Friday, November 4, 2011


History doesn't repeat itself. The Future patterns its self after history. Our ignorance of history does not condemn us to repeat it but it disables our sensibilities to similar circumstances, telltale behaviors, and probable outcomes. Unfortunately, the Future is never satisfied with 'similar' but always wants to exceed and to increase its size and scope.  Our inabilities to learn from our mistakes seems more likely the culprit. Our unwillingness to accept responsibility for our actions appears to be the cause.  Our natural tendencies to dismiss the obvious becomes the catalyst. And the fact that good and bad are eternal companions makes me wonder about the the possibilities of affecting a change in the routine.

Pandora's box is never re-closed, each drop of ink changes the water and it cannot be removed.  In retrospect, is the advancement of society dependent upon or delayed by the replaying of historical events. Does the welfare of mankind benefit or suffer from its own inabilities? Is it the unwillingness of the individual or the anonymity of the group to blame? Can we alter our tendencies in the light of the past. And is it our perspective or our preferences that determine good from bad.

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