Thursday, March 1, 2012

The genie

The proverbial genie will not be put back in the bottle. Political correctness is here to stay, entitlements are considered inalienable rights, public surveillance and overt scrutiny of a person's life is foregone conclusion,  civil discourse has no meaning any longer, ethics are situational if relevant at all, honor and integrity are practiced by honorable and honest but stupid people, etc...

The misplaced hope that this society will some how realize that individual worth and social order is better served if the principles and precepts of justice, forgiveness, and accountability can be regained and magically adhered to is boarding on foolishness. There are simply too many contrary voices and too much shouting and taking of extreme positions to expect consensus.

Unlike the past where one idea can give way to another because there was places to escape to and accommodate the divergent ideologies, it now has become a battle of supremacy and dictates orchestrated by the most ruthless protagonists.

Time marches on, things change, and you either participate, step aside, or get run over.  There is no solution only a set of ideals that people support or forget.  i.e. religion or secularism, law and order or civil disobedience and chaos, representative government or dictatorship, individual accountability or social justice and collective salvation.

The challenge is not only getting people to stand up for a particular ideal but getting them to pass it on to their children.

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