Monday, May 21, 2012


The french philosopher Frederic Bastiat argued that "it is injustice instead of justice that has existence". There is an urban legend which states that evil is the absence of God, cold the absence of heat, and darkness the absence of light.

My argument is that  injustice, darkness, and cold are this existence and it is only by the presence of God that heat, and light are created and justice is possible.  Which brings me to the conundrum of creation. What created God or did God create evil? There is never a point of beginning which does not beg the fact of what existed before that. There is never a point in existence which does not require everything to exist first. So either God is without beginning or existence is devoid of substance which would be nonexistence.

Consequently the presence of God is what creates light, heat, and justice in an existence which is dark, cold and unjust and is governed by a natural process, called entropy, which is bound to return all active mater to the state of cold, dark and unjust. The concept of evil is simply man's quantification of injustice. God does not have to create evil because injustice is coincidental as is darkness, and cold.

As explained scientifically, the absence of light is the measure of darkness and the absence of heat is the measure of cold apparently to some point that nothing exists. Because justice is a subjective measurement of man in relation to his well being it has become the paradox of good and evil. However, it is difficult to account for all evils of man as a motive to rectify injustice.

I, for one, recognize the presence of light, heat, and justice and, as a consequence, I  believe that God exists as opposed to believing that this existence came come from nothing.  Unlike the disbelievers I don't think I know more that God an am unwilling to disregard the notion that a supernatural entity has to exist to alter nature as we know it.

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