Thursday, May 22, 2014


How many different direction are we traveling at any one moment? Spinning, orbiting, spiraling, flying, and expanding. Gravity doesn't exist. It is an illusion. Like water in a bucket being spun around it does not fall out even though it momentarily is suspended overhead or perpendicular to the ground. Our tendency to stay at rest is overwhelmed by the spinning motion of the earth. The lack of apparent gravity on the moon is more relative to its limited spin than it is to its smaller size. The tides are not gravitational affects but evidence of space deformation as the moon passes through space pushing it out of the way as a rock pushes through water. The oceans are liquid enough to be affected by the passing of compression waves of space. The sea of air surrounding the earth is similarity affected even facilitated by the earth passing through space compressing the gasses generated by the natural mechanisms of a water covered planet. Weather is both facilitated by the spinning and augmented by it. The fact that balls of different sizes return to rest at the same speed demonstrates that it is inertia not gravity that describes the motion of the universe. We're it gravity a larger ball would have to gain speed simply because there would be more forces acting on the larger sphere. 

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