Sunday, February 10, 2013


On the surface getting rid of all guns seems to be a solution to the use of guns being used by the miscreants of the general  population to commit crimes, murder, and mayhem.  The problem is that it won't stop crimes, murder, or mayhem.  What it will do is put at greater risk the social order that has come about with the proper application of lethal force. The confiscation of guns by monsters like Hitler resulted in the mass killing of the Jews.  The lack of guns resulted in the mass starvation of Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans.  The lack of a way to defend ourselves from bad men, gangs, monsters, and big government is by being armed and willing to defend ourselves.

The solution to the general populous committing crimes, murders, and mayhem is civility, compassion, and obedience.  Instead of trying to break down the rule of law which has come about through centuries of experience we need to recognize that the rule of law is a generalization of a circumstance that applies to a specific situation.  It is based on not what is good for the individual but rather than what is best for society.  When we refuse to accept the constraints of a law then anarchy ensues and society is lost.

When we refuse to comply with a law we think is unjust simply because if offends our sensibilities without taking into consideration the implications of not having a protecting law then we weaken our humanity because we reduce ourselves to the lowest instincts rather than aspire to achieve our highest.

When we act selfishly with no regard of others and bully others because we can.  When we disregard laws and disrupt order as a result of our will to satiate our own pleasures.  When we infringe on the rights of and disregard the well being others as consequence of our actions then any society permitting this behavior is ripe for failure.

The problem is that self governance is the only means of rectifying the problem.  There is no amount of enforcement that can control and undisciplined minority, a complicit government and an apathetic populous.  And it all started with the liberalization of the education of our children.  It continues to this day than an idea based a good intention in spite of the wisdom of ages should take precedence.

That is where we are now and it will do no good to play with the surface and expect meaningful change.  We are only condemned to witness the failure perhaps the destruction of our society and suffer the dire consequences of a lawless enveronment ruled by instinct and fear.

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