Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Public Speaking

In epic story movies the lead character gave a stirring speech to the gallant souls gather on the battle field.  As a viewing audience we hear the speech but I always wondered how the troops in the back and along the front lines could possibly hear.  In the Book of Mormon a king Benjamin give a speech to his subjects from a tall tower but that doesn't solve the distance or wind problems.

Videos of the so called Occupy demonstrations showed the audience repeating each sentence of the speaker and the people behind them repeating what they heard and so on until the repetitions could no longer be heard on the video.

It donned on me that by doing that the entire audience would hear the speech and it serves the purpose of engaging the audience and helping them to remember what was said.

It might be impressive to hear a whole army of people reciting the motivational words of the general as like a wave in a pond it ripples to the farthest regions.  Unlike the whispered message which gets garbled  in the process.

I can imagine that whole sentences could be repeated by our ancestoral audience members as opposed to three word segments of today's college educated morons.

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