Sunday, November 6, 2011


Watching bubbles appear in a glass of water being heated is analogous to space mutating into substance in reality. Space can not be anything because once it is something it has to be surrounded by something else.  Thats why bubbles are our term for something not water.  Where does the water end and the bubble begin. What is inside of a bubble and when does the outside of the bubble become the inside of the bubble.  In the world of the very small eventually you have to get where the inside and the outside are the same thing.  In the world of the big; bubbles are something other  than the substance they are in air, oxygen, nitrogen... but in the world of the very small, existence is in the realm of something and nothing.  When does nothing become something? How does nothing become something? When it becomes something what surrounds it, nothing?  Is there ever a time when nothing exists? Is there ever a place when something exists without something else existing to surround it?  So how do we come into existence? If you break us down eventually you have nothing left to define as us but we still exist, assuming that we were not killed in the process of breaking down.

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