Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Response to Tony Robins

Articulating the problem is only the start of solving the problem. Please make the next video to help everyone know how much the cut backs are going to be. How much social security, medicare, medicade will have to be reduced. Pot holes in roads, greater costs for all government services, closed bridges, over crowed schools, closed universities, longer lines at everything.  Then make a third video about how much the economy needs to grow and what resources need to be mined to supply sufficient capital to run the reduced operating expenses of the the new U.S. Help the American people to prepare for what is to come. Information is everything and the American people are capable of doing whatever is necessary if they just know what it is.  The fourth video will have to be a lesson on how to be good stewards of the planet so that we can use but not abuse it. How we can care for each other but not destroy incentive or consequences.

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