Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stephen email

I have watched the BYU presentations.  They are too orthodox for me. They never question anything or discuss alternative interpretations.They are literalists and have to ignore, rationalize, or justify the scriptures when it comes into conflict with reality i.e. geologic time and the changing mores of a society that does not believe in stoning women etc...  Even Job is so impossible that it could not have happened the way it was described in scripture but if it is interpreted figuratively it makes eminent sense and can be beneficial in dealing with bad things happening to good people.  I am more empowered when I understand the scriptures as they apply to me than I am when it is presented as a historical record with little relationship and no applicable value to me. I will never raise anyone from the dead but I can imagine the concept of Christ coming into my life and resurrecting a notion or idea that has died in me. I will never cast daemons out of swine except when I face the issues that are troubling me and I accept the Christian ideals and my daemons are cast out of my misgivings even to the point of leaving me permanently. Personal interpretation can not be sanctioned by the church hierarchy because it would open the flood gates of dissent and conflict. It can be encouraged but not canonized.

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