Thursday, February 7, 2013


What is it about liars that compels them to try and rectify their lie?  B.O. and his communist buddies are intent in banning guns but they sense this need to commiserate with the gun owner's lament by making a foolish statement about his frequent skeet shooting activities.

That in its self is unbelievable. His culture and life style precludes the very nature of sport shooting.  Besides in Chicago you use live targets not clay pigeons. Then as if a single picture proves anything let alone verifies the veracity of the lie.  Especially a blatantly, after the fact, staged picture which was thoughtfully, but predictably, composited.  The green foliage is meant to date the picture but it also exposes the intent.  The fact that everything associated with sport shooting is missing and it only shows the torso so as to eliminate the probability of evidencing it as a fraud.

Any one resting their cheek, as he is resting his, on the stock of a shot gun will experience the pain of what recoil does when the gun goes off and their cheek or nose gets hit by their hand.  The smokeless powder used in today's ammunition does not produce any such discharge as pictured.  B.O.'s stance is incorrect to accommodate anything but a picture.  The angle of the gun would only be necessary if B.O. were attempting to hit the pigeon just before it hit the ground.  There is so much wrong with this lie that it only serves to expose it and him.

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