Monday, November 14, 2011


There is nothing mortal man can do in this universe that has any meaning at all.  Our very existence is so miniscule and over shadowed by the immensity of space and time that anything we think or do is inconsequential, inadequate, and immaterial.

Yet we exist. We act, we think, we dream and then we die. It seems that our temporal purpose is to seek happiness until we die.  Is there life after death? Can our souls exist in another realm? If so then does this life have anything to do with this existence? Does it provide us a second and third purpose? Would those purposes be to server others and learn from that service?

Serving others can bring happiness to the individual but is it insufficient in a temporal world where survival of the fittest is an axiom and where bad things can happen to good people. Science in its finite wisdom denies anything supernatural and pretends that their belief in the substance of things hoped for is somehow evidenced by things not seen or proven.  So it is not temporal knowledge that we should seek even though our continued well being is predicated upon it.

Religion accepts things supernatural and faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Are we then purposeless or do we have a purpose that exceeds even the vastness of space and the timelessness of eternity but only after we become spiritual beings.  Therefore our purpose here on earth is to seek attributes of spirituality not temporal happiness. Our purpose is to be spiritual in our actions toward others as we serve them and become stewards of the elements that surround us.

Those actions are revealed in the New Testament and Book of Mormon. It is our opportunity to read, study, ponder, pray and act upon our understanding of the scriptures gaining enlightenment through which we can ascend to a higher state of awareness eventually achieving exaltation and achieving our intended purpose.  Assuming that we were created by God and not evolved, as science hypothesizes, which is in conflict with the state of entropy which surrounds us.  We then have one purpose and that is to  practice true religion which is to server others and seek spirituality in our temporal endeavors practicing truthfulness, honesty, integrity, faith, hope, and charity.

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