Friday, October 21, 2011


Would the opportunities lost be greater than the calamity experienced if the charging of interest was made unlawful?  The problem is that man's greedy and envious nature has resulted in the creation of usury and the occurrence of fraud.   The poor are not willing to save for the future and the rich are not willing to risk their money without return. The delay of gratification minimizes frivolous buying and the loss of excessive consumption. That in turn inhibits future production, stiffles hiring, reduces employment opportunities and affects the individuals abilities to buy things and the entrepreneur's opportunity to make things.

Historically, the lack of technology limited the alternatives. Contemporally, capitalism is empowered by expansion and growth. Would living within our means affect growth adversely or cause an unpredictable outcome compelled by technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Would the affect be negative or positive?  I believe positive because when much is expected the average person complains while the agents of change are motivated.

Can credit be replaced by discipline?  Only if man's selfish nature is overcome by stewardship. Does pride make it impossible for the individual to acquiesce and sacrifice? For the most part yes. Does survival make it possible for the individual to acquiesce and sacrifice? For the most part yes.

Politicians revisited

Quite some time ago I came to the conclusion that most if not all democrat and too many republican legislators are clowns, con-artists, even crooks.  Today I have to amend that to include all democrats are and too many republicans are liars, cheats and scoundrels.  In addition there are too many democrats that are just plain stupid elected by gerrymandered idiots.  There are too many republicans in name only who do not uphold the constitution and adequately represent their constituents.

All one has to do is read or watch the news to see the clowns, be disheartened by the con-artistry, and lament the dire economic situation promulgated by the crooks.  It is amazing that too much of the public media has abandoned it role as reporters, watch dogs, and purveyors of the truth to become editorialists and complicit in obfuscation of the evidence.

This country has been pushed over the brink of insolvency by its legislators and a willing, ignorant, and apathetic populous.  The only positive aspects of this development is that the the corruption is being exposed, the poulous is awakening, and the exceptionalism of America and its good people are what will help it survive this period of neglect, deception, and greed.

Monday, October 17, 2011

World Order


While listening to the news reports about Greece's labor unions striking, in response to the cuts in funding because of the austerity requirements, I wondered where the notion began that bailout money was free money.  Money that was simply available for the asking. Money that could be used to fund business as usual with no strings attached.  That all you really needed to do is demand or strike for more.  It seems to me that it all began with the advent of the Federal Reserve Bank and its eventual practice of routinely expanding the money supply.  A practice not based on supply but demand. Not founded on income but expectation. A practice of inflating, actually devaluing the currency.  That way a government had more physical money to exchange for good and services it wanted to buy.  The vendors, for a while were fooled into thinking they had actually been adequately paid.  They in turn paid there labor cost with devalued money etc. The market eventually figures this out and inflates the cost of it good and services. The laborer strikes and gets more money. The government gets more taxes.  The legislators want to buy more goodwill so the Federal Reserve Bank is encouraged to print more money.  Eventually the funny money exceeds the gross domestic product and the system collapses.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One must be careful not to ascend inadvertantly out of the valley of humility onto the precipice of pride. That is why it can be said that pride goeth before the fall.


The breakdown of order is equally apparent in the moronification of the human species.  With each succeeding generation it is apparent the we are getting dumb and dummer.  I am amazed at the intelligence of our ancestors.  They invented science, philosophy, and language.  We stand on the shoulder of giants and enjoy the splendors and benefits of this modern day world because of the intelligence of our forefathers.

It is painful to see, watch and hear the countless morons that pass as intelligent people today.  It is worrisome to consider our potentially bright future collapsing into chaos because there are so many more idiots than there are thoughtful, respectful, ambitious, and self-mastering citizens of society.

Public Speaking

In epic story movies the lead character gave a stirring speech to the gallant souls gather on the battle field.  As a viewing audience we hear the speech but I always wondered how the troops in the back and along the front lines could possibly hear.  In the Book of Mormon a king Benjamin give a speech to his subjects from a tall tower but that doesn't solve the distance or wind problems.

Videos of the so called Occupy demonstrations showed the audience repeating each sentence of the speaker and the people behind them repeating what they heard and so on until the repetitions could no longer be heard on the video.

It donned on me that by doing that the entire audience would hear the speech and it serves the purpose of engaging the audience and helping them to remember what was said.

It might be impressive to hear a whole army of people reciting the motivational words of the general as like a wave in a pond it ripples to the farthest regions.  Unlike the whispered message which gets garbled  in the process.

I can imagine that whole sentences could be repeated by our ancestoral audience members as opposed to three word segments of today's college educated morons.