Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Letter to Congressman

I can't believe that I saw you standing behind McConnell and his weeny proposal.  What on earth are you people doing.  It's past time to get the budget under control.  Reduce the spending, cut programs, and get the government out of the pockets and business of the American people.  Free up private enterprise to employ the unemployed, get government out of the entitlement business and the redistribution of wealth scam.

Stop the waste and fraud of government. Stop the mindless giving away of borrowed money  to unfriendly nations, the lining of banker's pockets, and the absurd idea that Bernanke has a brain in his head.

Obama is a liar and will not act in the best interest of the majority of the people in this country. When are you gong to figure this out.  Do your job and quit trying to cover you butts.  You find yourself in this mess because no one in government has acted responsibly for too many years.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dumb and Dummer

There was a report by some scientist that the human species is getting dumber. I have know that for years. It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that because the procreation of the species is no longer based on survival of the fittest that the stupid gene will not be selected out but expand exponentially. The government is protecting us from ourselves and medical science is preserving life indiscriminately. The invalid,  the ignorant, and the even the stupid are allowed to pass their genes on with no concern about what the future holds.  Education is being dumbed down, government's nanny roles is expanding, and society is accommodating the lowest common denominator.

There was a PBS program called the ascent of man a long time ago. It hypothesized that man evolved and became smarter. When did it transition into the descent of Man. Was it right after the great thinkers and scientist on whose shoulder our so called and self-proclaimed smart people stand.  Was it just recently that the scale tipped in the stupid direction and is demonstrable today.  Surely all of the magnificent inventions and scientific developments point to a brighter future where our lives are enriched as never before.  Where we no longer need to calculate anything, remember anything, or solve anything not because we don't need to but because we can't. Obviously the descent of man is coincidental with the ascent of the machine.

The printing press made it unnecessary for us to remember, the wheel made in unnecessary for us to labor, the internal combustion engine made it unnecessary for use to run, walk, or even move, and the computer makes it unnecessary for us to do anything but amuse ourselves.  I hear tell of nanobots that will circulate within our blood stream making even that unnecessary.  I guess it is good thing that the stupid gene is being pass on at an exponential rate, that way our kid's kids won't mind or even care.

What's really depressing is that I hear the supposedly smart people pretending that the knowledge our children are learning today is somehow commensurate with or presumably even greater than that of our ancestors. I worry when I hear them emphasis something  as if it was profound when in fact it is much about nothing or the thick of thin things.  Then I hear the supposedly smarter people extolling the evils of disparity and the crimes of inequality and the need to lower our expectations and retard our systems and social orders so that even the dumbest of the dumb don't feel left out.

The scientist is right and I couldn't agree more.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I listen to NPR to get a glimpse into the liberal mind.  I can't stand liberal talk radio or TV because they only deal in hyperbole and sanctimonious narcissism.  What I glean from the less radical mindset of the NPR progressive is that they deal in faulty reasoning as a method of deriving their point of view and then imposing it upon everyone else but themselves.

During an interview of Senate Majority Whip Dick Durban, he suggested that just because the pro-gun lobby was against more laws on the basis that the existing laws don't stop gun violence was, somehow, akin to advocating that just because people speed, in violation of existing speed limits, the speed limits should be eliminated. That is a faulty comparison.  What should have been the comparison is that the pro-gun lobby is against the progressive notion that by adding more speed signs between the existing signs and making them bigger or brighter is the solution to people speeding.

The interviewer Scott Simons brought up the pro-gun question, as if by doing so it legitimized the interview making it some how seemed balanced.  When in fact it served only as a spring board for Durban to make his faulty comparison. The was no critical evaluation by Scott or any follow up to remedy the faulty reasoning.

Solutions are not found by deceiving ourselves or pretending to treat the symptoms of the problem as the problem.  Gun violence is not the problem it is the symptom.  The problem needs to be clearly articulated before a solution can be honestly discussed.  Laws that prohibit symptoms are never going to be effective and more laws that refine the prohibitions are just as useless as the original laws.

It is understandable that the problem is very complex.  It is understandable that the solution is not going to be easy or quick.  It is not understandable why the liberal establishment assumes that their position to eradicate all guns is the best solution to a violent human nature which simply adopts the best means of killing another human or themselves.  It is not understandable why the progressive mentality is to consider people as not being able to govern themselves but that a faceless bureaucracy made of the people can be led with the support, supposedly, of the smartest and wisest people of the time which, fortunately for us stupid people, includes them.

What is not understandable is that the progressive, the liberal whatever they want to call themselves rejects the real solution which is for our society to subscribe to and live by a set of values and morals that have come about through the human endeavor, developed by trial and error, pain and suffering, and is a product of the best of humanity, the brightest of minds simply because it is labeled religious and mostly because it requires them to behave like a rational, compassionate, and selfless individuals.

The reason it became a religion is because that was perceived by our progenitors to be a reasonable way to communicate, gradually codify, eventually propagate addendum, educate the masses,  and extend the value of life's lessons beyond the individual's lifetime.  The development of religion offered the greatest hope that future generations would benefit from the personal sacrifices and tragedies suffered by the proceeding generations and endure through each.

It is unfortunate that the selfishness of few can destroy the hopes and dreams of the many because the selfish are not willing to accept the wisdom of the past. That the lust for power by the few can devastate the freedom that was available to all because the lustful are willing to sacrifice others for their gains.  It is unfortunate that the deceit of one leads to the ignorance of others, that a lie is so easy to tell and so hard to distinguish and refute, and that a willingness by too many to not question reason or rationale can lead to the downfall of a society.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

North and South

The south facing slopes of the Owl Creek Mountains

The North Facing slopes of the Owl Creek Mountains
The ridge line is same for both slopes.  How can one slope be eroded so much and other hardly. Less than 10 miles separates the two slopes. If anything the big horn basin to the north is wetter than the windriver basin on the opposit side.


On the surface getting rid of all guns seems to be a solution to the use of guns being used by the miscreants of the general  population to commit crimes, murder, and mayhem.  The problem is that it won't stop crimes, murder, or mayhem.  What it will do is put at greater risk the social order that has come about with the proper application of lethal force. The confiscation of guns by monsters like Hitler resulted in the mass killing of the Jews.  The lack of guns resulted in the mass starvation of Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans.  The lack of a way to defend ourselves from bad men, gangs, monsters, and big government is by being armed and willing to defend ourselves.

The solution to the general populous committing crimes, murders, and mayhem is civility, compassion, and obedience.  Instead of trying to break down the rule of law which has come about through centuries of experience we need to recognize that the rule of law is a generalization of a circumstance that applies to a specific situation.  It is based on not what is good for the individual but rather than what is best for society.  When we refuse to accept the constraints of a law then anarchy ensues and society is lost.

When we refuse to comply with a law we think is unjust simply because if offends our sensibilities without taking into consideration the implications of not having a protecting law then we weaken our humanity because we reduce ourselves to the lowest instincts rather than aspire to achieve our highest.

When we act selfishly with no regard of others and bully others because we can.  When we disregard laws and disrupt order as a result of our will to satiate our own pleasures.  When we infringe on the rights of and disregard the well being others as consequence of our actions then any society permitting this behavior is ripe for failure.

The problem is that self governance is the only means of rectifying the problem.  There is no amount of enforcement that can control and undisciplined minority, a complicit government and an apathetic populous.  And it all started with the liberalization of the education of our children.  It continues to this day than an idea based a good intention in spite of the wisdom of ages should take precedence.

That is where we are now and it will do no good to play with the surface and expect meaningful change.  We are only condemned to witness the failure perhaps the destruction of our society and suffer the dire consequences of a lawless enveronment ruled by instinct and fear.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Space dust

So how big must the constituent particles of this cloud appearing nebula be? The clouds of earth appear as white bloches on the earth from the moon.  This is a picture of something light years away and yet you can see what appears to be wisps of a cloud or even the dust surrounding it.  In order for the smallest particle to either reflect enough light or block out enough light to register on the mirrors of the hubble telescope I would assume that it would have to be much larger than Saturn by a sizable amount because supposedly planets can not be seen only calculated.  So how big must the particles of this cloud be in order for us to see and assume that it is a cloud ensrouded by dust?

Either things are very big and very strange or this is not as far away as we are led to believe.

I undersand that this is a false color but is it a false representation as well?

Owl Creek Mountains

This is the north end of the Windriver Canyon in Wyoming. The canyon bisects the owl creek mountains that boarder the Big Horn Basin. Unlike the South aspect there is relatively little erosion and practically none of the 14 or so formations covering the red siltstone Chugwater formation are gone.  The only problem is that the shadowed cliff to the right is an out cropping of the Chugwater. It is either on top of the formations shown in this picture or everything above it has been eroded to reveal it.  If so why did everything north and south of the Owl Creek Mountians erode and the Owl Creek didn't?

This is vista visible from the mouth of the Windriver Canyon of the Chugwater formation north of the Owl Creek Mountians.  Where did all of the formations covering the Chugwater go?  They are present in the Canyon but not here.  An it appers as if the formations making up the canyon actually goes below the Chugwater if that is possible.

This is a view of the Chugwater formation near Thermopolis Wyoming. The same question arises. Where did everything above this formation go while the Owl Creek Mountain suffered hardly any erosion?

This is a vista of the canyon illustrating only a portion of the multiple formations that make up the rock walls.  Supposedly this is on top of the Chugwater which can be seen at both the head and mouth of the canyon.
  Doesn't make any sense to me.  If someone can enlighten me I would appreciate it.

Windriver South

Just south of the windriver canyon in Wyoming you will see this geologic formation. The red siltstone is a remnant of the Chugwater formation deposited at the bottom of an shallow sea 245 million years ago. It rests upon a lime stone formation called the Dinwoody deposited 286 million years ago at the bottom of a slightly deeper sea. Approximately 66 million year ago these two layers and possibly 14 more on top of them were up-lifited to and elevation of nearly 5000 feet above sea level. Over the past 66 million years supposedly every thing above them was eroded away and carried down the windriver to the gulf of mexico.                                                                                                                                                    
The thing that puzzles me is that to look at these two formations you would think you would see a better example of erosion unless it is erosion by wind. The two formations are to distinct from one another to believe that the erosion is because of water.                                                                     
Fair eough. Where then did all of the dirt go, especially the 14 layers above these?  If it is the wind then where are the sand dunes and why isn't the leward side of the formations covered with sediment from the winds?


The poor and needy far out number the rich and prosperous. Accept through the process of printing funny money very few of us would actually have anything but hunger and misery.  The history of the world proves that the average person is ill equipped to do much but subsist.  The advent of the middle class only is possible when there is a sufficient amount of make believe money floating around that unproductive people can be gainfully employed not producing anything but paperwork, be entertaining, or pursue education.

The inequities of the world surpass its resources.  Only through the acceptance of this disparity are we able to reconcile the existence of third world situations not fit for man or beast. Because of it value is assigned to the more scarce and a currency was invented to accommodate the need to keep track of it.
The ingenuity of some and the willing of most to capitalize on the opportunity has created a false economy and an unsustainable life style.

As a result the balance of nature is out of kilter. The inevitable consequences, which have seemingly been forestalled by the fraudulent economic endeavors of this society, will only become more pronounced and disastrous with each passing year.

Unfortunately, the offending generations have been able to kick the can down the road for so long that many of them have passed on to their final reward without caring about the impoverished future.  When it arrives, if it is not already here, the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will have a much different meaning.


What is it about liars that compels them to try and rectify their lie?  B.O. and his communist buddies are intent in banning guns but they sense this need to commiserate with the gun owner's lament by making a foolish statement about his frequent skeet shooting activities.

That in its self is unbelievable. His culture and life style precludes the very nature of sport shooting.  Besides in Chicago you use live targets not clay pigeons. Then as if a single picture proves anything let alone verifies the veracity of the lie.  Especially a blatantly, after the fact, staged picture which was thoughtfully, but predictably, composited.  The green foliage is meant to date the picture but it also exposes the intent.  The fact that everything associated with sport shooting is missing and it only shows the torso so as to eliminate the probability of evidencing it as a fraud.

Any one resting their cheek, as he is resting his, on the stock of a shot gun will experience the pain of what recoil does when the gun goes off and their cheek or nose gets hit by their hand.  The smokeless powder used in today's ammunition does not produce any such discharge as pictured.  B.O.'s stance is incorrect to accommodate anything but a picture.  The angle of the gun would only be necessary if B.O. were attempting to hit the pigeon just before it hit the ground.  There is so much wrong with this lie that it only serves to expose it and him.