Thursday, February 7, 2013


The poor and needy far out number the rich and prosperous. Accept through the process of printing funny money very few of us would actually have anything but hunger and misery.  The history of the world proves that the average person is ill equipped to do much but subsist.  The advent of the middle class only is possible when there is a sufficient amount of make believe money floating around that unproductive people can be gainfully employed not producing anything but paperwork, be entertaining, or pursue education.

The inequities of the world surpass its resources.  Only through the acceptance of this disparity are we able to reconcile the existence of third world situations not fit for man or beast. Because of it value is assigned to the more scarce and a currency was invented to accommodate the need to keep track of it.
The ingenuity of some and the willing of most to capitalize on the opportunity has created a false economy and an unsustainable life style.

As a result the balance of nature is out of kilter. The inevitable consequences, which have seemingly been forestalled by the fraudulent economic endeavors of this society, will only become more pronounced and disastrous with each passing year.

Unfortunately, the offending generations have been able to kick the can down the road for so long that many of them have passed on to their final reward without caring about the impoverished future.  When it arrives, if it is not already here, the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will have a much different meaning.

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