Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where from here?

The fact that America is in a financial bind is finally coming to roost. The fact that printing money is not a solution has not yet come to roost but there are indicators that it might. The thing that has not come to mind for very many people is that the solution is the opposite of the problem.  We as a people and especially as a government need to stop spending more than we make. The misguided notion of being able to borrow money to pay for consumables has weaseled its way into the political lexicon as a means of getting elected and to avoid losing an election.  It makes good financial sense to borrow money to pay for a bridge or road which will last for multiple generations of users and tax payers. It makes less financial sense to borrow more than we need just to add aesthetics, impractical functionality, or replace a usable facility.  It makes no financial sense to borrow money to by groceries, sustain the poor, or pay people not to work.  The tough times are about to begin and there is no leadership coming from the political class. There are indicators that the public class are about to take responsibility.  The problem is that the pain and suffering will be great enough that I am not sure that the welfare class will not be joined by the apathetic class and elect a dictator.

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