Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stupid People

Greece is descending into chaos and the only thing its residents can do is destroy their country. What a bunch of imbecilics. There isn't enough money to keep the doors open so they decide to burn them. There isn't enough money to pay their state employees so their actions are to consume millions of borrowed dollars by rioting in the street. The tourist industry is a valuable source of income so they are making sure that there is no incentive for the tourist to come and making sure that there is nothing left to attract the tourists, or any way to collect the money the visitors would have brought with them. Private enterprise is the only viable alternative to state run bankruptcy and these idiots are actually destroying the few business who had the will and love for their country to try and exist in the socialist state. Instead of working together to deal with the incompetence of their leaders, the greed of their unions, and entitlement mentality of their citizens these morons are engaged in creating the conditions where even the rich will be affected, the average Greek is going to suffer and the poor Greeks are going to starve.

What is really unfortunate is that there doesn't appear to be enough collective intelligence to realize that enterprise, industry, prudence, and charity are the avenues to a solution where the wise Greeks will make the most of their opportunities providing opportunities for their fellow Greeks, the average Greeks could learn that honest work is rewarding, teach their children to live within their means, and aspire to a comfortable life by saving their money, the needy and young Greeks would have incentive to learn a skill and work their way out of poverty without actually starving. The tourists would come and the country could be an acceptable even a desirable place to live, work and play.

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