Monday, February 20, 2012


Who decides rights? The problem is that the term "Rights" has too many implied definitions. Rights are not given they are imbued. I believe a right can not be legislated in or out of favor. Babies have a right to be taken care of. All men and women should be equal under the eyes of the law. We have a right to seek happiness which ends when we violate another's right to not be harmed by the actions of someone else. Society has a right to determine its own laws and decide what the consequences are for violating those laws. Rights cannot be taken away only violated. To answer your question, No one. To address the issue, society decides which rights it wants to value and which rights it chooses to violate. The individual chooses which society they want to belong to, which laws they want to obey and whether to try and change a law or regulate a behavior they do not like.

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