Friday, October 16, 2015

Rule of Law

The downfall of our society is being usered in as the rule of law is being violated by ever increasing numbers and classes of people join in. We now have a president who knowingly administers his regime by systematically ignoring the law and the constitution.

We have a presidential canidate who has committed felonies against the congress and is still a candidate with maybe enough ignorant  and selfish citizens to elect her.

In the lawless big cities policemen are being shot with impunity and the criminals are raging at-will destroying property and killing its citizens while journalists justify and incite.

The criminal element has gotten itself elected and staffed the government with cronies who use their power to persecute their enemies.

The amoral and godless are occupying greater numbers of the seats of our congresses and legislatures promlugating regulations and replacing laws which diminish the constitution and enslave the productive for their socialist purposes.

America as it was invisioned was never really implemented and the few ideals that have managed to survive and enable prosperity and a semblance of freedom are succumbing to the evil nature of man and the willingness of women to sacrifice the future.