Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Theory vs reality

I am not gifted enough to use math as a tool to model reality but I seem to be gifted with the ability to envision reality and question its intricacies. For example, string theory, the mathematical calculation of natural phenomenon could be, more accurately, the cross section of a frequency bubble in space.  Space being the ubiquitous medium of existence.  It is the smallest aspect of existence within which matter is created and destroyed. Similar to bubbles in water.  Water being the representative of space in this illustration.  Every thing exists within the continuum as elements composed of frequencies adjoined and synergistic to each other.  Constituted of space the smallest element of existence becomes the subatomic building blocks or bubbles which become atoms arranged in their various matrices representative of the constituents of this existence. Which we some how perceive as composing our reality and everything in it.

Similar to a bubble within water, only space occupies both sides of the frequency horizon which is the apparent perimeter or surface of the observable bubble.  Like the surface of a lake there is a point where it is both air and water.  With each bubble there is a transparency which is both space and time which represents matter in this existence.  Our existence is determine by our frequency range. The spectrum of everything we can observe and manipulate. A bubble appears instanteously upon sufficient energy input.  Not knowing exactly what energy is but it some how animates space. Space is not a discrete particle because that would mean something other than space would have to surround it which must be something other than nothing.

Instead of multiple dimensions we exist within infinitely variable spatial frequencies.  We surround and are surrounded by other spectrums of existence determined by our frequency attentiveness.  That would enable practically instantaneous space travel.  We occupy a different spectrum upon achieving that degree of vibration which could mean occupying the very big or the very small.  The question is, can we travel within the apparent infinite reality of each existence. Light has a limit in this existence, assuming we know what light is. It seems demonstrable in that we can measure its affect on our surroundings and  it appears to enter our existence at various points of  our observable universe and travel throughout it. However our existence appears to be too vast for us to easily traverse the distances between bubbles of matter spread throughout.

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