Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brain Dead

Yesterday during the reporting of the Boston Marathon bombing incident a female reporter told us that Obama has been informed and he was now telling everyone what to do. I thought to myself, my world is safe now!  Obama is handling it.

What a pile of crap that is. For her to even insinuate that the POTUS is and integral part to the response or any of the investigations suggests that she is a brain dead product of our educational institutions.  The Boston Police and every other enforcement agency in the country had better not wait to receive orders from the President.  What a joke this country has turned into.

The so-called news organizations go into hyperventilate and regurgitates the same news and video clips incessantly.  As soon as the news has been reported and there really isn't anything substantially new or newsworthy they start to interview their own reporters and pundits pontificating and blustering about what they don't know.
Next the politicians will elbow their way to the front of the photo-op line and blowviate their indignation's and resolve too apprehend and bring to justice the perpetrators of this dastardly deed and that they already have new legislation written and ready for the president's signature to outlaw bombs being detonated at any public sporting events in Boston near or around the finish line.

The liberal class will bemoan the fact that gun powder or explosives were ever invented and that if America would just mind its own business and reduce its consumption and waste of everything then the repressed masses would not have to resort to killing us to get our attention.

Mean while the crazies, the radicals, and the opportunists are planning the next event and Homeland security will catalog yet another thing they did not plan for.""

Update : The new legislation will attempt to ban pressure cookers.

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