Monday, October 29, 2012

Fiscal Cliff

America ran off of the fiscal cliff long ago. It happened when Nixon and congress took america off of the gold standard. The debt even then was beyond our abilities to repay it because we have no intention of restricting our expenditures or weaning ourselves off of the credit card. What the so called smart people are warning about is not the cliff's edge but the rapidly approaching ground at the bottom.  There is no turning back. There is no slowing down. There is no soft landing only a cataclysmic crash. The first question is when will in actually happen? The second question is who will survive? The rich? The famous? The politicians? The poor? The prepared?  The third question is who will pick up the pieces? Benevolent on lookers? Malevolent opponents?  Or antagonistic opportunists?

America is a big place, with abundant unutilized resources, and a people capable of extraordinary efforts. Can they, will they rise once more to the call or is america as we wish it was really gone. It is astounding to me is that the perennially failed idea of socialism has become the the political zombie which ate america. And there is no coming back, no cure, and no changing of the channel.

The land is not going away. The survivors, in an unlikely turn of events, could inherit the place and doing something different. The world community could divide the pieces and parts to other functioning governments. Or it will be a fairly painful disassembling and reassembling of the country where the resources are cannibalized and the continent is decimated as is the case of every where else.

Glen Beck

Glenn is convinced that he has been given a mission to save this country from the Democratic party's progressive, socialist, and communist members that infect this country and its administration.  He has clearly stated that his errands are heaven sent. Today he commented on how badly timed the latest hurricane is and I sensed some frustration on his part because he has committed himself to the task of beating B.O. and it appears that he and his communist buddies are going to be able to use the storm as an excuse to postpone the elections.

I too am frustrated by the apparent demise of this country's past ideals and the seemingly worthless efforts by good people to change the outcome. I don't understand why evil is given sway and good is hamstrung. I don't like the fact that making even good choices are accompanied by unintended consequences. I am tired of watching the best efforts of righteous leaders go unheralded and the most vile reprobates are elevated to esteemed status.

It appears that the Biblical event of Armageddon is rapidly advancing yet it does not seem to be relevant to the conditions of today as the rest of the world goes on with little time and no heed given to religion.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest Letter to Congressman

  Thank you for taking some of your time to answer my letters. I am afraid that you have been infected by politicianitis. Your answers  obfuscate the issue by saying the it is the House of Representatives' problem instead of encouraging me to contact my rep Cynthia Lummis and then letting me know that you are forwarding my concerns, with your support, on to her.

  You allude to my specific recommendations for agency  reduction or removal with platitudes about smaller government instead of letting me know what actions you are planning to take to either support my requests or inform me of a better course of action.

  Our country is in jeopardy and our way of life hangs in the balance and my only recourse is to send letters to my Senator and Representative who seem to be part of the problem than the solution. If I am missing something please let me know what I should be aware of about your efforts to reduce government and control its spending and to control the bureaucratic strangulation of business and industry through regulations.

  Help me to understand how congress, which is our representative, is going to balance the power by reducing the scope of the executive orders to executive branch operations and not agency policy changes which should only be approved by congress.

   I would hope that there are enough bright conservatives in Washington DC to figure out how to not grow government and regulations. How to preserve state sovereignty. How to empower the citizen and then hold them accountable.

   It is not through federal or state usurpation of my rights and responsibilities.  It is not through the federalizing of money by taxing our labor but through capitalizing our labor and working to define the roles of each citizen, each community, and each state.

   It could be the role of Government to identify and define the federal issues like welfare, social security, medical care, environmental protection and work place safety instead of usurping the responsibility.

   It could be the role of government to inform the citizen's of this country's civic needs through our schools and the public media about their responsibilities for the welfare of all of our citizens instead of capitalizing on the opportunity to grab control.

  It could be the role of the government to work with the states to develop specific incentives to meet the their social and welfare needs of their state and our country instead of pretending that our citizens are too stupid to take care of themselves, too stupid to manage money, too stupid to look out after others, and too stupid to make decisions for themselves.

  It is not the role of government to promote the self-interest of a few unscrupulous people grabbing power to benefit themselves, their friends, and their cronies.

Please lead the charge or tell me how you are going to join the effort to take back America from the progressives and their liberal friends.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


White people have never been a majority ethnic in the world only a successful one at manipulating their environment. However they have never been successful at managing their affairs and constantly found themselves at odds with practically everyone else in the world.

As the rest of the world catches up economically and politically the white race finds itself out of room to segregate itself and running out of political options to retain its hold on power and influence.

This may be the last election in America where a white candidate has any chance of winning a major political office. The UN long ago dispensed with the notion that America and its white people have any value but to provide the funds for operation.  With China's, India's, and South America's ascendency the probability of America and Europe wielding much power because of there dilapidated economic engines are even in doubt.

I seriously doubt that Mitt Romney and a republican congress can stop the financial cataclysm that is poised to engulf the country. Even if he and they were to open up the access to the bountiful resources of this country the economic engine has been decimated to the point that it will not be able to respond quickly enough to make a difference.

The anti-white anger that is brewing in this country and the world will more than likely boil over when the financial melt down occurs and the jobless and hopeless riot in the streets will demand this country be turned over to them. In either the following election or in a popular revolt the last white man standing will succumb and that will mark the beginning of the end for the white race.

America will be plundered for it resources and its population will be inundated by those people who are willing to work in those resource extraction activities.

I am not to sure that our innovative edge and productive capacity can be maintained because of the political leadership change over. It is evident in the B.O. presidency that America's past will not be honored or even aspired to.

Once the leadership change has been completed then even the environmental issues will take a back seat to population and political expediency. That can be seen in all of the third world countries.  Environmentalism succeeds only because there has been an American influence and willingness to indenture itself to the expense of paying to protect the world. Once that motive has disappeared I question whether the will and competence of the new leaders to protect the environment will be sufficient to succeed.

The world will continue, obviously, but how that will happen and the consequences of the ending of life as we know it will create either a new future or a dismal past with each succeeding or failing generation. I am convinced that there is no null alternative. It has always gotten better throughout history but I am not sure that this is not the tipping point. The population is too large, the resources too limited, the nature of man too perverse to have much hope.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do Things

There are smart people who know how to get other people to do things for them.
There are not so smart people who would like to get something done.
There are average people who can arrange to get things done.
There are below average people who do it themselves.
There are stupid people who think they  know how to get things done.
There are really stupid people who don't know how get any thing done.
There are morons who do really stupid  things themselves.

I believe I qualify for the last category in that I have spent the last four days jackhammering a doorway into the basement of my home. There are at least three or four better ways of doing it but I chose to do it the stupid the way. My arms, hands, and back hurt. My lungs are filled with concrete dust and my hearing is diminished.

I do however have a hole in the basement wall big enough to walk through. The challenge is to fill it back up with an operable door.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Credit Card

america is so addicted to the credit card I seriously doubt that it can ween itself from it.  Our economy is based on over consumption and superfluous spending for toys, trinkets, and recreation. If we had to live within our budget a huge number of jobs would go begging. The sports, entertainment, and recreation markets would dry up and limp along. The sport utility vehicles and bigger home markets would suffer. Many of the restaurants and fast food purveyors would close their doors.  Even the medical industry would experience a drought of elective surgeries. Every thing is so geared to spending by credit that the shock of responsible spending and deferred expenditures would be too drastic for the average american to understand and accept without complaining or protesting.

Unless the taxes were increased or the economy broadened the government's services like welfare and social programs and infrastructure like roads would go begging as well.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I like writing but the problem is that I can’t actually write.  My thoughts are incomplete. My grammar is nonexistent. My sentences are poorly constructed among other issues I can’t articulate my thoughts well because I can’t write.

That doesn’t stop me. I like to put my incoherent thoughts down on paper.  I always have and probably always will until I am unable to type. I don’t really expect anyone to read them even though I have a blog, which no one reads, and have included some of my stories in emails and birthday cards with very little feed back. I wish that I were good enough to attract readers but at the same time I hesitate to publish anything I write because it scares me to think about having to do it consistently and knowing that we all fail eventually.

I have wondered how some people realize their talent and how they have the motivation and skill to act on it.  I am aware of great writers, musicians, athletes, thinkers, actors etcetera that appear as if it has always been their lot in life to become so.  Perhaps it is simply a process of elimination.  The best of the best eventually surface and it only seems like it was spontaneous for the successful ones.

There are anecdotes of the 40 year coming of an over night sensation. There are countless blogs and youtube videos which never go viral. Then there are those stories, ideas, acts and images that never get noticed because they are never published, submitted, recorded, or shown.

I also wonder if and how many individuals may never even get a chance to express themselves and enrich the world with their talents. What becomes of them?

Is it opportunity, chance, destiny, or none of the above? Perhaps the action of a person is independent of his surrounding and state of being. Perhaps he or she does what they do because that is what they do at the moment they do it.  Perhaps there is no plan no overriding purpose i.e. what is the purpose of life? You sing because you sing and people listen because they are where they can hear you and they decide to listen instead of sing themselves or they sing along because they lack the motivation and skill to do other wise.

I wish it were clearer about the why and the how but it is not and it doesn’t appear that it will be any clearer because that is the way this existence works.  Perhaps there is another existence where all  things are known and all purposes are apparent but I will have to wait find that out if and when I find myself in it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

dire outcomes

B. O. and his communist buddies don't have a clue when it comes to the economy. They and too many Americans some how believe that money is a commodity. They have convinced themselves that it doesn't have to be earned and wealth is not created but that it is simply a zero sum game which entitles them to redistribute it at their whim because they won the election. They somehow believe that the currency can be printed as needed and that there are no consequences or negative impacts that need be considered. They believe that the natural resources are immaterial when it comes to our sustenance and well being and that access can be restricted or denied without dire outcomes as a result.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Bankers are not inherently crooks but they are motivated by money.  Politicians are not inherently evil but they are motivated by opinion.

When politicians try to impose their societal opinions on bankers the intent turn bankers into crooks and makes politicians evil.

There is no real justification for the Federal Reserve. It only puts bankers who want to be politicians in the position to become evil crooks.

The financial crisis was created by politicians who dictated social incentives for the banks and the bail outs were the bankers dictating to the politicians fiscal retribution.  The result was the fleecing of Americans and their posterity all in the name of opinion and money.

Latest letter to Congressman

It is time for the Congress to do something about attorney general Holder. He is in contempt of Congress and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is incompetent in his office.  There is nothing to stop you from disregarding the wishes of a malfeasant president and dismissing an appointed official that has proven to be complicit in the malfeasance.

Please do something beside wait for the next election.

Even if Obama loses, his lame duck term will be disastrous for this country and Holder and company will be among the many contributing.

While you are at it get rid of the EPA, Labor, Energy, Educations, and HHS office holders. Get rid of the Department of Education as well.

  Please, Please do something.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Scientists think they can comprehend the big and small universes and teach others; Ecclesiastical leaders believe that they can be faithful and encourage others; Philosophers contemplate their navels; And the everyday person is just trying to make it day by day.

With each new scientific discovery more there are more questions than answers. With every moral victory the realization that end is not in sight. With each philosophical statement a chorus of dissent and disagreement.  And with the end of each day we hope that we can get through the next.

For me the glass is half empty because I do not see from which the source is to fill it up. The physical world is unknowable and God is silent.