already have new legislation written and ready for the president's signature to outlaw bombs being detonated at any public sporting events in Boston near or around the finish line.

The liberal class will bemoan the fact that gun powder or explosives were ever invented and that if America would just mind its own business and reduce its consumption and waste of everything then the repressed masses would not have to resort to killing us to get our attention.

Mean while the crazies, the radicals, and the opportunists are planning the next event and Homeland security will catalog yet another thing they did not plan for.""

Update : The new legislation will attempt to ban pressure cookers.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Letter to Congressman

I can't believe that I saw you standing behind McConnell and his weeny proposal.  What on earth are you people doing.  It's past time to get the budget under control.  Reduce the spending, cut programs, and get the government out of the pockets and business of the American people.  Free up private enterprise to employ the unemployed, get government out of the entitlement business and the redistribution of wealth scam.

Stop the waste and fraud of government. Stop the mindless giving away of borrowed money  to unfriendly nations, the lining of banker's pockets, and the absurd idea that Bernanke has a brain in his head.

Obama is a liar and will not act in the best interest of the majority of the people in this country. When are you gong to figure this out.  Do your job and quit trying to cover you butts.  You find yourself in this mess because no one in government has acted responsibly for too many years.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dumb and Dummer

There was a report by some scientist that the human species is getting dumber. I have know that for years. It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that because the procreation of the species is no longer based on survival of the fittest that the stupid gene will not be selected out but expand exponentially. The government is protecting us from ourselves and medical science is preserving life indiscriminately. The invalid,  the ignorant, and the even the stupid are allowed to pass their genes on with no concern about what the future holds.  Education is being dumbed down, government's nanny roles is expanding, and society is accommodating the lowest common denominator.

There was a PBS program called the ascent of man a long time ago. It hypothesized that man evolved and became smarter. When did it transition into the descent of Man. Was it right after the great thinkers and scientist on whose shoulder our so called and self-proclaimed smart people stand.  Was it just recently that the scale tipped in the stupid direction and is demonstrable today.  Surely all of the magnificent inventions and scientific developments point to a brighter future where our lives are enriched as never before.  Where we no longer need to calculate anything, remember anything, or solve anything not because we don't need to but because we can't. Obviously the descent of man is coincidental with the ascent of the machine.

The printing press made it unnecessary for us to remember, the wheel made in unnecessary for us to labor, the internal combustion engine made it unnecessary for use to run, walk, or even move, and the computer makes it unnecessary for us to do anything but amuse ourselves.  I hear tell of nanobots that will circulate within our blood stream making even that unnecessary.  I guess it is good thing that the stupid gene is being pass on at an exponential rate, that way our kid's kids won't mind or even care.

What's really depressing is that I hear the supposedly smart people pretending that the knowledge our children are learning today is somehow commensurate with or presumably even greater than that of our ancestors. I worry when I hear them emphasis something  as if it was profound when in fact it is much about nothing or the thick of thin things.  Then I hear the supposedly smarter people extolling the evils of disparity and the crimes of inequality and the need to lower our expectations and retard our systems and social orders so that even the dumbest of the dumb don't feel left out.

The scientist is right and I couldn't agree more.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I listen to NPR to get a glimpse into the liberal mind.  I can't stand liberal talk radio or TV because they only deal in hyperbole and sanctimonious narcissism.  What I glean from the less radical mindset of the NPR progressive is that they deal in faulty reasoning as a method of deriving their point of view and then imposing it upon everyone else but themselves.

During an interview of Senate Majority Whip Dick Durban, he suggested that just because the pro-gun lobby was against more laws on the basis that the existing laws don't stop gun violence was, somehow, akin to advocating that just because people speed, in violation of existing speed limits, the speed limits should be eliminated. That is a faulty comparison.  What should have been the comparison is that the pro-gun lobby is against the progressive notion that by adding more speed signs between the existing signs and making them bigger or brighter is the solution to people speeding.

The interviewer Scott Simons brought up the pro-gun question, as if by doing so it legitimized the interview making it some how seemed balanced.  When in fact it served only as a spring board for Durban to make his faulty comparison. The was no critical evaluation by Scott or any follow up to remedy the faulty reasoning.

Solutions are not found by deceiving ourselves or pretending to treat the symptoms of the problem as the problem.  Gun violence is not the problem it is the symptom.  The problem needs to be clearly articulated before a solution can be honestly discussed.  Laws that prohibit symptoms are never going to be effective and more laws that refine the prohibitions are just as useless as the original laws.

It is understandable that the problem is very complex.  It is understandable that the solution is not going to be easy or quick.  It is not understandable why the liberal establishment assumes that their position to eradicate all guns is the best solution to a violent human nature which simply adopts the best means of killing another human or themselves.  It is not understandable why the progressive mentality is to consider people as not being able to govern themselves but that a faceless bureaucracy made of the people can be led with the support, supposedly, of the smartest and wisest people of the time which, fortunately for us stupid people, includes them.

What is not understandable is that the progressive, the liberal whatever they want to call themselves rejects the real solution which is for our society to subscribe to and live by a set of values and morals that have come about through the human endeavor, developed by trial and error, pain and suffering, and is a product of the best of humanity, the brightest of minds simply because it is labeled religious and mostly because it requires them to behave like a rational, compassionate, and selfless individuals.

The reason it became a religion is because that was perceived by our progenitors to be a reasonable way to communicate, gradually codify, eventually propagate addendum, educate the masses,  and extend the value of life's lessons beyond the individual's lifetime.  The development of religion offered the greatest hope that future generations would benefit from the personal sacrifices and tragedies suffered by the proceeding generations and endure through each.

It is unfortunate that the selfishness of few can destroy the hopes and dreams of the many because the selfish are not willing to accept the wisdom of the past. That the lust for power by the few can devastate the freedom that was available to all because the lustful are willing to sacrifice others for their gains.  It is unfortunate that the deceit of one leads to the ignorance of others, that a lie is so easy to tell and so hard to distinguish and refute, and that a willingness by too many to not question reason or rationale can lead to the downfall of a society.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

North and South

The south facing slopes of the Owl Creek Mountains

The North Facing slopes of the Owl Creek Mountains
The ridge line is same for both slopes.  How can one slope be eroded so much and other hardly. Less than 10 miles separates the two slopes. If anything the big horn basin to the north is wetter than the windriver basin on the opposit side.


On the surface getting rid of all guns seems to be a solution to the use of guns being used by the miscreants of the general  population to commit crimes, murder, and mayhem.  The problem is that it won't stop crimes, murder, or mayhem.  What it will do is put at greater risk the social order that has come about with the proper application of lethal force. The confiscation of guns by monsters like Hitler resulted in the mass killing of the Jews.  The lack of guns resulted in the mass starvation of Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans.  The lack of a way to defend ourselves from bad men, gangs, monsters, and big government is by being armed and willing to defend ourselves.

The solution to the general populous committing crimes, murders, and mayhem is civility, compassion, and obedience.  Instead of trying to break down the rule of law which has come about through centuries of experience we need to recognize that the rule of law is a generalization of a circumstance that applies to a specific situation.  It is based on not what is good for the individual but rather than what is best for society.  When we refuse to accept the constraints of a law then anarchy ensues and society is lost.

When we refuse to comply with a law we think is unjust simply because if offends our sensibilities without taking into consideration the implications of not having a protecting law then we weaken our humanity because we reduce ourselves to the lowest instincts rather than aspire to achieve our highest.

When we act selfishly with no regard of others and bully others because we can.  When we disregard laws and disrupt order as a result of our will to satiate our own pleasures.  When we infringe on the rights of and disregard the well being others as consequence of our actions then any society permitting this behavior is ripe for failure.

The problem is that self governance is the only means of rectifying the problem.  There is no amount of enforcement that can control and undisciplined minority, a complicit government and an apathetic populous.  And it all started with the liberalization of the education of our children.  It continues to this day than an idea based a good intention in spite of the wisdom of ages should take precedence.

That is where we are now and it will do no good to play with the surface and expect meaningful change.  We are only condemned to witness the failure perhaps the destruction of our society and suffer the dire consequences of a lawless enveronment ruled by instinct and fear.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Space dust

So how big must the constituent particles of this cloud appearing nebula be? The clouds of earth appear as white bloches on the earth from the moon.  This is a picture of something light years away and yet you can see what appears to be wisps of a cloud or even the dust surrounding it.  In order for the smallest particle to either reflect enough light or block out enough light to register on the mirrors of the hubble telescope I would assume that it would have to be much larger than Saturn by a sizable amount because supposedly planets can not be seen only calculated.  So how big must the particles of this cloud be in order for us to see and assume that it is a cloud ensrouded by dust?

Either things are very big and very strange or this is not as far away as we are led to believe.

I undersand that this is a false color but is it a false representation as well?

Owl Creek Mountains

This is the north end of the Windriver Canyon in Wyoming. The canyon bisects the owl creek mountains that boarder the Big Horn Basin. Unlike the South aspect there is relatively little erosion and practically none of the 14 or so formations covering the red siltstone Chugwater formation are gone.  The only problem is that the shadowed cliff to the right is an out cropping of the Chugwater. It is either on top of the formations shown in this picture or everything above it has been eroded to reveal it.  If so why did everything north and south of the Owl Creek Mountians erode and the Owl Creek didn't?

This is vista visible from the mouth of the Windriver Canyon of the Chugwater formation north of the Owl Creek Mountians.  Where did all of the formations covering the Chugwater go?  They are present in the Canyon but not here.  An it appers as if the formations making up the canyon actually goes below the Chugwater if that is possible.

This is a view of the Chugwater formation near Thermopolis Wyoming. The same question arises. Where did everything above this formation go while the Owl Creek Mountain suffered hardly any erosion?

This is a vista of the canyon illustrating only a portion of the multiple formations that make up the rock walls.  Supposedly this is on top of the Chugwater which can be seen at both the head and mouth of the canyon.
  Doesn't make any sense to me.  If someone can enlighten me I would appreciate it.

Windriver South

Just south of the windriver canyon in Wyoming you will see this geologic formation. The red siltstone is a remnant of the Chugwater formation deposited at the bottom of an shallow sea 245 million years ago. It rests upon a lime stone formation called the Dinwoody deposited 286 million years ago at the bottom of a slightly deeper sea. Approximately 66 million year ago these two layers and possibly 14 more on top of them were up-lifited to and elevation of nearly 5000 feet above sea level. Over the past 66 million years supposedly every thing above them was eroded away and carried down the windriver to the gulf of mexico.                                                                                                                                                    
The thing that puzzles me is that to look at these two formations you would think you would see a better example of erosion unless it is erosion by wind. The two formations are to distinct from one another to believe that the erosion is because of water.                                                                     
Fair eough. Where then did all of the dirt go, especially the 14 layers above these?  If it is the wind then where are the sand dunes and why isn't the leward side of the formations covered with sediment from the winds?


The poor and needy far out number the rich and prosperous. Accept through the process of printing funny money very few of us would actually have anything but hunger and misery.  The history of the world proves that the average person is ill equipped to do much but subsist.  The advent of the middle class only is possible when there is a sufficient amount of make believe money floating around that unproductive people can be gainfully employed not producing anything but paperwork, be entertaining, or pursue education.

The inequities of the world surpass its resources.  Only through the acceptance of this disparity are we able to reconcile the existence of third world situations not fit for man or beast. Because of it value is assigned to the more scarce and a currency was invented to accommodate the need to keep track of it.
The ingenuity of some and the willing of most to capitalize on the opportunity has created a false economy and an unsustainable life style.

As a result the balance of nature is out of kilter. The inevitable consequences, which have seemingly been forestalled by the fraudulent economic endeavors of this society, will only become more pronounced and disastrous with each passing year.

Unfortunately, the offending generations have been able to kick the can down the road for so long that many of them have passed on to their final reward without caring about the impoverished future.  When it arrives, if it is not already here, the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will have a much different meaning.


What is it about liars that compels them to try and rectify their lie?  B.O. and his communist buddies are intent in banning guns but they sense this need to commiserate with the gun owner's lament by making a foolish statement about his frequent skeet shooting activities.

That in its self is unbelievable. His culture and life style precludes the very nature of sport shooting.  Besides in Chicago you use live targets not clay pigeons. Then as if a single picture proves anything let alone verifies the veracity of the lie.  Especially a blatantly, after the fact, staged picture which was thoughtfully, but predictably, composited.  The green foliage is meant to date the picture but it also exposes the intent.  The fact that everything associated with sport shooting is missing and it only shows the torso so as to eliminate the probability of evidencing it as a fraud.

Any one resting their cheek, as he is resting his, on the stock of a shot gun will experience the pain of what recoil does when the gun goes off and their cheek or nose gets hit by their hand.  The smokeless powder used in today's ammunition does not produce any such discharge as pictured.  B.O.'s stance is incorrect to accommodate anything but a picture.  The angle of the gun would only be necessary if B.O. were attempting to hit the pigeon just before it hit the ground.  There is so much wrong with this lie that it only serves to expose it and him.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Econtalk response

When Russ questioned the efficacy of the idea being discussed based on popular unacceptance of it, I had an idea come to me.

Obviously you boys are delusional. If what you are espousing made any sense or was even remotely practical then the world would have a couple hundred million more souls treading it surface. Men like Stalin and Mao perhaps even Hitler would have eagerly enacted the democratic principles and the fiscally economically prudent precepts that you guys are hyping.

In addition to the billions currently here, more mindless dweebs would have been inspired by the never ending examples of prudence and self-restraint.  They would have naturally aspired to be contributing members of society. They would have taken satisfaction in the knowledge that their willingness to sacrifice was making their society a better place for those of less means and especially for the generations of the future. If what you were saying was true things would be different but it is not and the first world populations are living proof of that.

If what you are trying to sell made any sense to our politicians our great-great-grand children would not be faced with the so called trillions of dollars of debt but they would be willing to encourage them to subsist within their meager means as your policies would have dictated.

In fact if you two weren't caught up in your own myopic little minds you could realize that the need for money and the creation of debt is only the vestige of a by gone era. The economic giants of today know that the world is transitioning into the future where personal worth is not based on an arbitrary currency and where the responsibility for debt was simply a tool for the rich too victimize the poor.  Just like religion was invented by the rich to keep the poor happy.

The thing you and others like you fail to realize is that not everyone has to be a giant for us to stand on the shoulders of giants.  Giants are born and will succeed in lifting us all so this arcane notion that monetary debt is somehow a motivator of enterprise and entrepreneurialism is just so much hyperbole.

The scare tactic that there will be no one left to produce what we consume if we are all resting on our couches waiting for it to be delivered is poppy cock.  There are plenty of people who live to produce and invent.  There are plenty of others who are naturally hyper active looking for things to do.  The advances in technology will, soon, replace our need to actually work.  As quickly as we can dispense with the notions, that only those who work get rich and the fraudulent justification of investing money is reputable,  the better off we will be.

The natural law that once everyone has everything they need not everyone will need everything can only be achieved when the misguided practice of evaluating everything monetarily comes to an end and as soon as everyone has everything they need.

Why harken to times of old when the future is before us?


Considering all that is wrong with this world can be characterized by the seven sins, the nature of man to seek the path of least resistance, and the profound inequities of life and existence. Is there any hope that it will not end in chaos and disaster?

Every day the radio, television and especially the internet reports yet another breakdown of society, law, and order.  Every day the disfunction of the world's systems is reported as the more disparate groups seek retribution or retaliation for the increasing minor infractions of their self-imposed sacrosanct
rights and liberties.

Every day the travesties against society and its infinite diversity of sensibilities seem to increase and become more violent and shocking.  The world's population is such that there is no escaping and its technology makes it possible to propose, find allies, and export hate and discontent everywhere instantly.

The more reasonable minds are overwhelmed by the selfish and childish instincts of the immature and unreasonable expectations of the mindless.  The pandering politicians, greedy, and power hungry elitists capitalize on the opportunity to enact their schemes and plans of domination and world control. All the time enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else.  All in the name of humanitarian relief and good intentions.

For centuries the heartless prayed on the helpless and now the selfish, in each of us, pretend that it is okay to get ours with no regard as to the well being of anyone else especially the legitimate poor and needy or the environmental costs that come with it.

There is no one right answer and I seriously doubt that there is any real opportunity for compromise to be acceptable.  Even the practice of individual responsibility and self-sacrifice is not going to work because our cultural differences, economic realities, and profound inequities are so extreme that there can be no meeting of the minds, no willingness to live and let live, and no personal satisfaction allowed.

I suppose one can say that it has been an interesting journey to the end and that many good things have been produced along the way.  I suppose that one could hope that there is a salvation in store and that miraculously humanity will be saved from itself.  Time will tell. Life will go on. Man's will to live and his creativity may succeed and will lead to a profoundly different future. Humanity may even figure it out but I doubt it.  Can they RIP, I doubt it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seedy side

Apparently two of the biggest foolish ideas are Christianity and Democracy. Why? Because the notions of Christianity to believe the best is possible in man has led to a society which embraces evil and repudiates good. The ideas that a person should forgive his enemy and sacrifice well being for heavenly rewards hasn't turned out too well for countless individual and this nation.

The notion that government by democracy some how is an enabling ideal and that the poor and wicked won't capitalize on the opportunity to enrich themselves by voting it so, is either foolishness or a lie.

The judeo-christian ethic and value system has empowered man from its inception. The ideas that honesty and integrity are critical to the success of society and that laws are essential to the well being of man and beast has served this world well for many thousands of years.  However it seems to have come to an end when individual integrity is deemed worthless or negotiable.

All other systems of government have proven themselves to be destructive of the individual as well as society far in advance of democracy's failure which leaves us little or nothing to look forward too.  Christianity offers nothing more than a benign dictatorship based on the notion that love for one another and consecration of all things is the best answer. Christianity acknowledges evil but offers no solution to it or for it other than to love you enemy.

All of the "-cies" and "-isims" including survival of the fittest has been tried and failed.  What next?  In my opinion if the second coming of Jesus Christ is not at hand then it must be the "-ologies" that are on the horizon.  The future of technology seems practically limitless.  New discoveries and countless inventions and developments point to a different and perhaps brighter future.

One of those scenarios is the replacement of labor by robots so that instead of a man's worth being dependent upon his muscles or intelect his worth is measured in service.  The supplanting of integrity and ethics by a sentient and empathetic droid is really unnecessary, impractical, and unlikely. However, there is still the issue of good and evil which can only, currently,  be dealt with ethically, morally, and by legislated law enforcement.

A second future is the reliance on technology and the enabling of the individual man or woman to deal with good and evil through information and computer aided knowledge and assessment. As technology becomes microscopic and can be integrated into our physical being we will find ourselves being made smarter, stronger, and potentially wiser.  As technology becomes ubiquitous and amorphous we will able to perceive the intent of and know the history of any acquaintance.

The notion of transparency will be augmented by the ability to perceive value or threat instantaneously. Instead of reliance upon a government to legislate laws or an enforcement agency relegated to the role of investigating the crime after the laws have been broken we as individuals will be able to find and associate with like minded individuals.  Instead of becoming victims of unscrupulous hooligans we will be able to reside in a place and time that is appropriate and adequate for our well being and prosperity.

It is conceivable that laws will be unnecessary because social and economic dealings will be done with the full knowledge of the individual, the infinite memory of the cloud, and the computational power of the computer.

It is conceivable that ethics, morals and rights will no longer need to be articulated or argued about but lived by the people in our association.  It will be possible and probable that families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties, states and possibly nations will be coincidentally inhabited by like minded people who are willing to allow others to exist peacefully.

Obviously the danger of any homogeneous gathering or ideal is the likelihood that 'group think' will take over because invariably there will be one dominate idea or personality that is charismatic and influential. Throughout history that has been the beginning of injustice, intolerance, and prejudice.  The interesting thing about the technological future is that the intent of one individual and willingness of others will be easily discernible. Because of our enhanced analysis and empowered decision making processes the depth and breadth of any aberrant idea or concept will be necessarily limited because more people will be revolted by it than attracted to it.

Not that bad ideas and intent can't exist because they can but that the support they receive will be proportional to those people who really want to do bad things and have bad things happen to them and not simply a bunch of dupes misled and misinformed. As a consequence I don't think the bad ideas or destructive intent will find many followers because it will be possible for the potential dupes to consider the negative consequences. Those repelled by it can quickly and easily distance themselves from it and seek better associations.

This will all be possible through applications by countless programers posting their utilities which will inform us of the various state of affairs we find ourselves in and where those people, places, things, and actions are the we are attracted to.  Our own personal profiles will determine the value of each person or instance independent of big sis. because all information can be accessed and analyzed according to our preferences.  It is relative only to us and affects only us and an our personal behavior.  Our every actions is recorded and reported as a means of informing everyone else.

The power brokers will obviously try to maintain power but because the internet is divested and the information communal there is no simple way for them to aggregate power and influence.  Because the applications are situation specific there is no easy way to integrate their collective influence.  The only danger is when information is kept secret.  Even that can be over come because the lack of access will trigger alarms and discount the value the people, places, or activities associated with the secrecy.  In a sense a self-policing and first order transparent environment relative to personal profiles and values established not by any agency but by the algorithms each person employs to evaluate the circumstances for themselves.

The most interesting thing is that morals are individual based not institution based.  Your value to me is not what someone else says it is based on their standards but how you measure up to my standards. My standards can be low but after a while I get tired of being taken and swindled and my standards naturally rise and my feed back loop becomes much more discriminatory.  I all have the incentive to live up to my standards because that will be the deciding factor on how a value is reported.  We instinctively want good things to happen even though we are attracted to the seedy side of things.


The PBS documentary about 'What Darwin didn't know' celebrating evolution actually shows that species diversity is not simply a process of natural selection but a prescribed set of genes by which the genetic material, its unique sequencing, and the on and off switching process is responsible for the adaption of all species.  It did not offer convincing evidence on how the differentiation of species was any thing more than a prescription within the genenome.  Even though it seems that the potential for evolutionary differentiation or the creation of the missing link would seem possible in fact probable the evidence only illustrated that species differentiation is prescribed not incidental. The potential for every possibility, in this existence, is already coded in the genes and it is the genetic material in its entirety that dictates what becomes what and when.  Nothing can exist that is not already part of the genetic code.  The neanderthal and jelly fish are simply variations of the pallet that is possible. The question is how can something so complex come about when it is enveloped in a state of entropy from its inception.

The real issue is what dictates the switching and sequencing to produce a human or a tree.  Is it by accident or by plan. Apparently by plan because when a human woman is pregnant there is never any doubt that she might be having a horse.  It must be by plan because it each and every species differentiation must be coincidental with both male and female versions.  It must be by plan because natural selection seeks to limit competition not increase it.  It must be by plan or the devolvement of the species would have been the normal in the beginning an not just as we are experiencing it today.

Evolutionists fail to recognize that religion has been mischaracterized for so long by its antagonists that the actual meaning of being created by God does not have to mean two chickens materializes one day to populate the world with chickens.  It appears the genetic code was written by God prior to the beginning of life and from within that code comes the chicken and everything else.  So the answer to the question is the egg comes first.  But if that is the case then evolution would seem to be the only process by which life could come into existence.  Not necessarily as envisioned by man but as dictated by intelligent design.  However, intelligent design doesn't make sense in consideration of the Neanderthal, Denisovian, and contemporary humans.

Science doesn't explain how a fully functioning genome came into being at the beginning, characterized as an explosion, of life on earth and has existed for hundreds of millions of years producing one unique species after another. It is unclear to me how such a huge diversity of species, much of it coincidental in existence, is possible if natural selection is the only determinate.  Species adaption is proven as a natural occurrence and species manipulation is possible by controlled intervention but species differentiation is missing the links and not currently possible even by intervention.

Creation doesn't explanation the observable time line, the natural geologic processes, or the anomalies that exist in the geologic and natural history records.

After thinking about it, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference because life is terminal and we will either not be able regret that we didn't party or behave like there was no tomorrow or we will find ourselves in an afterlife and either regret our behaviors and lack of faith or, at best, find ourselves wondering what is next.  That is the dilemma.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The end

The misguided GOP efforts to offer a second class Democrat agenda is guaranteed to to fail.  Now that the takers are an unassailable majority in the political scene trying to be a "me too" santa clause only with an attitude that not everyone can have everything is a nonstarter.  Even though that is true, there isn't enough for everyone, the Democrats don't say it they just let the king makers hand out the goodies and pretend that every one is happy.  It keeps them in office and if your not in office your not any where. The problem with the GOP is that the few principled republicans can't keep their mouth's shut and insist on letting the cat out of the bag.  Who wants a santa clause that doesn't give you what you want.  Let's get real, even if I don't get it now I must be going to get it later.

That being said the GOP and the United States are going to end. It hasn't been, the America that we knew for decades because the takers just weren't a super majority as they have become so there was some misguide belief that we could recapture what was lost. The we could turn the ship around. That common sense would prevail and reality would settle in.

Not only can the GOP and the conservatives not recapture the political scene the economic landscape has changed to the point that America will finally have to acknowledge the role it has occupied for some time now and that is neutered imp.  The environmentalist, climate change alarmists, and apologists have successively throttled back the economic engine of this country by denying it the fuel that propelled this country and the rest of the world to the levels of prosperity never before realized.  Even the poor were better off.

Without the wholesale plundering of the global resources and the no-holds barred expansion of the world's population there is no hope that America and the GOP will revive its status in the world.  Not being a fan of the GOP's past performance I am, however, concerned about the conservative principles they paid lip service to.  Are they at an end as well? Are we really going to descend into a big global government-police state distopia?

As much as I would like to believe that the adults are somehow in charge the results give me pause.  We can get by with less but the so called leadership doesn't seem to know what prudence is.  I understand the need for limits but don't understand the class warfare and retribution mentality that predominates in the halls of power. I recognize the need to be a good steward of the land, water, air, and animals but don't understand how sequestration of all resources bodes well for our well-being.  I wonder how only the rich and powerful enjoying the limited bounties will help the poor.  Socialism and activism works great until they run out of other peoples money and sequester the last remaining natural resource which might keep us from starving to death in the dark and freezing solid in the cold.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Difference

Hillary Clinton as a political appointee to the state department resided over the organization when a diplomat and three personnel were killed in Bengazhi, Lybia, Africa.  During a congressional hearing she responded to an accusation that she misled congress and the American people by her fraudulent explanation for what caused the US Consulate to be attacked and over run.  In her response she vehemently said "What difference, at this point, does it make?

It makes a difference when the next time, the state department, reports on an event that affects americans and we have to judge whether you are lying to us again or not.

It makes a difference to our willingness to sacrifice our lives, money, and time knowing that our best interests are not really a consideration by you or your department.

It makes a difference when congress is expected to support, with tax dollars, the foreign affairs of the nation when there is no trust in and a deep suspicion that the agenda is hidden or being obfuscated.

It makes a difference if our representative to other nations is caught blatantly lying to them and is viewed as a person who can not be trusted.

It makes a difference when the arrogance of the individual selected to occupy and perform a vital role in the government of the united states is proven to be incompetent and then tries to bluster her way out of the situation after lying about her acceptance of responsibility and acting out her remorseful statement.

It makes a huge difference and it is too bad that you don't understand that or worse yet you don't care.

We don't need people like you in government.  We don't need people like you representing us to the world.  We don't need anything you stand for.  That is what difference it makes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Why do I need to buy a gun that can shoot multiple rounds as quickly as I can pull the trigger?  Why do I need to buy a sports car that has upwards of 400 hp and can reach speeds of 180 mph?  Why do I need to drink more booze than I can handle and still have the ability to drive a car and not be responsible for the care and well being of my family?  Why can I have sex and not worry about the consequences because it is legal to have an abortion?  The apparent answer is because I can.  The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a happy medium.  It is just as easy to sponsor to many restrictions in the name of safety and security.  For example the so called health school lunch menu and the ban on 32 ounce soft drinks.

Thousands of people are killed every year by guns.  Substantially less than that are children. Tens of thousands of people are killed annually by cars and thousands are children. Thousands of people are killed by the affects of booze and millions of people have their lives adversely affected by the influence of alcohol.  And literally 3000 plus babies are murdered every day in this country by abortionists. Tens of thousands of people die because of poor health exacerbated by bad food choices and inactive life styles.

What a joke.  A few loud mouths with misplaced values, a group of pandering politicians, and complicit journalists is all that it takes to ruin a good country.  As is the proverbial apple barrel which is ruined by the one bad apple.  Without due diligence and a willingness to review the circumstances, set firm standards and discard the bad apples the content of the barrel is assured of being ruined.

Who gets to decide the standards and which barrels are inspected, and how are the bad apples taken care of.  Unlike apples we humans, I think, can actually think for ourselves.  So what is the problem? Why are so many barrels going bad?  Is it intellectual immaturity?  The inability to comprehend the circumstances and critical think the situation through to an appropriate solution?  The inherent difference of opinion about everything and the inability to rationalize the outcome of one idea over the other? An unwillingness to compromise or even sacrifice one's position, for the good the group, because it is demonstrably the poorer choice?

The problem is us.  Just because we can should not mean that we do. Just because we are does not mean that we should.  Just because it is our preference does not mean that it is right.  We need to grow up and act like responsible adults.  I think it is possible for almost every preference to exist as long as it is tempered by responsibility and accountability.  That is where the crux of the problem exists.  Our disagreement on what is responsible and who should be accountable.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Their money

Some how American's have gotten use to the idea that their grandchildren won't mind if we spend their money.

It started out innocently enough we spent their money for things that they might grow up to enjoy like dams and roads and utility systems. Then some how our politicians decide that spending their money on freedom maintenance payments to foreign countries was somehow a benevolent expense that they would not mind.

Of course taking care of their aging parents was a worthy expense and maybe even paying for some of their medical issues could be justified but the politicians were only getting started.  Welfare made some sense who else would pay for them. Surely we can't be expected to do it and heaven for bid that they be held accountable for their own sins.  Thomas Jefferson must have been evil man to say the poor should not be comfortable in there state of being.

Don't bother us with the details, how can we invest in the future if we have to pay attention to the infrastructure costs.  After all the up-coming generation was going to enjoy a quality of life as never before imagined.  It is only a small problem that deterioration and obsolescence didn't figure into the original calculations.  Now we have the opportunity to to spend more of their money to replace things that they originally paid for and haven't yet grown up to use.

Never mind the trivial issues of infrastructure or world peace.  We have the sick, the lame, and the lazy to deal with.  They don't carry their own weight but that's okay their Americans so the rich can be taped for that.  The rich and their children owe it to those who didn't have the silver spoon at birth and aren't listed on the inheritance schedule.

Public service use to be an offering of one's time, talent, and money earning capacity for the betterment of society.  But that kind of got to be a drag and once the scoundrels among us realized that election to public office gave them access to the public treasury Katy-bar-the-door.  Realizing that reelection was a necessary evil handing out money to other public service employees was a natural idea coming to its time.  When the tax money got tight offers to pay bond holders interest on their savings swindled even the prudent out of their children' s money. Does evil genius ever stop? With the short time stimulus and public sentiment about public spending coming to an end offering benefits to the public employees as opposed to higher salaries appeared to be a new swindle that would be under the radar and extended the charade but it also fortuitously stuck the public hand deeper into the pockets of the kid's kids.  What a stroke of evil genius.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end but public spending only looks for more patsies to pilfer. So if we, including the prudent, are to continue to enjoy the benefits that we have become accustomed to then to heck with owing it too ourselves we must include all of those nations that are prospering because of our reckless spending both public and private and extend our swindle to them, it is only fair.  Surely the good faith and credit of the united states can extend the good times for who knows how long.  Besides, why exclude the children of the world from paying for our good times.

Sha-zam the gig is up and those pesky foreign accountants are suggesting the our credit isn't what it's all cracked up to be.  Now what do we do.  No way am I going to give up my cushy, bigger than it needs to be, home, high salary, exorbitantly costly public services, or nary a cent of my retirement. Don't even think about it.  Yea, I know what the problems are with printing money but a guy has to do what a guy has to do. Besides it only screws the kids.  We will be long gone before they even know what hit them.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


It is hard to imagine that Paul Krugman and his mindless mentor are so stupid that they actually think, if one can call it thinking, that debt has no consequences and fiscal restraint is the problem not the solution.

Do they buy their daily needs with something other than a recognized currency?  Are their vendors supplying their daily consumables at no charge and do not send them a monthly statement of their expenditures.  Do they not cash their pay check assuming that they get paid for their idiotic statements and propositions?  Can they just stop by and pick up their latest choice in vehicles, stereos, articles of clothing etc..  Are they not expecting some type of retirement package to cover their wants and needs in the future after they have retired from their idiot jobs?

Who will provide them with food or clothing if everyone else follows their lead and spouts off at the mouth or better yet saves their breath and just waits at home for their latest desires to be delivered?

Why waste our time on the pretense that money is actually needed to account for time, labor, and materials or engage in frivolous thought about the value of things as a measure worth, or better still concern ourselves about the cost of anything because that leads to the idea that if we don't have enough money to pay for it we can just arrange to borrow it from someone who has more of it than we do.

Unfortunately, that leads to the notion that the bank might want their money back, probably with interest.  If we just borrow it from ourselves then obviously that would be stupid to pay ourselves back so then there really is no such thing as debt, no real need for money, lets just line up at the counter and place our orders for the latest anything.  The only problem is that there will be no one at the counter to take our order.  Wait a minute... we can just order it from ourselves, owe it to our selves, and save time by not paying ourselves back. Genius

Why didn't someone come up with idea sooner. It gets rid of all of the middle men, and bankers, and lawyers, and politicians, and poor it is truly utopian.

Gun Ban

I find it amazing that a people, leaders in particular, think that banning the implement of death is the solution to the act of killing.   I suppose that if we bury our swords the consequence will be peace.  A misconception from inception. Murder and mayhem are not the function of the implement merely the result of a personality gone astray.

From the beginning survival of the fittest or jealously and rage has always been the motivation for killing, guns just make it simpler to accomplish.

The solution is not to ban all implements of killing or even legislate against the act, it is to resolve the ill feelings of the individual or individuals that thinks the solution to his or their problem is kill the imagined source.

How do we go about doing that?  To elevate the individual, not by beauty contest or legislation, but by humanity.  Society offers some amenities that rugged individualism can not. It also dehumanizes the individual because it tries to quantify and qualify things rather people.  It tries to establish procedures and processes as a means of dealing with inadequacies.  It tries to legislate as opposed to accommodate.  Its biggest failure is that it tries to aggregate in the interest of efficiency and effectiveness.

Especially in the past and even today the inequities of the world and the people that populate it have resulted in a few doing better than most and some accumulating all of the power while too many go without.  As a result anger, fear, envy, lust etc. occupy the minds of too many and retribution the sole purpose of the most aggrieved or evil individuals who can carry out their ill intent as never before.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to legislate morals. Although if we did it would be a whole lot easier to deal with the trouble makers than clean up the carnage of a massacre.

The first thing we do is legislate morals. Teach them in school and enforce them in public.  We have tried the no morals thing and as a result children are mass murdered not only by gun but by surgeons scalpel.

The second thing we do is to divest authority.  Take the burden of being the most powerful man in the world off the shoulders and ego of a single individual. Restore responsibility to the individual state, county, town and individual.  The minor conflicts between smaller entities can be resolved at a lesser cost than multinational conflicts or world wars. Genocide need not happen but until there is resolve to let other coexist the conflicts are better kept at the local level as opposed to the regional.

Bad things will continue to happen because bad men exist. However, if the good men are enabled and the good outcomes are promoted and bad behavior is not condoned by communities of responsible individuals the trend toward peace and prosperity will be upward.

Does this mean segregation and discrimination? Of course it does.  Does this mean conflagration of freedom and liberty or immigration and emigration to emancipate and liberate.  It does if society recognizes the strength of diversity as opposed to the proposition of homogeneity along the lines of a single demographic mentality.

How do we coexist? My ideas and yours? My feelings and yours? My sensitivities and your?

Never before have we as a world population had the ability to communicate, to commiserate, to educate, and to innovate.  Rather than aggregate and attempt to find a one size fits all government it is time to disaggregate and work toward a time when there is not need for government because we each govern ourselves in the best interest of our locale, region, and environment.  Technology makes this possible as never before.  The age old adage of My right to swing my fist ends at where you nose begins.  If I don't want to hear what you have to say the I need the ability to discriminate. If I don't want to see you or witness your activities then need the ability to segregate.  What we need is the will to respect the rights of others and the ability to cooperate. All possible through technology.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stupid is...

Today I learned that B.O. doesn't think his government is over spending.  His administration has spent more in four years than every other administration since the beginning of the country, the deficit is greater than any previous administration, the debt is growing faster than any previous administration and he doesn't think...

What a moron.

Now I find out the in his infinite stupidity he has chosen a french economist to lead some US economic planning group.  As if Europe, France in particular, is an economic model that has relevance to the US economic problems.  As if a practicing socialist from a bankrupt country in a economic union that is defunct has something to offer a bankrupt pseudo capitalist country with a defunct economic system and a president  whose only plan is to print money.

What a joke.

If you can't fix the problem, go on vacation.  20  million dollars to fly the POTUS and his entourage to Hawaii. The man is an embarrassment and an assault on the rapidly fading dignity of a once great country.  Some how the moron thinks that this country became great because it stole money from people who have none and that it wealth is a commodity which can be mined from the wall street banks and spread around.  His administration is filled with grade escalated graduates from this country's incompetent education system but highly competent indoctrination programs.

as stupid does.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Trillion dollar coin

The intelligence of the current presidential administration has always been a lot suspect because of the stupid things that it says and does. The Representative of the government must be idiots because of the justifications that they espouse in response to the simple questions that the dumbed down media ask.  Geitner blamed turbo tax for his tax evasion.  Polosie and one of the department directors actually believe that welfare spending creates jobs. The POTUS actually thinks that a coin is worth one trillion dollars.  That the death of three state department personnel was a little sloppy management on their part.

It is good thing Geitner runs the IRS because his butt would be in jail or his bank account seized if it were any one of us. The fact that welfare spending is not just tax dollars but imaginary money pilfered from future generations doesn't seem to register on the brain dead of Washington especially the two dullest bulbs of the pack. And the fact that there is no money in the bank, no gold standard, no credit available seems to allude the administrations economic giants and their idiot boss.  It reminds me of the joke about the blond who insisted that she must have money in the bank or there wouldn't be a check in check book.

How is it possible that this group of clowns were officially elected to office this past week?  Fraud, deceit  and stupidity.  Tell the useful morons what they want to hear and promise them what they want because once they vote it doesn't matter.  Even if they do they are too stupid to do anything about it.  So now we have achieved the ultimate.  The stupid leading the stupid. The welfare receipients are lining up at the strip bar to get cash from their welfare card that is being paid for with a coin whose value is one trillion dollars on the premise that more stripper jobs are being created as they gyrate and more people are being employed to meet the increased demand for goods and services paid for by the imaginary cash advances of the unemployed and the unemployable.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Any shadow of a doubt

What a joke my country has become. It is all because my fellow citizen's have decide that their need to get stuff for free is greater than their country's well being. We have elected for scores-of-decades crooks, con artists, and clowns who have, with impunity, filled theirs and their crony's  pockets with bounteous tax dollars.  At first, then with too easily borrowed money and their advisers telling us that we were borrowing it from ourselves, they had a new lease on luting the treasury until that ran out.   As soon as they couldn't borrow it from us as fast as they were spending it they went begging to Japan, China, and anyone else enamored with this country's prosperity.  Now that, our politicians insatiable lust for spending and our entitled class of citizen's demands for government goodies has exhausted that market it was time to get serious about finding a better source that is not going to run out and require them to justify their borrowing requests.   It is not possible to over estimate the will of a politician to spend money that is not theirs. As the drought of funds began to seriously inpinged on their style they redoubled  their efforts to discovered some other way to pay for their addiction.

I am sure it was to their delight and amazement when their economic gerus announced that the worlds monitary system as we know it was going to crash unless they decided to spend more money than all of the previous administrtions in history.  It was music to their ears when they heard that they would have to dispense with reality and simply pretend that the vapor money from the federal reserve could do that and better it might just do it forever!

They can only kick themselves for not thinking of this earlier.  How much time has been wasted talking about a balanced budget.  There was that pesky pledge of not monetizing our debt but that was put behind them quickly and now the only things stopping them is the typing speed of their secretary adding zeros to the spread sheets.  Hallelujah, happy days are here again.  If it wasn't for those pesky politicians that refuse to drink the cool aid everything would be grand.  And now that the diversionnary tactic entitled the fiscal cliff has been, oh so dramatically, dismissed by congress they can settle in for some, much needed, rest and relaxation while the administration continues unabashedly administering the redistribution of the nation's pretend wealth.  Unfortunately, there really isn't any actual money to redistribute so maybe they can call it the recapitalization of the worlds markets.  After all our elected leader believes that the US unfairly cheated, chiseled, and pried the money away from the rest of the world and wantonly spent it on themselves, burned it up in their gas guzzeling cars, heated and airconditioned buildings and probably eat the spare cash that was laying around.  It has to be returned somehow. Once the Americana's got it was never be spent again. I mean the tax receipts are way less than their spending so it must be being eaten.

What a perfect coincidence of events BO and his communist buddies can recapitalize the world and world's hard currency is simply not up to the task.  With an unlimited supply of immaginary money and an willingness, no a duty to spend it.

If that wasn't enough my elected officials have knowingly pilfered the treasury and profited from their positions with hardly a misstep.  Occasionally a crook so brazen that he gets caught with his hand in the bank is dismissed but hardly embarrassed.  Lately, the miss titled ethics committees have bent over backwards to not let that happen, it gives congress a black eye y'a know. Besides what's a career politican suppose to do.  They have families whose children shouldn't have to pay back their student loans and their medical needs are even more important than every one else. Retirement comes even for some of them surely their service to America is worth a few hundred thousand dollars a year for life (even if they only serve part of a term) political life is uncertain.  How else are we going attract the best and the brightest crooks, criminal, and con artists.

Even though we passed this milestone in the dead of night with no fan fair and quite some time ago, my country has finally dispensed with the pretense of enforcing law and order. The non-enforcement has been going on for a while but conviently of lost in the morass of government.  However,with this last administration of Chicago land politi-gangsters openly not enforcing the law and enacting phony pieces of legislation, signing executive orders, and brazenly expanding existing, but limiting legislation their powers to fleece the remaining few capitalists hold outs.

Wonder of wonders now that the democrats have been, almost miraculously reelected by the edicts of the Secretay's of state, the vast sums of foreign campaign money, the rapidly expanding roles of welfare babies, newly hired and well paid federal bureaucrats, in addition to the pork barrel government money recipients, not even the actual Laws and Orders can dissuade them from their appointed task.There was little to hold them back before and now the pretense could be done away with entirely.

As I re-read this I am struck by the thought that maybe I should be crying instead of trying to be satirical.  The country I thought I was a resident of has long since vanished and last night's legislative melodrama proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt.  Foolishly I think I can post this as an expression of my first amendment rights.  However there are events taking place and actions that will be taken which will prove how foolish I am being.