Friday, September 9, 2011


Existence is based on consumption. Food, water, air etc. Conflict and economy are outgrowths of consumption. You have something that I want so I either take it from you or trade something that I have for something that you want. Abundance, of anything valuable, attracts consumers. Societal rules of behavior have evolved to reduce conflict and promote cooperation. Cooperation produces abudances, economies, and wellbeing. Human nature aspires to wellbeing and unfortunately excess. Eventually prosperity leads to inequities and conflict. Growth, expansion, development, and consumption distracts us from those inequities because of its inherent promise of wellbeing. Eventually the resources run out, surpluses turn into scarcity, and promises become failed dreams.

Given the economic and social circumstances of our world is it possible to ascribe to the future a behavior where consumption is relative to the resources available and where human nature is mastered by one's self? Is it within the purview of society to facilitate the individual's wellbeing or simply prescribe and enforce the deviant's punishments?  I think not.  The religious have tried to constrain and the godless have tried to restrain to no purposeful outcome. It seems to be the nature of a few to advance the cause of the many but as the many become too-many and as the insufficient becomes scarcity then what can one person, one society, one agency, one government do?

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