Friday, July 27, 2012

Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics or Democrats

Listening to a democrats talk is like looking at a statistical report. Democrats mention or question only those issues that support their position; like a statistical report which only uses the data that reports a particular aspect or issue of a problem.  Taken at face value the ideological position taken or the presumptive report issued makes sense or seems valid but as soon as the issues are explored and the alternatives revealed then the lies, dam lies and democrats and their statistics and tactics are revealed.

Health care is made more expensive and unaffordable by government intervention. The poor can not afford health care. Democrats disregard the increased cost issue and only talk about the number of uninsured.  Their solution is to tax the rich to pay for the poor instead of enabling the cost to be reduced so that the poor can afford it.

The lie is that medical costs are the result of industry greed, the dam lie is everyone should get heath care at low cost and the democrat-statistic is that it can happen if the rich would pay their (disproportionate) fair share.

The greed is enabled because government inhibits the market forces. Medical charges would be less if the consumer were responsible for their costs and the providers were allowed to compete.  The poor would still be without medical insurance but there would be fewer who couldn't afford it and more options for the remainder than expecting someone else to pay.

The real issue is that life is not fair and can't be corrected by a law or a tax. The solutions are not to punitively tax the fortunate but to magnanimously sacrifice our own well being on the poor' behalf. The challenge is not to regulate services and mandate outcomes but to enable opportunities and individually support desired results.

It is better to be good because we want to than it is to be good because we have to. It is not as easily to be bad when we are the judge than it is when someone else has to make the judgement.  If the rules for engagement are simple then the guidelines for retribution needn't be complex.

We live in a time when it is easy to be good if we want to, the choice to be bad can be made apparent, and the willingness to help others is no more important than ever.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Geologically Speaking

This is what I think I know.  The estimated age of the earth is 4.3 billion years old. The composition of the current earth crust is mostly sedimentary and metamorphic which leads me to believe that the current mantel has accumulated over time through the processes of erosion.  The locally observable geology is amazing to me because it is composed of layers of very distinct rock and soil types exposed by erosion.  Then supposedly through plate tectonic actions caused those sedimentary and metamorphic slabs to be pushed upward where erosion, once again, reduces them to mole hills and the process recycles itself maybe as many as 12 times.  That is how often the tallest mountain in the world would be eroded if it lost one inch per thousand years in height.

Monday, July 9, 2012


My grandson overheard a panel discussion about the economy and asked whether the president should be re-elected or not. I tried to explain to my grandson the economic calamity which is coming because of the president and his predecessors willingness too borrow money from future generations to afford our wants today and a willingness to take from those that supposedly have and give it to those who have not.  Because of my generations profligate spending, I told him that his parents generation is bankrupt, his generation is bankrupt, and even his grandchildren's generations are bankrupt.

When he asked how to solve the problem I offered the solution that if my generation were to be inconvenienced by going without, and his parent's generation were to be characterized by going hungry because of shortages and his generation was subject to suffering because of complete breakdown of the economy then maybe his children would only have to be hungry and his grandchildren would only have to be inconvenienced so that his great grandchildren could live a life of abundance one again.

I can only hope that his children's children would have learned the lesson but I don't have much hope so it is likely that the same thing will reoccur unless there is something completely unexpected and unlikely would change the outcome.

Obviously that is not a very positive outlook and he went to his room confused and somewhat depressed.  Unfortunately no one actually knows what is going to happen or how to fix it so it is up to the conjecture and the compunction of scoundrels elected by an uninformed and lackadaisical electorate.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Liberal Drivel

This morning I awoke to NPR and their incessant liberal drivel and mindless analysis of social and economic circumstances from a contemporary point of view ignoring the context  and point of view of previous culture.  I am tired of hearing clueless individuals pontificating about the social and economic circumstances of today as if some how their ideological mindset is representative of and directly relevant to the past. I am tired of their dismissal of relevant social and economic values and standards in favor their idealistic attitudes and naive points of view and pretending that they have something of value to offer or that somehow their statements are tantamount to identifying the cause and stating the solution.