Monday, December 31, 2012


This will be an on going post.  I have just started reading Beyond Good and Evil and have already annotated more than I have read.  My first impression is that like too many people he some how thinks that his or their current situation is not because of the people and institutions that came before.  The moral society that he rails against makes it possible for worthless philosophers, like himself, to exist in the first place. In a world without morals foolish people like him would have died of starvation or at the hands of a stronger competitor for the few scarce resources that are not already the property of even stronger individuals.

Just because his words are accepted by the foolish and fool hardy, which there are way too many, and the natural character of the majority of people is to take rather than give doesn't mean that they are justified, appropriate, or even acceptable it only means that the environment they are attempting to disband is somewhat persistent and adhered to by the last by a dwindling number of providers and givers of the world. His amoral society is not really society but the return to chaos long ago abandoned by the a much wiser people whose devolving descendants are perceive themselves to be superior but in reality are much inferior to earliest progenitors.

Eventually even the strongest can be destroyed by the weakest when the strongest can not be replaced by like minded people or institutions.  Liberalism works until you run out of other people's money. Charity ends when surplus is no longer available. Conservatives must guard against selfishness and greed. Capitalism consumes itself if there are no limits or a will to conserve and become a good steward of their resources.

Most importantly heretics and revolutionaries are plague upon the status-quo bring little to the effort if their purpose is self serving.

2nd entry

The entire argument about good or bad and truth is nullified by uncertainty.  The whole premise of the Socratic method is destroyed by uncertainty.  The notion that a witness can be sworn to tell the whole truth is absurd and that any person can be convicted of a crime on the standard of what a reasonable man would consider as sufficient is equally ludicrous.  Our justice system is flawed to the point of uselessness and our system of laws have been negated and are meaningless.

Society remains in tack solely on the whim and willingness of the individual to be honest and maintain their personal integrity.  We are living on the last gasps of  law and order, honesty and integrity, and the willingness of the individual to continue to participate.

Right now the alternatives are limited but as soon as the supply chain breaks down and food riots begin there will be numerous alternatives to staying in a big city and that will mean desperate times for the rural communities of this country.

The police state that will ensue is going to be disastrous for human freedoms.

3rd entry

This is a joke, right?  No one could actually believe this crap?  As stupid as I am I can see the false premise, the faulty reasoning and contrived arguments he pretends to use. There is no beyond good and evil because that presumes a condition of  'good' generally consider as better.  If any thing his argument should be outside of good or evil.  Then he could argue that his ideas are not conditionally good or bad but simply nonsensical. Which is what they would have to be.  They would have to be to be outside of our instinctive or cognitive reasoning.  They would have to be counter intuitive and extra sensory which man is not capable of.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Since loosing my job I have been unsuccessful at getting a new one but have been more than busy with life enriching projects.  One of those is the gaining of information. I am becoming a habitual reader.  I have read very little throughout my life.  However, I have been a consument learner.  I have watched as many educational programs as I could and as a result I am not uninformed just under informed about what knowledge exists outside of my sphere of understanding and knowledge.

As I attempt to articulate my ideas in this blog and other writing projects I discover I don't actually have enough knowledge about any particular subject to justify my positions or ideas.  As a consequence I am overwhelmed by my lack of knowledge and the illumination reserach tends to shine on everything that is out there. 

Wikipedia is an unbelievable source of information which I am using to get myself up to speed but it is also a source of confusion because there is so much an I have so little time.  At 61 my abilities to comprehend ideas and concepts is as great as it ever has been but my inability to retain many of the facts is as low as it ever has been.

It is interesting though, there are some things my mind immediately grasps.  I am not sure why but it obviously has something to do with my propensities for a paticular point of view.  When I encounter a tid bit that enriches my position my mind seizes upon it and it becomes part of my lixicon.

As I read Plato and come to the conclusion that Socrates is not a real person but a character in the literature my questions aren't about him or the authors but about the language. Where did the words come from?  According to wikipedia the greek languge dates back to 2500 BC.  Plato's writtings are fourth century BC so I suppose that 2000 years of talking and thinking is the explination but the etylogical process is only part of the story.  I suppose one can assume that in the process of thinking and discussing an idea or concept originates and in the author's efforts to articulate his idea a complimentary thought comes to him in such a fashion that a new word is originated.  Without dictionaries how were those words passed around so that others could learn and use them.

We use words so flipently today as if they always existed and that no one actually had to think up every word this sencented is composed of, let alone the garmmar and punctuntation.

I am amazed at the intelligence and prowess of our ancestors. All most everything we know and say was invented by them thousands of years ago.  Talk about standing on the shoulder of giants.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Where do the democrats and progressives think they are taking this society? Of all of the literature that foretells the future I am unaware of any place good. Beginning with 1984 there seems to be a plethora of dooms day scenarios and dystopias but few if any utopias or even pleasant outcomes.

So where are we going? The Democratic republic model seems destined to be overturned. The communist model persists but is ruefully unable to centrally plan it way out of a paper bag. The Chinese take on communism with its state-run entrepreneurial programs are dependent upon the outside forces to energize it centralized planning ineptness.  South American socialists are riddled with corruption and ineptness.  The European socialists are descending into a black hole of debauchery and servitude. Russian despots have forever ravaged their people with no prospect of change.  The middle east theocracies can't rule without being changed by the people they try to rule thus ending their regime.

The Democrats refuse to provide a plan or state any goals.  All they seem to want to do is expand on failed social programs expecting a different result. They want to borrow more money on the misguided premise that we owe it too our selves.  They want of overlook the inconvenient fact that borrowing money from someone else requires a payback.  And pretend that if they could just tax the rich all of our troubles would disappear and that evil capitalists will continue to innovate and operate providing them with scads of money to borrow against and mother earth will not be touched or fouled in anyway.

Unfortunately, too many of the rest of us think that the role of government is to take care of them.  Too many politicians think that there is a never ending supply of money.  Too many people think that tomorrow will never come and that they only have to worry about themselves.  Too many people don't think they simply act and too many of them are in elected office.

I don't suppose there will ever be a world leader emerge in these times of Santa clause because living within your budget, going without, making do, and being inconvenienced is simply out of the question.  I can only imagine a fiscal collapse which may reset our social order breaking down the new world order into a chaos of city states as being the most likely future.  Even then I don't see a pleasant future for my grand children's grand children.

Something has to give.  Either we have to lower our standard of living or we exhaust the earth we depend upon.  That seems to be one of the guiding principles of the progressives but they are unwilling to actually own up to it.  They just let the environmentalist lead the charge.  Beyond that the progressives are absolutely clueless when it comes to leading a world population where inequities abound and corruption prospers. They are inept at managing the circumstances when they are elected to power.  Until the progressives are willing to not fight against responsibility and accountability this world will continue to descend into the same black hole as Europe.

Friday, December 28, 2012


Most  people would not wish for a child to die either by a gun shot or in any other fashion. In reality, more children die in automobile accidents (1,210) than are killed by hand guns (408). Yet there is no serious discussion about outlawing the car. Many of those accidents are alcohol related but there is no hue and cry to outlaw drinking. The NHTSA estimated that in 2011 there were 218 children killed in non-traffic accidents with a car.  The NHTSA estimates that 6 children a day are killed in traffic accidents every year. Of the 1,210 children under the age of 14 dying in traffic accidents the CDC estimates that 211 are killed by drunk drivers. More startling than those figures are the abortion numbers. According to the Guttmacher Institute, there were 50 million legal abortions from 1973 to 2008. That equals an absolutely staggering 3,913 children aborted every day of every year for the last 35 years.

The voices calling for this society to change its misaligned values and deal with the deaths of so many innocent children are largely ignored by the press. the politicians and purposely obfuscated by special interests.  The general public is unbelievably silent and the public media doesn't hastily schedule the special episodes of their news programs or assign any of their talking heads to attend any of the funeral services, that will never be held, in honor of all of those young lives prematurely snuffed out.

There appears to be no real dialog taking place. Just multiple armed camps yelling and screaming at each other. No real solutions discussed because each side is dug in and willing to allow more children to die rather than accept the fact that our society has become so callus and uncaring.  There appears to be no real solution  to the very real problem of infanticide.

It may not be readily apparent that our behaviors are based on miss-perceptions, unrealistic expectations, and innate biases and prejudices.  It is little recognized that our positions are grounded in historic precedence or motivated by narrow minded selfish pursuits.

The issue is that most laws are written to address groups or trends which are broad brush in nature and as a consequence anyone can feel justified in disobeying the law because it doesn't really apply to them. Because laws require enforcement, usually by an understaffed agency, the idea that if no one catches me, breaking the law then I am not guilty of its infraction? Situational ethics seems to be replacing the concept of right and wrong.

I wonder what the answer is?  Should weapons be outlawed so that only outlaws will have weapons? Should no one be allowed to drink if it only succeeds in truing many of our citizen's into outlaws? Should we pattern the laws after the tax code? Should no one be allowed to fornicate?

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Mess

It is hard to imagine what this country would be like if its leadership has been moral, prudent, and brave.  The fifty's might be a good guess but that would not account for the technological advancements which seem to propel us into an unexpected future.

Assuming that the technological genie would not have been let out of the bottle one can only guess that we would not be facing armageddon because the Islamist factions currently in turmoil are largely so because of the rebellion against western influences and western encroachments facilitated by technology and its insatiable appetite for energy, influence, and pleasure.

Acknowledging the population bomb that is currently engulfing the world with its impact and affects, it is possible to imagine that because of the lack of technological advances death would be at a much higher percentage than it is with every possibility that famine and conflict would be more common than it is today.  Because of technology the bomb has increase in potential while the environment is being diminished. There is some hope that technology might save us plus there are some trends that point to a stabilization of population even a reversal. Which in its self will cause a breakdown of the current economies.

If the government had not been taken over by the immoral, the corruptible, and the narcissistic segment of our society the over-spending and the willingness to in-debt the nation to foreign countries would not be the noose tightening around our throats endangering our sovereignty let alone diminishing our well-being as it is.

Considering the immense resources this county has and the likelihood that our citizen's industry would have propelled innovation and change, it seems to be that it would have been at a less break-neck speed if the natural braking mechanism of capitalism's profit and loss had not been defeated by government.  Private enterprise is much more prudent when government isn't attempting to incentivise it tax collecting potential. The greed of business is naturally off-set by the potential for loss until government legislates avenues for risk-free adventures all in the name of influencing power and accumulating wealth.  The bread and butter off the legislative class of thugs and scoundrels in and around government.

We have met the enemy and it is us. Our willingness to put off the hard things and indulge in the easy things with no or little regard to the future or the environment has always been a character flaw of this species. Bravery exists in too few of us but it has enabled the rest of us to stand on the shoulders of giants and experience prosperity never before experienced. Even the kings and despots of the past would envy the luxuries many of us enjoy as commonplace.

So where do we go from here.  Obviously it will be different for each and every soul on earth. However, the resetting of the social norm is rapidly approaching.  With no place left to escape the peoples of this world are about to experience a profound change.  With little influence the average citizen is subject to the whims and unintended consequences of it governing class and the economic realities of greed, gluttony, and corruption.

Wistfully I long for a time where people would be truthful and our leaders would be honest.  I long for a time when expectations were diminished and desires moderated. A time where we respected one another and instinctively conserved our resources.

It is not going to happen. So I can only imagine a world that had infinite potential squandered by a heedless species with too much power over its environment and too little power over itself.  RIP planet earth.  If there are any survivors perhaps the few remaining resources will be limiting enough to extend their eventual demise but insufficient to enable their rise.  I don't see this species evolving into anything useful.

Even if we were to succeed at developing energy systems that do not deplete the environment we will still have to figure our how to be good stewards of the renewable resources, conserve the consumable riches of this planet, how to not pollute ourselves and countless other species into extension, and how to feed, cloth, and house a demanding if not an expanding population.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big Picture

A long time ago I attended a seminar about problem solving and decision making. One of the most important illustrations was that people cannot contemplate more than two things at once. Today I listened to a pod cast of an microeconomics professor discussed his book about the affects of public policy rule changes that he believes are responsible for depressing the economic recovery and extending the recessionary pressures on the American economy.

His opinion is that each rule change is not the culprit which can be blamed but that it is the aggregation of the rule changes that disable the labor market and depress the economy.  A comment made by both the host and author was that many economists are not recognizing this and continue to insist that it is macroeconomic issues that are the single biggest influences.

The point is that the people responsible for the recession and depressed recovery are incapable of recognizing either the problem or the solution because it is the aggregation of rather than the isolation of the problem and solution.

The collapse of the economy does not have a single cause but is the victim of the perfect combination of factors resulting in the collapse. It is also the incompetence of leadership failing to resolve the issues and enacting the correcting legislation.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate" The leadership of this country has failed to represent and inform the citizens and the citizen's has failed to meet their responsibilities as members of a society.

The political class misunderstands it role of representing their constituents in the arena of ideas. The public sector class misunderstands it role of administering the resources.  The private sector class understands it roles but fails to consider it duty to fidelity. The worker class does not relish its role or is willing to acquiesce to the reality of their position in the structure of society. The welfare class unfortuantely embraces its role and expands it reach.

What we need is an understanding of the big picture and the willingness to adhere to the prudent course. The debt and deficit did not come about all at once. However, because of the unwillingness of Congress to deal with the problem the solution is going to be much more painful that everyone hopes. The question is when will the bubble pop?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Half full/empty

The adage of a half full or half empty glass is only partially explored. Even though it begs an immediate answer. When someone questions my view on life using that metaphor.  I question why because I believe that the level of the glass is dependent upon the circumstances.  If a pitcher of water is setting next to the glass I consider it half full because I can continue filling it at will. If my life circumstances are such that I think I have an opportunity to change things and affect the outcome then I believe that my glass is half full. If I exercise my options and I am able to in a sense to continue filling my glass then I operate from that frame of reference of Half Full.

If there is no pitcher or water and the level of the water is at the mid point of the glass then I consider it to be half empty because I do not have a source of water to finish filling it up. If my life circumstances are such that I do not know that I have an opportunity to change things and affect the outcome then I believe that my glass is only half empty and I must take care of what is left.

Which brings me back to the notion of half-full or half-empty. Is it a state of mind or a state of being.  Is it mind over mater or mater over mind.  Throw caution to the wind or play it close to the vest. Enthusiasm or wisdom.

I think it is a conditioned thought that only seems spontaneous. It is more a statement about the current state of affairs than it is a measure of one's personality. However there seem to be examples of people in dire circumstances unwilling or even unable to succumb to the negative aspect of anything. The proverbial half-full mind set.  Which are you?  why?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Again

Stop with the Cliff metaphor. The US went over the fiscal cliff when Nixon took the US off of the Gold Standard. It has been in a tumbling bumpy increasingly faster descent ever sense. It's the sudden stop at the bottom, the collapse of the dollar, we should be worried about. The economy held a branch out during the Clinton years but that was just an balanced budget illusion. As congress ignored it and spent even more. Since then Obama has strapped on a Jet pack and turned on the after burner.  The US is not only going to come to a sudden stop it is going to hit at such a speed that it will vaporize America as we thought we knew it.

Krugman-like Keynesian economists think there is no bottom, so why worry. Congress thinks that if it keeps digging the bottom can be avoided until they are out of office or their insanity and the bureaucracy's avalanche of regulations overcome everything accept the black market.  Free enterprise and capitalism is seeing the last flickers of the light of their existence and a minority of the American people are witnesses to the extinction of self-reliance as it is exchanged for mindless hope in big government.  All fostered by a growing majority of public employees, entitlement seeking and welfare receiving citizens, and illegal immigrants violating the nations laws with impunity.  Everyone of them are paying no mind to , ignoring the signs of, or are oblivious to the rapidly approaching catastrophe. Add to that a clueless younger generation obsessed by self-gratification and the stage is set.

B.O. and his communist buddies are providing absolutely no leadership or working to resolve the circumstances that have lead to this predicament as if they didn't know any better or most likely didn't care.   I am of the opinion that they are too stupid to figure it out but there is a lot of evidence that indicates that they are purposely bankrupting this country and have every intent of reducing the standard of living to levels commensurate with every other subsistence nation. As if some how that is going to make everything alright.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


The reality of it is that credit is the life blood of prosperity but it is also the noose around our neck that is being drawn tighter by the increasing weight of each borrowed dollar.

In reality the disparity of resources and the inequality of ability insures that minorities are wealthy and the majority is not.

In reality people are petty, selfish, and self-centered. No matter what solutions are recommended there will always be opposition and nothing will be accomplished or the problems solved.

Where we go from here is yet to be seen. But I fear that it will not be some place good.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Accidents happen.  Through no fault of there own some people have bad things happen to them. Dumb is.  Through no fault of there own some people are less intelligent and the circumstances are such as they might there abilities to deal with life is simply insufficient.  Compassion is conditional. Through some fault of our own our heart strings are tugged by different measures, our attention is captured and lost by unpredictable things, and our willingness to help is more dependent upon being asked than sensing the need.

So whether we think so or not the amount of kindness is out weighted by the amount of need. The question is, does the amount of need exceed the potential to meet that it.  I think not.  However, the real issue is the amount of greed. Is there enough potential to satisfy the greed. The answer is unequivocally no. We make judgments about someone's need through the spectacles of greed and determine our willingness to share and too often as a consequence we share not enough with those who are honestly in need.

Unfortunately in this life there are no instances that are not uncertain,  where decisions are not difficult and are not complicated by thoughts and feelings and where there is never really only one right answer or best possible solution.  So how do we deal with it. How do we have compassion on the least of these our brother and sisters and have it not cost us too much time or more money than we are willing maybe even capable of sharing?

As much as I don't like the ills of big government it brings with it compelled compassion because in the government realm it is easy to let someone else feel compassionate.  The problem comes when the solution does not involve us personally or when someone else is willing to do it, for a price, when those with heart can give the heartless people's money away with little or no remorse no accountability, and especially when there's not enough money, more can be had by taxing or printing it.

Some could begrudging go along with that because then all it would cost us is a little bit of money and practically none of our time and if we didn't think too hard the freedoms and liberties lost were negligible and our consciences could be relatively clear.  However, charity never faileth to steal the dignity of the receiever and after a point it persuadeth the less than ambition man to petition for more and the ambition man to hunger for more power to take care of the sick and afflicted, the poor and needy, the indigent and disenfranchised,  the minority and the suppressed.  The call would go out... if not the government... then who.

Dishearteningly, it is only a matter of time before big government is telling us what to do and how to do it all because we would not take care of the poor, the widow, the fatherless, and the needy.


Wise sayings without miracles are just words. Words without proverbs are statements of fancy. Fancy statements without a true meaning are a waste of time.  Time without a purpose is a waste of space. Space without context is nowhere at all. Context without premise and postlude is invalid

As I contemplate my existence, my purpose, my accomplishments, and my heart felt desires I wonder how to find meaning in a world so large that I matter not at all, how to make a difference that is meaningful in a place where different is suspect, where selfishness seems not to be a vice but a virtue, and how to gain a true perspective so that my desires are worthy of being pursued.

Of all of the possibilities this world has to offer: why here? why now? why this?  I am in Lovell, Wyoming, United States of America. A small remote rural town in the western half of the most prosperous country in the world.  There is little I am unable to do if I put my mind to it and have the resources to get it done.  There are positives and negatives but by and large this is a great place to be considering, even for a moment, the alternatives.  Assuming that I am not an accident of nature coming into existence on an obscure little plant in the chaos of an indescribable spiraling arm of a medium to small galaxy in a vast universe that currently has no outer limits and as far as science is able to tell there are no other signs of life.  Which makes one wonder just how unimportant we are.

Marie called, this morning, with insight about why linage is recited in the scriptures.  "It establishes validity" she said.  Her insight causes me to consider that the scriptures are filled with instances establishing validity.  As I was stating at the beginning of this post anything without validity is just short of nothing. Granted a unbeliever will discount the information but without it there is no credibility.  The interesting thing is that my thoughts were going along that line this morning and she was able to help formulate the idea that the scriptures are full of validating ideas.  Which in a sense helps to make sense of the scriptures, which helps to make sense of this life, which helps me to make sense of myself, my purpose, my place and my heart felt desires.

Monday, November 12, 2012


In my study of religion I am discovering an interesting aspect. The written gospels seem to be after-the-fact narratives. There are countless investigations by all sorts of people educated, uneducated, biased, and prejudiced. Much of the information that I have run into does not dispute the fact that Jesus lived or the apostles were real but that their writings were recollections and that the surviving evidence are, probably, copies of the originals.

There seems to be a disparity of translations and a growing number of discovered records. Apparently much editing has taken place and a very conscious effort of selection and rejection has resulted in the canonized version of the bible with many other records and writings excluded.

My incomplete understanding and exposure to the depth and breath of the material plus my inability to read any language but english makes my thoughts very personal and probably very wrong. However, I am developing an attitude about the information and I wanted to write it down so that I don't forget what I was thinking as I go forward as my knowledge, correct or not grows, and my perspective changes.

I am depressed by the apparent organic way religion has come about. As I study the history of the bible and the empirical evidence it seems to me that there is a incomplete but perceptible path from pagan to Christian.  It seems to me that the evidence shows that the people of the time were actively engage in religious writing and that there is reason to believe that the surviving writings are more contrived than actual.

However, that does not preclude the probability of Jesus actually living and teaching. It just seems to me to be a rather futile way to initiate the salvation of man. It seems to me that given the time and nature of man that whatever truth might have been divulged is was probably not understood, misstated, mistranslated, and even corrupted.  So then what purpose do the scriptures serve?  Why would a loving God leave so much up to chance? I suppose that if Jesus had not shown up when he did history and probably mankind would be different.  i.e. china.  I suppose that modern day revelation as in the LDS Church would not necessarily be accepted as is the case. Primarily, I think, because of the bias and prejudice of other christian sects.  The LDS church seems to be being accepted, at face value, in China at the rate its communist leaders will allow.

So then what does that prove? That there is a time and season for all things? That God exists? That a God does not exist? That God's way are not man's ways? That each of us in our own time and in our own way will come to know the truth or that there is no actual truth to know?

Sunday, November 11, 2012


It was my hope that Romney would be elected, not that I thought he would be a much better president, but that the Obama administration would be put out of service.  It is the Obama administration and all of the Progressive/socialist/communists that have sway and are implementing the destruction of the American ideal that I believe needs to be stopped.

President Obama is a nice enough fellow but the people he associates with and populates his administration with is what I object to. Their concerns about the environment and the poor are not unjustified but their ideas, propositions, and methods are disastrous. We need to do things more intelligently which includes how we change from bad practices to good. How we transition productively from unsustainable to sustainable.  How we encourage rather than force people to take responsibility for their actions and become stewards of the land and our heritage. How we teach people to fish rather than giving them someone else's fish.

Now that he has been re-elected by the useful morons of this country he owns the outcome and can no longer blame anyone for his failures.  The policies invented by his cronies, the procedures instituted by their minions to limit resource development, demonize capitalistic endeavors, and the borrowing of the federal reserve's funny money to giveaway to the rest of the world can be attributed to no one but him.

As this country sinks into socialism and its vitality is strangled out of it. He and his party will be the final arbiters of reducing it to a deficit riddled, debt bound bankrupt economy incapable of getting itself out of debt, and with no desire to reduce its deficit.  For the foreseeable future the US will be bankrupt of money, ideas, and ideals and it will be hung around his neck by history.

The mainstream media will try to explain it away. The party operatives will try to blame it on someone else. The useful morons will be oblivious to the nature of there suffering and rest of us will have to deal with it the best way we can.  We will have to endure hyper inflation, increased crime, rampant corruption, a growing welfare state, and a diminished quality of life, liberty and the memories of happiness.

The single greatest thing to come our of the election is that Obama will have no where to go but forward to his rightful position of what I think will be considered by history as the worst president.  Not that his administration hasn't be effective in the dismantling of the American right but that his leadership was absent when it came time to preserved and protect the constitution of the united states and to lead this country away from the up coming financial collapse and the associated big government and welfare morass.

It was not a job that any one man could get done by himself but it needed someone to begin the effort.  It needed someone to take the desire of the electorate for hope and change and lead them toward a better place.  Instead he took the easy route oversaw and promoted the worsening of the fiscal crisis to the point that the future generations have had their dreams of a free and prosperous society completely and utterly destroyed.

Four more years of trillion dollar deficits per year and a 20 trillion dollar debt is a financial hole our grand children's grandchildren will not be able to climb out of.  Who, in this world, will come to our aid... no one.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


While watching a TED talk by Simon Sinek about inspired leaders he suggest that their success was because they were focused on why they did things, not how or what they did.

He used Martin Luther King as an example and how he got people to believe in his cause and commit their time and effort to it not because of him, not because of what,  but because of why.

As I contemplated the idea it donned on me that Jesus Christ was a why type. He told us why he was here and why we should want to follow him.

After 2000 plus years all we get in sunday school class is what and how he did what he did and we almost never talk about why he did what he did.

All of the time that I have been going to church I have never really been satisfied with the experience because it was always about what and how.  I knew the why for the most part, and that is why I attended with my family, but the message is lost in all of the metaphors, analogies, and allegories.

In addition our educational system has corrupted the learning process plus too many of us seem to prefer the what to the why because it is easier to deal with and requires less from us.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The end game

I know that no one cares about what I write accept me but it gives me a chance to articulate my thoughts with some expectation that either I or my posterity will by plan or chance read my thoughts and ideas. I think many of us have hope of amounting to something more than nothing so we write our ideas down on paper as if it might matter some day.

America as we fantasize about it being the home of the brave and land of the free came to an end quite some time ago we just didn't realize it.  Last night, the real America voted, approximately 19.6% of the voting american public, which is only 39% of the population of this country, reaffirmed their preference for big government and the nanny state by reelecting a president that has presided over the minimization of the constitution and the violation of ideals and values originally established in the founding principles of this country.  They did so with unprecedented debt and an insurmountable deficit as the indicators of a failed idea, a failed administration, a failed generation, and a failed people. They did so with no regard for the futures of those who are to follow and are to be saddled by the previous generations fiscal irresponsibility and selfish attitudes. They did so in spite of the warnings and efforts of the 18.4% of the american electorate to campaign and vote for fiscal responsibility and social conservatism.

The future of America was mortgaged a long time ago on the premise that the country was rich in resources and populated by an ambitious people capable of producing enough wealth to pay the bill. However, with each succeeding generation anxious to get their share of the pie and a little bit more the mortgage was not paid down but refinanced, forwarding the bill to the next generation.  Add to that a rising mentality which advocates environmental activism which places our abundant resources off limits, the ever increasing socialist policies, and practices of the elected officials, and a willingness of too many of its people choosing to replace work with overly generous government handouts and what you have is a disaster in the making.  Disastrous not just for us but the world. America's pretend wealth has propped up the rest of the worlds extravagance as well.  China and India are not yet ready to weather the storm but they will be less affected than the rest.

As soon as our appetites out paced our abilities to produce the goods and pay for it ourselves and we began buying and borrowing from other nations then the die was cast and the inevitability of the bill coming due sooner or later became a reality.  Now that our preferences are clearly socialist and our policies are environmentally and capitalistically restrictive the pending foreclosure on the mortgage is real because we are not making the payments and our good intentions are not covering the costs.

303,824,640 U.S. Population
207,643,594 Eligible voters = 68%
118,705,449 votes cast = 39%
60,800,050 winning total = 20%

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fiscal Cliff

America ran off of the fiscal cliff long ago. It happened when Nixon and congress took america off of the gold standard. The debt even then was beyond our abilities to repay it because we have no intention of restricting our expenditures or weaning ourselves off of the credit card. What the so called smart people are warning about is not the cliff's edge but the rapidly approaching ground at the bottom.  There is no turning back. There is no slowing down. There is no soft landing only a cataclysmic crash. The first question is when will in actually happen? The second question is who will survive? The rich? The famous? The politicians? The poor? The prepared?  The third question is who will pick up the pieces? Benevolent on lookers? Malevolent opponents?  Or antagonistic opportunists?

America is a big place, with abundant unutilized resources, and a people capable of extraordinary efforts. Can they, will they rise once more to the call or is america as we wish it was really gone. It is astounding to me is that the perennially failed idea of socialism has become the the political zombie which ate america. And there is no coming back, no cure, and no changing of the channel.

The land is not going away. The survivors, in an unlikely turn of events, could inherit the place and doing something different. The world community could divide the pieces and parts to other functioning governments. Or it will be a fairly painful disassembling and reassembling of the country where the resources are cannibalized and the continent is decimated as is the case of every where else.

Glen Beck

Glenn is convinced that he has been given a mission to save this country from the Democratic party's progressive, socialist, and communist members that infect this country and its administration.  He has clearly stated that his errands are heaven sent. Today he commented on how badly timed the latest hurricane is and I sensed some frustration on his part because he has committed himself to the task of beating B.O. and it appears that he and his communist buddies are going to be able to use the storm as an excuse to postpone the elections.

I too am frustrated by the apparent demise of this country's past ideals and the seemingly worthless efforts by good people to change the outcome. I don't understand why evil is given sway and good is hamstrung. I don't like the fact that making even good choices are accompanied by unintended consequences. I am tired of watching the best efforts of righteous leaders go unheralded and the most vile reprobates are elevated to esteemed status.

It appears that the Biblical event of Armageddon is rapidly advancing yet it does not seem to be relevant to the conditions of today as the rest of the world goes on with little time and no heed given to religion.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest Letter to Congressman

  Thank you for taking some of your time to answer my letters. I am afraid that you have been infected by politicianitis. Your answers  obfuscate the issue by saying the it is the House of Representatives' problem instead of encouraging me to contact my rep Cynthia Lummis and then letting me know that you are forwarding my concerns, with your support, on to her.

  You allude to my specific recommendations for agency  reduction or removal with platitudes about smaller government instead of letting me know what actions you are planning to take to either support my requests or inform me of a better course of action.

  Our country is in jeopardy and our way of life hangs in the balance and my only recourse is to send letters to my Senator and Representative who seem to be part of the problem than the solution. If I am missing something please let me know what I should be aware of about your efforts to reduce government and control its spending and to control the bureaucratic strangulation of business and industry through regulations.

  Help me to understand how congress, which is our representative, is going to balance the power by reducing the scope of the executive orders to executive branch operations and not agency policy changes which should only be approved by congress.

   I would hope that there are enough bright conservatives in Washington DC to figure out how to not grow government and regulations. How to preserve state sovereignty. How to empower the citizen and then hold them accountable.

   It is not through federal or state usurpation of my rights and responsibilities.  It is not through the federalizing of money by taxing our labor but through capitalizing our labor and working to define the roles of each citizen, each community, and each state.

   It could be the role of Government to identify and define the federal issues like welfare, social security, medical care, environmental protection and work place safety instead of usurping the responsibility.

   It could be the role of government to inform the citizen's of this country's civic needs through our schools and the public media about their responsibilities for the welfare of all of our citizens instead of capitalizing on the opportunity to grab control.

  It could be the role of the government to work with the states to develop specific incentives to meet the their social and welfare needs of their state and our country instead of pretending that our citizens are too stupid to take care of themselves, too stupid to manage money, too stupid to look out after others, and too stupid to make decisions for themselves.

  It is not the role of government to promote the self-interest of a few unscrupulous people grabbing power to benefit themselves, their friends, and their cronies.

Please lead the charge or tell me how you are going to join the effort to take back America from the progressives and their liberal friends.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


White people have never been a majority ethnic in the world only a successful one at manipulating their environment. However they have never been successful at managing their affairs and constantly found themselves at odds with practically everyone else in the world.

As the rest of the world catches up economically and politically the white race finds itself out of room to segregate itself and running out of political options to retain its hold on power and influence.

This may be the last election in America where a white candidate has any chance of winning a major political office. The UN long ago dispensed with the notion that America and its white people have any value but to provide the funds for operation.  With China's, India's, and South America's ascendency the probability of America and Europe wielding much power because of there dilapidated economic engines are even in doubt.

I seriously doubt that Mitt Romney and a republican congress can stop the financial cataclysm that is poised to engulf the country. Even if he and they were to open up the access to the bountiful resources of this country the economic engine has been decimated to the point that it will not be able to respond quickly enough to make a difference.

The anti-white anger that is brewing in this country and the world will more than likely boil over when the financial melt down occurs and the jobless and hopeless riot in the streets will demand this country be turned over to them. In either the following election or in a popular revolt the last white man standing will succumb and that will mark the beginning of the end for the white race.

America will be plundered for it resources and its population will be inundated by those people who are willing to work in those resource extraction activities.

I am not to sure that our innovative edge and productive capacity can be maintained because of the political leadership change over. It is evident in the B.O. presidency that America's past will not be honored or even aspired to.

Once the leadership change has been completed then even the environmental issues will take a back seat to population and political expediency. That can be seen in all of the third world countries.  Environmentalism succeeds only because there has been an American influence and willingness to indenture itself to the expense of paying to protect the world. Once that motive has disappeared I question whether the will and competence of the new leaders to protect the environment will be sufficient to succeed.

The world will continue, obviously, but how that will happen and the consequences of the ending of life as we know it will create either a new future or a dismal past with each succeeding or failing generation. I am convinced that there is no null alternative. It has always gotten better throughout history but I am not sure that this is not the tipping point. The population is too large, the resources too limited, the nature of man too perverse to have much hope.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do Things

There are smart people who know how to get other people to do things for them.
There are not so smart people who would like to get something done.
There are average people who can arrange to get things done.
There are below average people who do it themselves.
There are stupid people who think they  know how to get things done.
There are really stupid people who don't know how get any thing done.
There are morons who do really stupid  things themselves.

I believe I qualify for the last category in that I have spent the last four days jackhammering a doorway into the basement of my home. There are at least three or four better ways of doing it but I chose to do it the stupid the way. My arms, hands, and back hurt. My lungs are filled with concrete dust and my hearing is diminished.

I do however have a hole in the basement wall big enough to walk through. The challenge is to fill it back up with an operable door.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Credit Card

america is so addicted to the credit card I seriously doubt that it can ween itself from it.  Our economy is based on over consumption and superfluous spending for toys, trinkets, and recreation. If we had to live within our budget a huge number of jobs would go begging. The sports, entertainment, and recreation markets would dry up and limp along. The sport utility vehicles and bigger home markets would suffer. Many of the restaurants and fast food purveyors would close their doors.  Even the medical industry would experience a drought of elective surgeries. Every thing is so geared to spending by credit that the shock of responsible spending and deferred expenditures would be too drastic for the average american to understand and accept without complaining or protesting.

Unless the taxes were increased or the economy broadened the government's services like welfare and social programs and infrastructure like roads would go begging as well.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I like writing but the problem is that I can’t actually write.  My thoughts are incomplete. My grammar is nonexistent. My sentences are poorly constructed among other issues I can’t articulate my thoughts well because I can’t write.

That doesn’t stop me. I like to put my incoherent thoughts down on paper.  I always have and probably always will until I am unable to type. I don’t really expect anyone to read them even though I have a blog, which no one reads, and have included some of my stories in emails and birthday cards with very little feed back. I wish that I were good enough to attract readers but at the same time I hesitate to publish anything I write because it scares me to think about having to do it consistently and knowing that we all fail eventually.

I have wondered how some people realize their talent and how they have the motivation and skill to act on it.  I am aware of great writers, musicians, athletes, thinkers, actors etcetera that appear as if it has always been their lot in life to become so.  Perhaps it is simply a process of elimination.  The best of the best eventually surface and it only seems like it was spontaneous for the successful ones.

There are anecdotes of the 40 year coming of an over night sensation. There are countless blogs and youtube videos which never go viral. Then there are those stories, ideas, acts and images that never get noticed because they are never published, submitted, recorded, or shown.

I also wonder if and how many individuals may never even get a chance to express themselves and enrich the world with their talents. What becomes of them?

Is it opportunity, chance, destiny, or none of the above? Perhaps the action of a person is independent of his surrounding and state of being. Perhaps he or she does what they do because that is what they do at the moment they do it.  Perhaps there is no plan no overriding purpose i.e. what is the purpose of life? You sing because you sing and people listen because they are where they can hear you and they decide to listen instead of sing themselves or they sing along because they lack the motivation and skill to do other wise.

I wish it were clearer about the why and the how but it is not and it doesn’t appear that it will be any clearer because that is the way this existence works.  Perhaps there is another existence where all  things are known and all purposes are apparent but I will have to wait find that out if and when I find myself in it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

dire outcomes

B. O. and his communist buddies don't have a clue when it comes to the economy. They and too many Americans some how believe that money is a commodity. They have convinced themselves that it doesn't have to be earned and wealth is not created but that it is simply a zero sum game which entitles them to redistribute it at their whim because they won the election. They somehow believe that the currency can be printed as needed and that there are no consequences or negative impacts that need be considered. They believe that the natural resources are immaterial when it comes to our sustenance and well being and that access can be restricted or denied without dire outcomes as a result.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Bankers are not inherently crooks but they are motivated by money.  Politicians are not inherently evil but they are motivated by opinion.

When politicians try to impose their societal opinions on bankers the intent turn bankers into crooks and makes politicians evil.

There is no real justification for the Federal Reserve. It only puts bankers who want to be politicians in the position to become evil crooks.

The financial crisis was created by politicians who dictated social incentives for the banks and the bail outs were the bankers dictating to the politicians fiscal retribution.  The result was the fleecing of Americans and their posterity all in the name of opinion and money.

Latest letter to Congressman

It is time for the Congress to do something about attorney general Holder. He is in contempt of Congress and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is incompetent in his office.  There is nothing to stop you from disregarding the wishes of a malfeasant president and dismissing an appointed official that has proven to be complicit in the malfeasance.

Please do something beside wait for the next election.

Even if Obama loses, his lame duck term will be disastrous for this country and Holder and company will be among the many contributing.

While you are at it get rid of the EPA, Labor, Energy, Educations, and HHS office holders. Get rid of the Department of Education as well.

  Please, Please do something.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Scientists think they can comprehend the big and small universes and teach others; Ecclesiastical leaders believe that they can be faithful and encourage others; Philosophers contemplate their navels; And the everyday person is just trying to make it day by day.

With each new scientific discovery more there are more questions than answers. With every moral victory the realization that end is not in sight. With each philosophical statement a chorus of dissent and disagreement.  And with the end of each day we hope that we can get through the next.

For me the glass is half empty because I do not see from which the source is to fill it up. The physical world is unknowable and God is silent.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Last night while reading Jesus the Christ by Thalmage, my scepticism and criticism of the Bible began to increase and I was becoming even more convinced that there was no actual proof, no exceptable validation, no real way to verify the veracity of the scriptures. The Bible could be just as easily a work of fiction as it is the Word of God.

 As I contemplated my thoughts and entered my ideas, in my wife's kindle, I had a thought come to me about the purpose of the Torah and its relationship to the Bible.

I grabbed my wife's i-pod, got on line, and referenced wikipedia because it is a great place to find concise explanations for practically everything.  It may not be the final word on anything but for my purposes it was easy and convenient. What I found really surprised me. The Torah is actually the same thing as the first five books of the Christian Bible.  The more interesting thing was that the process for copying the Torah has been so precise and safe guarded by religious fervor that no error, alteration, or interpretation has been allowed for 2600 years.  Specially trained scribes have used the same type of parchment scrolls, the same exact letters and figures with the same writing instruments to, supposedly, make exact copies of the original since Moses' words were written down originally.

Accept for the LDS Book of Mormon and its claimed miraculous inception I was not aware of any way to physically verify that God really exists because there are no, commonly experienced spiritual manifestations, supernatural occurrences, or interventions of the divine that can be proved and accepted as real.

As I read the wikipedia entry it dawned on me that the purpose of the Jew for 2600 years has been to provide the only, and the first, temporal evidence of God.  For 2600 years the Jews have been the sole keeper of the faith and the caretakers of the actual word of God.

Conversely the Bible traces it beginnings and owes its content to the Jewish people and the christian faithful but because of its checkered history, evidence of wanton manipulation, systematic generalization through creeds, the existence of multiple interpretations, misinterpretations and subjective revisions its authenticity is discounted if not completely repudiated.

Because the Bible is practically nothing more than a collection of hearsay and poetry that can not be verified or validated, the Bible and the stories about Christ are just as easily a divinely, or not, inspired metaphor as they are recollection of actual events written sometime centuries after the event.

As a consequence the whole notion of God and Jesus Christ is subject to skepticism and criticism. Because religion relies entirely upon faith for its acceptance and because there are no spiritual manifestations, supernatural occurrences, or divine interventions that don't require the observer to exercise his or her faith the concept of God is suspect in today's world of scientific scrutiny and narcissistic personality disorders.

The Torah and the Book of Mormon are still relics of faith. They are however the greatest actual evidence of God's existence.  In a temporal and mortal world where everything even science eventually requires faith as a basis for belief, 2600 years of proof and a second witness a with miraculous inception justify the faithful embrace of God and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our savior.

Add to that the millennial recurrence and world wide belief in a God based on personal testimony gained, by the individual, through reading, studying, pondering, praying and practicing the concepts of religion and through daily inspirations one receives when their minds are receptive and their lives are in tune with the spirit of God.  The critics will continue and the nonbelievers will protest but their efforts are nothing more than what they protest against and that is faith. " Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Illegal Immigrant Status

Yesterday Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was questioned on the Latino channel about his position on deportation of Illegal Aliens. His response should have been.  The oath of office requires the enforcement of laws. I am sorry that approximately 12 million people have chosen to violate the laws of the United States and as a consequence create lives for themselves based on that illegal act. It is unfortunate that some of their actions end up harming the rights and liberties of legal citizens of the US who are dependent upon their elected leaders to act according to law and not according to their personal feelings.

I am sorry that the actions of those persons here illegally have created a situation which expects the current laws be broken or disregarded to accommodate them and their children.  I am sorry that past presidents and congresses have not upheld their oath of office and allowed this situation to grow to the point of a national and personal tragedy on both sides of the issue.

It will be my responsibility as President of the United States to defend and protect the constitution and enforce the laws of the land. Because of the miss-action, in-action, and illegal actions of the past administrations my responsibilities will be made more complicated, difficult, and heart wrenching.

Correcting this untenable situation on the behalf of the legal citizens of the United States will be my sworn duty and obligation. I believe that safegarding the rights of the legal citizens of the United
states is my role as president. I do not believe that it is responsibility to disregard or abandon the laws of this country to accommodate the plight of illegal immigrants.  Addressing the circumstances which the original laws did not anticipate because they were written with the expectation of enforcement will now have to be addressed because the desirability of living in America is only possible because of the rule of law.

Addressing the circumstances which have arisen because too many people have entered illegally as a result of past administrations not enforcing the law will be one of my administration's most difficult responsibilities.  My policies will be, while I am in office, to hold accountable agencies responsible for enforcing the laws with the express purpose of stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, to work with congress to develop a workable guest or worker visa program, to work with the immigration agencies and citizen groups to identify and accommodate those persons that can qualify for naturalization or recognize their citizenship, and as a last resort deport those living here in violation of the laws and visa requirements.

Am I willing to deport 12 million people from America.  I don't think I will have to. People are willing to abide by laws that are enforced. I intend to enforce the laws and work to fix the broken systems so that the legal citizens of this country are protected and those who want to immigrate are fairly treated.

The notion that there should be no borders doesn't work when everyone shows up at the same place and expects the circumstance that attracted them there to remain the same.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


From the beginning of time, I am not talking about man's history, I am refereeing to  the very the instant of existence everything was stamped with an expiration date. The universe's lifespan might be in doubt, but constallations are winking out as we speak, rocks eventually turn to mud, and man's fleeting micro-moments are only notable because man keep records and passes them on to the next micro-moment occupant who, even though they don't know it, are simply waiting for the the electricity to go off and plunge collective mankind into the dark ages with little hope or even desire of recreating the recent past.

Much of what a human learns is lost to the cosmos but there are instances in the scheme of things when an idea blossoms and life is changed for the next person in line.  The proverbial wheel, the recently obsolete movable type, the boom and bane of the industrial contraptions, the hyper active electromotive force and fortune of the world, and the most effective mouse trap of all times the integrated circuit.

Each of the future changing ideas are the children of subservient thoughts and preliminary concepts. Are they, were they inevitable or would the world be a different place if the person thinking the thought either did think it or was not in the right place at the right time. There is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that throughout history there was more than one person who has the same or similar idea at nearly the same time.  So the air plane, the car, the television and countless other things were inevitable.

Does that make people expendable? Can whole villages of people be brutally massacred by the Gigues Kahn's of the world and it not make a bit of difference to the remaining world's population. Would we still arrive at this future after several millennia?  Does it mater to the future if half of the world's population falls ill and dies from the bubonic plague? The is some evidence that over population was a contributing factor and the plague only hastened the eventual death by starvation. But was there an idea whose time had come and the person who was going to bring it to light unexpectedly die. Sentencing the world's population to time at hard labor instead of revolutionizing the world and saving all of those people. Only to cause the world to arrive at over population in the 19 century rather than the 21st.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Useful Morons revisited

There seems to be little one can do to counteract the affects of the, communist endeared, useful morons. It apparently is in our genetic makeup and surfaces as morons or red necks. They exist and can be easily influenced by the unscrupulous politicians and power gluttons. This is not a good situation but for the most part they are self-involved mindless dwebs that tend not to do anything on their own. If the despots are corralled then the usefulness remains untapped and the world blunders onward.

However the little busy moron that keeps stirring-the-pot are very harmful to the world order because they actively engage themselves in counter productive and harmful activities in the name of some anti-establishment ideology. It is the busy moron that upsets the balance of power and initiates harmful movements that too many politicians hitch their carts to. It is the busy moron that causes the issues to be over exaggerated and hyper-inflated.

Some social progress can be attributed to the busy moron because inequities do exist. However, unscrupulous individuals do take advantage of it with little or no concern for the consequences of their actions or about rectifying the problems created..

It is not that the initiatives are necessarily harmful but that the unintended consequences are where the greatest damage is done and the morons either can't or won't think it through. The politician's exploit it for their purposes and the dumbed down media types are too simple mined to recognize the true issues and report them accurately or are they are actually complicit in the perpetration of the debacle.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bill Nye

The science guy is simply a high priest of the his religion of evolutionary science.  It takes as much faith to believe in his science as it does to believe in the bible. The problem is that the doctrine of his science changes daily. The actual evidence of evolution if it is defined as species change, and not simply adaption of the species, is as unprovable as the actual evidence of God.  The fact that order exists within chaos and in conflict with entropy is unimaginable except in the light of creation.  Even the religion of science believes that everything started with the big bang. The scientists just don't bother to deal with the little detail of what was before the big bang; Or how order came about from absolute chaos; how the genetic code seems to have come into existence which but its very nature is more complex than the code itself; or how the code, resident in each of us, is capable of producing the vast diversity of plants, animals, an humans on the earth. It is the stuff between the genes that kept me from becoming something other than what I am.  That is where the mystery is not the genes.

The religion of science keeps the pseudo-intellectuals busy, off of the streets, and out of crime but the search for truth is really beyond them. My belief in God enables me to focus on being a better human being rather than trying to produce a better human being.

The fact that some individuals have used religion and science to do inhumane things doesn't belittle religion or science it does belittle humans. It doesn't prove or disprove religion or science it points out the error of thinking one is some how better than the other.

I would not want to live in a world without science nor try to survive in a world without religion.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I wonder what it is in the human genome that leads to the creation of contraries but endows them with a high intellect in as much as they pretend to write meaningful things in a semi-convincing manner but in reality it is only thoughts about how to lie, mislead, and draw the wrong conclusions.

I am reading Robert Nozick's book Anarchy, State, and Utopia. I find it remarkable that he and others like him have any following at all, but they do. What is depressing is that they appeal to people who are highly intellectual and capable of so much but are either lazy or simply incapable of rational thought and yet they seem to be prospering today in spite of the evidence that their philosophies and beliefs are counter productive at best and harmful at worst.

Too many people are anxious to disavow the capitalist thinking because the love of money leads to greed and corruption.  Too many people are willing to believe the socialist or communist way of thought but won't accept the fact that the lust for power leads to greed and corruption.

Not enough people are willing to accept the religious point of view, philosophy, and behave accordingly because it expects them to sacrifice their time and money on behalf of someone else and it does not lead to greed or corruption when practiced accordingly.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics or Democrats

Listening to a democrats talk is like looking at a statistical report. Democrats mention or question only those issues that support their position; like a statistical report which only uses the data that reports a particular aspect or issue of a problem.  Taken at face value the ideological position taken or the presumptive report issued makes sense or seems valid but as soon as the issues are explored and the alternatives revealed then the lies, dam lies and democrats and their statistics and tactics are revealed.

Health care is made more expensive and unaffordable by government intervention. The poor can not afford health care. Democrats disregard the increased cost issue and only talk about the number of uninsured.  Their solution is to tax the rich to pay for the poor instead of enabling the cost to be reduced so that the poor can afford it.

The lie is that medical costs are the result of industry greed, the dam lie is everyone should get heath care at low cost and the democrat-statistic is that it can happen if the rich would pay their (disproportionate) fair share.

The greed is enabled because government inhibits the market forces. Medical charges would be less if the consumer were responsible for their costs and the providers were allowed to compete.  The poor would still be without medical insurance but there would be fewer who couldn't afford it and more options for the remainder than expecting someone else to pay.

The real issue is that life is not fair and can't be corrected by a law or a tax. The solutions are not to punitively tax the fortunate but to magnanimously sacrifice our own well being on the poor' behalf. The challenge is not to regulate services and mandate outcomes but to enable opportunities and individually support desired results.

It is better to be good because we want to than it is to be good because we have to. It is not as easily to be bad when we are the judge than it is when someone else has to make the judgement.  If the rules for engagement are simple then the guidelines for retribution needn't be complex.

We live in a time when it is easy to be good if we want to, the choice to be bad can be made apparent, and the willingness to help others is no more important than ever.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Geologically Speaking

This is what I think I know.  The estimated age of the earth is 4.3 billion years old. The composition of the current earth crust is mostly sedimentary and metamorphic which leads me to believe that the current mantel has accumulated over time through the processes of erosion.  The locally observable geology is amazing to me because it is composed of layers of very distinct rock and soil types exposed by erosion.  Then supposedly through plate tectonic actions caused those sedimentary and metamorphic slabs to be pushed upward where erosion, once again, reduces them to mole hills and the process recycles itself maybe as many as 12 times.  That is how often the tallest mountain in the world would be eroded if it lost one inch per thousand years in height.

Monday, July 9, 2012


My grandson overheard a panel discussion about the economy and asked whether the president should be re-elected or not. I tried to explain to my grandson the economic calamity which is coming because of the president and his predecessors willingness too borrow money from future generations to afford our wants today and a willingness to take from those that supposedly have and give it to those who have not.  Because of my generations profligate spending, I told him that his parents generation is bankrupt, his generation is bankrupt, and even his grandchildren's generations are bankrupt.

When he asked how to solve the problem I offered the solution that if my generation were to be inconvenienced by going without, and his parent's generation were to be characterized by going hungry because of shortages and his generation was subject to suffering because of complete breakdown of the economy then maybe his children would only have to be hungry and his grandchildren would only have to be inconvenienced so that his great grandchildren could live a life of abundance one again.

I can only hope that his children's children would have learned the lesson but I don't have much hope so it is likely that the same thing will reoccur unless there is something completely unexpected and unlikely would change the outcome.

Obviously that is not a very positive outlook and he went to his room confused and somewhat depressed.  Unfortunately no one actually knows what is going to happen or how to fix it so it is up to the conjecture and the compunction of scoundrels elected by an uninformed and lackadaisical electorate.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Liberal Drivel

This morning I awoke to NPR and their incessant liberal drivel and mindless analysis of social and economic circumstances from a contemporary point of view ignoring the context  and point of view of previous culture.  I am tired of hearing clueless individuals pontificating about the social and economic circumstances of today as if some how their ideological mindset is representative of and directly relevant to the past. I am tired of their dismissal of relevant social and economic values and standards in favor their idealistic attitudes and naive points of view and pretending that they have something of value to offer or that somehow their statements are tantamount to identifying the cause and stating the solution.