Thursday, January 31, 2013

Econtalk response

When Russ questioned the efficacy of the idea being discussed based on popular unacceptance of it, I had an idea come to me.

Obviously you boys are delusional. If what you are espousing made any sense or was even remotely practical then the world would have a couple hundred million more souls treading it surface. Men like Stalin and Mao perhaps even Hitler would have eagerly enacted the democratic principles and the fiscally economically prudent precepts that you guys are hyping.

In addition to the billions currently here, more mindless dweebs would have been inspired by the never ending examples of prudence and self-restraint.  They would have naturally aspired to be contributing members of society. They would have taken satisfaction in the knowledge that their willingness to sacrifice was making their society a better place for those of less means and especially for the generations of the future. If what you were saying was true things would be different but it is not and the first world populations are living proof of that.

If what you are trying to sell made any sense to our politicians our great-great-grand children would not be faced with the so called trillions of dollars of debt but they would be willing to encourage them to subsist within their meager means as your policies would have dictated.

In fact if you two weren't caught up in your own myopic little minds you could realize that the need for money and the creation of debt is only the vestige of a by gone era. The economic giants of today know that the world is transitioning into the future where personal worth is not based on an arbitrary currency and where the responsibility for debt was simply a tool for the rich too victimize the poor.  Just like religion was invented by the rich to keep the poor happy.

The thing you and others like you fail to realize is that not everyone has to be a giant for us to stand on the shoulders of giants.  Giants are born and will succeed in lifting us all so this arcane notion that monetary debt is somehow a motivator of enterprise and entrepreneurialism is just so much hyperbole.

The scare tactic that there will be no one left to produce what we consume if we are all resting on our couches waiting for it to be delivered is poppy cock.  There are plenty of people who live to produce and invent.  There are plenty of others who are naturally hyper active looking for things to do.  The advances in technology will, soon, replace our need to actually work.  As quickly as we can dispense with the notions, that only those who work get rich and the fraudulent justification of investing money is reputable,  the better off we will be.

The natural law that once everyone has everything they need not everyone will need everything can only be achieved when the misguided practice of evaluating everything monetarily comes to an end and as soon as everyone has everything they need.

Why harken to times of old when the future is before us?

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