Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Big Horn mountian in Wyoming are composed of sedimentary and metamporhic layers of rocks 10,000 feet above sea level.  Where did all of the water and soil which was above them go, maybe to the tune of many thousands of feet.  Down stream you say. How when this was originally down did this become up?  Plate tectonics you say.  What causes the north ameican plates, 30 miles thick, to shift resulting in the pacific plate to slide under affecting  the crust over 1000 miles away causing  it to tip up and drain a sea of water and eventually erode thousand of square miles of soil to the ocean?  The rotation of the earth, your say and the molten core the mantle floats on, assuming that theory is accurate, causes the earth to slide and shift around, some plates moving east and west, and remakrably, north and south.  Most interesting .  What would cause the plates to over-ride one another.  Well it is the spreading of the ocean floor in the Atlantic, five or six thousand miles away. More interesting.  What causes the spreading.  The potursion of the magma from cracks in the mantle that come to the surface. Why would that happen?  The natural event of hot things rising which then allows for cold things to settle like a boiling pot of water. Unlike water a boiling pan of gravey burns because the ingredients are too thick to move effectively which causes one to wonder about 30 miles of rock.  Assumig that any of my charactizations are accurate then it seems to me a different mechanism is required to explain how the water and earth originally above the layers of sediment which accumulated from somewhere else is to become the big horn mountains of today.  Please see condensing earth earlier post.  India crashing into asia, its northen neighbor, is another story.

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