Friday, February 10, 2012


I agree your efforts are worthy, the battle just, and a righteous outcome may not be as hopeless as it seems.

However, my concern is that making the argument for life, after a woman discovers that she has an unwanted pregnancy, is fighting a defensive battle in which abortion seems to have the upper hand to gestation and adoption.

I advocate that a women's right to choose should end at conception. As soon as that legal distinction can be made then it will be easier to promote prevention and abstention. Once that happens then your daily battles might be made easier because you would be trying to convince fewer women, irresponsible or not and too many ignorant men, that a baby should be allowed to be born and adopted as opposed to being killed and disposed of in the trash.

The efforts of life-advocates would be to mitigate the impacts of a pregnancy and cost of a birth on the harried, difficult, sometimes hopeless lives of of a woman or child even a resident-father or semi-responsible boyfriend who discover too late that their opportunity to choose has past them by.

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