Thursday, September 11, 2014


Black on white violence is being vindicated on the premise that historically white on black violence was considered necessary during slavery, justified during segregation, and condoned in some regions. It is not only fair but necessary to set the record straight. The issues are, however, mind set and knowledge. People have for centuries, especially if one considers evolution, considered others either as superior, equal, or inferior. Those considered inferior could be enslaved, brutalized, or killed with impunity. Today the difference is that regardless of the skin color the perpetrators are discriminating, brutalizing, and killing people of another color with full knowledge that it is more than a violation of a person's dignity, a person's civil rights, it is knowingly violating the laws of the land.

Violence, outside of a declared war, toward anyone should be unacceptable let alone unlawful.  Redemptive violence in spite of current laws and with full knowledge that it is wrong is even more heinous than violence toward a person in the absence of social mandates and criminal law.  It was not right for a white to persecute a black and it is not right for a black person to persecute a white regardless of the past.  Nothing can remediate the past only mollify the future.  A person's character is what is on trial.  A black harming a white is no better than the opposite.  The attitude of the current political administration I suppose is expected because it is their first venture into superiority but it does not portray them as being any better than their ancestors past persecutors.  Redemptive acts don't solve the problem it only prolongs the conflict.  The question is does it make one feel better? The true answer is no it replaces anger with anger. It does not resolve the problem it generates a new one. In that light I do not look upon the black president with any kind of reverence for him, his office, or the people he has chosen to surround himself with and their discriminatory and vindictive actions. Is there any recourse other than moving forward in conflict.  There could be if the evils of the past are not perpetrated on the future. If the expected remuneration for the past injustices is less financial and vindictive and more reflective and respectful.  A better quality of life for the future and a heightened awareness of how not to lead our lives. Reverse discrimination has proven to be just as bad as the original discrimination.  It is amazing that the politicians are so stupid.  Then again maybe they are simply greedy and realized they could profit from this.

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