Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It is going to be rather interesting, if that is not an understatement, to see if the, vast majority, of the american people can be dissuaded from the uncollateralized credit habit.  Everyone is so used to having more that they can afford for so long that we believe it to be normal.  We drive on roads we can't, honestly, afford.  Eat food, out of season, from places exotic with little realization that every aspect, from the farming to the shipping, was done on credit. Plan to retire, with no savings account, pretending that the credit extend to the previous generation will be extended to us. The light switch is flipped without realizing that the relative low price for doing so is subsidized by the printing of, funny, money in washington. Our skies are clear and the air breathable because of the ability to borrow money and put off what is due tomorrow.  We will gladly buy today what we have fooled ourselves into thinking we will pay for tomorrow. The american taxpayer has been lied to by the self-serving politicians for so long that when when Paul can't continue to pay Peter the spectacle of whose ox gets gored may be much more than interesting.

After the low hanging fruit, like NASA and the military, is plucked from the tree of credit what is next.  When will the social programs that make it possible for American's to not work for their livelihood be eyed by the picker of credit unworthy fruit. When will the rotting, from the inside subsidies, fruit fall naturally under the pickers feet.

Not easily, not soon, and not without a lot of consternation because you see the tree of credit is the most prized tree in this garden of fools.

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