Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Politics, Human nature

A new report about the growing middle class in Gaza a city under the control of Hamas, a political entity created by hyper-religious, culturally regressive, and impoverished economic conditions in the middle east, describes what criticisms are being levied against them because they are breaking out of the omnipresent poverty.

Evidence of capitalism as being the motivation and free enterprise being the force which is causing the changes was reported.  At the same time the report illustrates how the leadership which came to power because of the circumstances are wanton to keep the status quo as a means of remaining in power.

This unfortunately this the lamentable condition of man. No matter which force takes leadership cultural, economic, or religious the powerful are not inclined to relinquish their position in spite of the evidence that there is a more excellent way.

As a consequence the average person is subject to the whims of man and nature.

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