Monday, October 29, 2012

Glen Beck

Glenn is convinced that he has been given a mission to save this country from the Democratic party's progressive, socialist, and communist members that infect this country and its administration.  He has clearly stated that his errands are heaven sent. Today he commented on how badly timed the latest hurricane is and I sensed some frustration on his part because he has committed himself to the task of beating B.O. and it appears that he and his communist buddies are going to be able to use the storm as an excuse to postpone the elections.

I too am frustrated by the apparent demise of this country's past ideals and the seemingly worthless efforts by good people to change the outcome. I don't understand why evil is given sway and good is hamstrung. I don't like the fact that making even good choices are accompanied by unintended consequences. I am tired of watching the best efforts of righteous leaders go unheralded and the most vile reprobates are elevated to esteemed status.

It appears that the Biblical event of Armageddon is rapidly advancing yet it does not seem to be relevant to the conditions of today as the rest of the world goes on with little time and no heed given to religion.

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