Monday, March 14, 2011

Condensing/ Consolidating Planet Earth

Plate tectonics have never really satisfied me as being a very good theory.  I think a better theory is a condensing earth.  As the earth cools and its interior escapes to the exterior there is a transitioning of the planet from one state to another.  Like a ballon as it looses air the perimeter changes diameter and its surface consolidates. Obviously the earth is not a simple ballon and it crust is miles thick so the resulting geologic features and interfaces are much more complicated but I can not phathom how a single mega mass can distriubte itself around the globe.  It is much easier for me to believe that as the planet cooled and its surface folded and conslidated its interior flowed to the exterior it did so in a non-homonogus fashion which allows for the current configuration. 

The geologic similarities across the oceans and the discovery of common fossils is currently unexplainable by my notion and there is numerous scientific data that I am unfamiliar with which may alter my thinking but for right now I like considering the condensing theory.

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