Saturday, September 8, 2012

Useful Morons revisited

There seems to be little one can do to counteract the affects of the, communist endeared, useful morons. It apparently is in our genetic makeup and surfaces as morons or red necks. They exist and can be easily influenced by the unscrupulous politicians and power gluttons. This is not a good situation but for the most part they are self-involved mindless dwebs that tend not to do anything on their own. If the despots are corralled then the usefulness remains untapped and the world blunders onward.

However the little busy moron that keeps stirring-the-pot are very harmful to the world order because they actively engage themselves in counter productive and harmful activities in the name of some anti-establishment ideology. It is the busy moron that upsets the balance of power and initiates harmful movements that too many politicians hitch their carts to. It is the busy moron that causes the issues to be over exaggerated and hyper-inflated.

Some social progress can be attributed to the busy moron because inequities do exist. However, unscrupulous individuals do take advantage of it with little or no concern for the consequences of their actions or about rectifying the problems created..

It is not that the initiatives are necessarily harmful but that the unintended consequences are where the greatest damage is done and the morons either can't or won't think it through. The politician's exploit it for their purposes and the dumbed down media types are too simple mined to recognize the true issues and report them accurately or are they are actually complicit in the perpetration of the debacle.

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