Friday, October 12, 2012

Do Things

There are smart people who know how to get other people to do things for them.
There are not so smart people who would like to get something done.
There are average people who can arrange to get things done.
There are below average people who do it themselves.
There are stupid people who think they  know how to get things done.
There are really stupid people who don't know how get any thing done.
There are morons who do really stupid  things themselves.

I believe I qualify for the last category in that I have spent the last four days jackhammering a doorway into the basement of my home. There are at least three or four better ways of doing it but I chose to do it the stupid the way. My arms, hands, and back hurt. My lungs are filled with concrete dust and my hearing is diminished.

I do however have a hole in the basement wall big enough to walk through. The challenge is to fill it back up with an operable door.

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