Friday, February 3, 2012

Letter to Congressman

It is becoming more disturbing as each day goes by. The Obama administration is out of control and you are my representative who has taken an oath and has the responsibility to stop it.

Eric Holder has shown not only contempt for congress but for a vast majority of the American people as well.  The department of Justice has refused to enforce duly passed election laws, is engaged in prosecuting state officials who are enforcing the immigration laws, is party to unethical behaviors in the fast and furious case, and is obstructing justice. I can only guess at what more he is affecting and how much unreported damage is being done to our order of law. What more does congress need before it will act?

Why are you not forefront in the efforts to stop the unashamedly blatant effort to marginalize even eliminate congress? Why are you not ringing the warning bell about the administration's behaviors which are aimed at the disregard of, even the displacement of, the constitution? Why are you not, if necessary, the lone voice in the forest alerting us of the corruption in congress and the willingness of the body to legislate separate laws for themselves in regards to, the most egregious, insider trading, as well voting for luxurious health benefits, retirement packages, and unconscionable self-approved compensation and perquisites.

If you are not willing to perform the single most important role of your position, protecting and preserving the constitution let alone upholding the honor and integrity of being an elected representative then I will be very happy to vote for your opponent if not become one.

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