Friday, November 25, 2011


As the last morsel of turkey passed my lips I reflected on how it was possible.  First someone had to establish a farm grow  the turkey. Then the bird is shipped to a meat processing plant, killed, the feathers and innerds removed without my involvement. The meat is shipped to the market and the customer buys it.  A cook prepares and cooks it.  It is served at dinner and the leftovers are refigerated for comsumption later on.  I did nothing to deserve the bird.  I didn't produce the feed for it to eat, construct the road on which it was  shipped to market, manage the supermarket where it will be sold, generate the electricity by which it is cooked and refigerated.  All I did was show up when called to dinner.  I didn't build the house where we ate dinner, manufacture the plates and utinsils it was served on and consumed by.  I didn't do much of anything accept consider how many blessings it takes for me to celebrate thanksgiving day at home with my loved one in the freest nation on earth.  Thanks to everyone who make it possible.

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