Friday, April 19, 2013


After a week of never ending  "he said she" said by the less than intelligent mass media their minds can now shift to the awards ceremonies where the self-gratualtory tendencies can take on a full bloom.  The competition will be keen.  There was so much made of so little it will be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff an choose the most innate from the most inept.

It is heart wrenching to consider what the innocent victims will have to suffer for the rest of their lives because of the callous actions and wanton destruction of the two deeply psychologically disturbed individuals but the media needs to recognize that it is their grand standing and over the top theatrics which encourages this very thing.

Thousand of people are dieing everyday in this world. Many by accident but too many by the heinous acts of deranged individuals and unfeeling gangs and thugs. They don't need to be given a stage to pander to. Perhaps the most irritating development is the selective amnesia to ignore the stories not to the media's liking and the conscious decision to hyper inflate the stories that are to their liking.  The most disgusting is obvious efforts to follow or concoct a story that may implicate their chosen despised groups.  The most intreguing is when the anticipated story line faulters and the facts don't corroborate their conclusions. The most despicable is the biased and prejudices reports which vilify the medias adopted whipping boy and make excuses for or obfuscates the incriminating evidence of their chosen protagonists.  Aw-well on with the show. News never stops and there will always be another story to take the stupid public's mind off of the mistakes of a report two.

The count down can begin for "The award goes to"

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