Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bill Nye

The science guy is simply a high priest of the his religion of evolutionary science.  It takes as much faith to believe in his science as it does to believe in the bible. The problem is that the doctrine of his science changes daily. The actual evidence of evolution if it is defined as species change, and not simply adaption of the species, is as unprovable as the actual evidence of God.  The fact that order exists within chaos and in conflict with entropy is unimaginable except in the light of creation.  Even the religion of science believes that everything started with the big bang. The scientists just don't bother to deal with the little detail of what was before the big bang; Or how order came about from absolute chaos; how the genetic code seems to have come into existence which but its very nature is more complex than the code itself; or how the code, resident in each of us, is capable of producing the vast diversity of plants, animals, an humans on the earth. It is the stuff between the genes that kept me from becoming something other than what I am.  That is where the mystery is not the genes.

The religion of science keeps the pseudo-intellectuals busy, off of the streets, and out of crime but the search for truth is really beyond them. My belief in God enables me to focus on being a better human being rather than trying to produce a better human being.

The fact that some individuals have used religion and science to do inhumane things doesn't belittle religion or science it does belittle humans. It doesn't prove or disprove religion or science it points out the error of thinking one is some how better than the other.

I would not want to live in a world without science nor try to survive in a world without religion.

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