Saturday, December 29, 2012


Where do the democrats and progressives think they are taking this society? Of all of the literature that foretells the future I am unaware of any place good. Beginning with 1984 there seems to be a plethora of dooms day scenarios and dystopias but few if any utopias or even pleasant outcomes.

So where are we going? The Democratic republic model seems destined to be overturned. The communist model persists but is ruefully unable to centrally plan it way out of a paper bag. The Chinese take on communism with its state-run entrepreneurial programs are dependent upon the outside forces to energize it centralized planning ineptness.  South American socialists are riddled with corruption and ineptness.  The European socialists are descending into a black hole of debauchery and servitude. Russian despots have forever ravaged their people with no prospect of change.  The middle east theocracies can't rule without being changed by the people they try to rule thus ending their regime.

The Democrats refuse to provide a plan or state any goals.  All they seem to want to do is expand on failed social programs expecting a different result. They want to borrow more money on the misguided premise that we owe it too our selves.  They want of overlook the inconvenient fact that borrowing money from someone else requires a payback.  And pretend that if they could just tax the rich all of our troubles would disappear and that evil capitalists will continue to innovate and operate providing them with scads of money to borrow against and mother earth will not be touched or fouled in anyway.

Unfortunately, too many of the rest of us think that the role of government is to take care of them.  Too many politicians think that there is a never ending supply of money.  Too many people think that tomorrow will never come and that they only have to worry about themselves.  Too many people don't think they simply act and too many of them are in elected office.

I don't suppose there will ever be a world leader emerge in these times of Santa clause because living within your budget, going without, making do, and being inconvenienced is simply out of the question.  I can only imagine a fiscal collapse which may reset our social order breaking down the new world order into a chaos of city states as being the most likely future.  Even then I don't see a pleasant future for my grand children's grand children.

Something has to give.  Either we have to lower our standard of living or we exhaust the earth we depend upon.  That seems to be one of the guiding principles of the progressives but they are unwilling to actually own up to it.  They just let the environmentalist lead the charge.  Beyond that the progressives are absolutely clueless when it comes to leading a world population where inequities abound and corruption prospers. They are inept at managing the circumstances when they are elected to power.  Until the progressives are willing to not fight against responsibility and accountability this world will continue to descend into the same black hole as Europe.

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