Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stupid Thinking

     B.O. made a blatantly stupid statement by reciting from the teleprompter how it is not possible to "drill our way out". He can somewhat truthfully make that stupid remark because he purposefully constrains his views to narrow perspectives which supposedly makes his statements true but which is demonstratively stupid.
     North America has the resources and technological wherewith all to produce enough energy to sustain itself. The question is, whether that is the best course of action considering the environmental consequences associated with drilling and mining. Is that the best course of action considering the American, et al consumers propensity for wanting to get something for nothing or at the lowest cost possible. As well as their political leadership's willingness to sacrifice the future to get themselves elected.
     All parties are guilty of stupid thinking. The liberals think the environment shouldn't be harmed, that money can just be printed, and everyone else is too stupid to make decisions for themselves. The Political class think only about themselves and are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their position and perks. The conservatives think that all they need to do is be responsible for themselves and everything will work itself out.
     The world's population of humans is infected with stupidity and has survived only because there was enough room and resources to permit it to roam, consume, and pollute its way to extinction. Coincidentally the world's population is imbued with the intelligence to choose a different outcome but is it smart enough to counteract the rampant stupid thinking?

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