Monday, July 9, 2012


My grandson overheard a panel discussion about the economy and asked whether the president should be re-elected or not. I tried to explain to my grandson the economic calamity which is coming because of the president and his predecessors willingness too borrow money from future generations to afford our wants today and a willingness to take from those that supposedly have and give it to those who have not.  Because of my generations profligate spending, I told him that his parents generation is bankrupt, his generation is bankrupt, and even his grandchildren's generations are bankrupt.

When he asked how to solve the problem I offered the solution that if my generation were to be inconvenienced by going without, and his parent's generation were to be characterized by going hungry because of shortages and his generation was subject to suffering because of complete breakdown of the economy then maybe his children would only have to be hungry and his grandchildren would only have to be inconvenienced so that his great grandchildren could live a life of abundance one again.

I can only hope that his children's children would have learned the lesson but I don't have much hope so it is likely that the same thing will reoccur unless there is something completely unexpected and unlikely would change the outcome.

Obviously that is not a very positive outlook and he went to his room confused and somewhat depressed.  Unfortunately no one actually knows what is going to happen or how to fix it so it is up to the conjecture and the compunction of scoundrels elected by an uninformed and lackadaisical electorate.

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