Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cosmos: Chance, Creation, or Design

The recent nova program missed the point again with the fabric of the cosmos.  They fail to apply logic and instead come up with incredible explanations for simple things.

Their dark matter is really space and our so called existence is simply vibrations of that space which result in the physical universe.  People move about and stars shine because of the vibrations of space. The vibrations are simply the fluctuations of energy within a sphere of influence which results in all particles large or small.
We don't actually move but the vibrations are relocatable like waves of water, sound or electricity. The adjacent space becomes excited in a replica of the previous space and is perceived as movement when it is actually trans-location of the energy or actually the vibration of space.

What makes things big or small and shine.  It is descret vibrations like difference between treble and base.  Is it one single type of vibration or an infinite range of vibrations all existing simultaneously and in concert with one another.

The organization of space into physical entities is the question. How does that happen.  What dictates form, function, and duration.  In a universe where entropy is the climatic state how does order come about in the first place.  Can it be left up to chance? That seems insufficient to account for the complexity and diversity that exists. Can it be the powers of a God? That seems to be too supernatural to accept.  Who provides the design and what powers it?  Is it the collective "force" of our intelligences which seems to be supernatural in affect but natural in consequence.  So is religion a manifestation of our collective consciousness empowering individuals to write and act accordingly. Is science the effort of the individual to seek knowledge? Is the sum of all things the physical manifestation of the universe, its people, its place, and time tempered by fallacy and foible?

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