Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Obedience of the law, established by a society, is the basis of order in that society. Disobedience or the disregard of any given law is the basis for disorder in any society. America was established on the premise of law and order with the full knowledge that obedience by its citizen's was essential to it success as a state in the world of governments. America's future as a state is in doubt because its citizen's are unwilling to subjugate their wants and desires to the needs of the state and in respect for the rights of their fellow citizens. In this country laws are enacted by democratic principles and can be changed by the same principles. If the current or future resident's of the United State of America want to withdraw from the Judea-Christian values of it founding citizen's and subscribe to some other secular values, that is possible through the law, but to disregard the law by civil disobedience, fraud, and deceit is a guarantee that a non-democratic process and uncivil acts will result and the outcome will be less than favorable for nearly everyone.

A lawless society is rapidly developing throughout the so-called civilized world. The perpetual willingness of a few to not subscribe to law and order is being fostered by an ever increasing ambiguity towards enforcing tried and true laws rules and regulations. This is a result of democracy. Indecision and uncertainty is a consequence of subscribing to the notion that the majority knows best and that the rights of the individual is somehow important.  When in fact the majority is not always right, most of the time it is misguided, and nearly all individuals are obsessed by self-interest.

The rise of fascism is a natural consequence to ambiguity and uncertainty. The problem is that benevolent dictators don't really exist and if they did they eventually die and are replaced by individuals that are motivated by power and greed which leads to attempted oppression and atrocities. However, there is a problem of scale, command, and control faced by any fascist.

Where do we go from here?  I have an idea but it is too involved for this post.

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