Friday, February 3, 2012

Lazy,Suspect, Irresponsible

It is hard for me to imagine how, seemingly intelligent, people can actually come to the conclusion that socialism has anything to offer society.  I suppose that it is because they are intellectually lazy, morally suspect, and fiscally irresponsible.

It only takes the simplest amount of thought to understand that the lack of personal responsibility that socialists prescribe contributes to the delequency of the individual, the loss of freedom, and the sacrifice of liberty. Yet socialists continue to insist that a person's life is made better when there is a guaranteed equality of outcomes.  They just don't think long enough to consider the horrendous outcomes that are brought about by socialist governments. They refuse to see the injustices, inadequacies, inequities perpetrated upon the unsuspecting populous in the name of what's best for the collective. It amazes me how, in their superfiaical thinking, there can be some people "more-equal" than the rest of us and it doesn't upset their plans because they believe they are the ones.

Progressivies are devoid of morals except for the notion that "what is yours is ours". From the liberal stand point life has no sanctity, truth is relative, honesty is dependent upon whether or not you get caught, integrity only applies to the other guy, charity is an action enforced by law, if it feels good do it, and if I say it, it has to be true.

Additionally, money is no object to the progressive. It can be printed or digitized, checks written or grants given in spite of the bank balance.  As far they are concerned there are no consequences to the future and no circumstances where prudence applies.

Interestingly enough the socialist idiology benefits from the goodness of people because they subscribe to the sharing of wealth and support of those in need.The difference is that the goodness of man is given not taken as in the socialist methodology. Socialism benefits from the willingness of good people to sacrifice and accept less than desired because they understand the inequities life while the socalist seeks to gain an advantage by justifying their actions of retribution based upon the inequities of life.  Unfortunately, the future generations are not represented by anyone in the deliberations of indebtedness that the socialists are left unrestrained in their willingness to disregard the unintended consequences of socialist actions.

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