Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Charge

Somehow the morons have been put in charge of this country. Every day new evidence is reported by the absent minded media as spin, prejudice, and bias. Our legislatures are full of crooks, con artists, and clowns. The federal agencies are run by special interests with little interest in maximizing the benefits to anyone but themselves. The military has been turned in a social engineering workshops. Corporate america has been converted to theifdoms. Labor has been scuttled by the lazy. Education has been relegated to the mindless. Even science has abdicated it role as investigator to that of inquisitor and defender of the faithless. Welfare populated by the fraudulent. Even the general population is devolving to the point of the lowest common denominator. The self-appointed revolutionaries are in lockstep with the brain dead, entitlement mentality generation of indoctrinated propagators of failed governance practices.  The economic calamity facing the world has been fostered by incompetent money managers taken advantage of by the immoral, and postponed by the politicians until it finally becomes a catastrophe.

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