Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Smartest guy in the room

Bernanke's failure is rooted in his belief that WWII was a model for America's recovery strategy.  Spend money!  He failed to understand that America circa 21 century is not a developing nation but a fat and sassy one. He failed to recognize that industrial America was poised to produce all of the necessities for a generation of people ready willing and able to build it themselves and pay for it with credit.  Today's american, even the so-called poor have too much of what we don't really need so cutting back is not a problem and, for many, paying their bills makes more sense. He failed to recognize that manufacturing of the staple goods have gone over seas and every purchase at Walmart sends the money to china. His belief that opportunity chases money and if there is a surplus of money the innovators will rescue the day when in fact 'need' is the mother of invention and surplus cash leads to surplus laziness.  He forgot that america of old had few regulations and abundant resources waiting to be developed as opposed to an over regulated, uncertain business environment, with all of the resources placed off limits to development by the environmentalist wack-os. His biggest failure was to let the socialist's powermongers give the money to the Walmart shoppers and siphon it off for welfare and union saving rather than use the money to motivate 'employee hiring' enterprises that are viable and not simply pipe dreams.

The whole premise that the economic system would collapse and that everything as we know it would cease to exist indicated his basic failure of not really recognizing the potential of America and Americans, it  epitomizes the attitude of the so called elite, the smartest in the room mentality.


Gravity is the evidence of space pushing on or against matter as it travels through it.  For example, you feel your back press into the seat of the car when it is accelerating.  The sensation is gravitational but the phenomena is resistance.

Any object that is not firmly attached or at rest on a supporting object will be pushed by space giving one the impression that the apple is falling, the ball rolling, or the water is running. The push or resistance is the aggregate motion of the cosmos expanding, the galaxy flying and rotating, the solar system advancing, and as the planets orbits and spins. 

The paradigm shift is to conclude that space is in fact the unifying force in the cosmos and everything else is acted upon by it.  Space is ubiquitous and omnipresent.  The so called dark matter is the antithesis of space and in conjunction with space composes all matter.  Dark matter is a bubble in space and matter is the aggregation of bubbles. The bubbles are precipitated by vibrations easily aggregated or may exist in clumps which translates into physical matter.  As the matter travels through space the sensation of gravity is encountered.

i.e. gravity doesn't really exist it only seems as if it does.

String theory should actually be bubble theory.  Strings are 2D images of bubbles.

This post was motivated by Erik Verlinde's post in Big Think August 2010, I have long held the belief that gravity doesn't really exist, but didn't have the credibility to suggest it.  Finally someone that does, did.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Liberal elite

The liberal elite prefer to consider themselves as superior thinkers, more compassionate humans, and more capable individuals and yet their thoughts, actions and behaviors are juvenile.  They do not think about the consequences of there actions, they do not consider the adverse affects of their compassion, they do not consider the negative impacts of their behaviors as if their development were arrested at a very early age.