Sunday, October 14, 2012


White people have never been a majority ethnic in the world only a successful one at manipulating their environment. However they have never been successful at managing their affairs and constantly found themselves at odds with practically everyone else in the world.

As the rest of the world catches up economically and politically the white race finds itself out of room to segregate itself and running out of political options to retain its hold on power and influence.

This may be the last election in America where a white candidate has any chance of winning a major political office. The UN long ago dispensed with the notion that America and its white people have any value but to provide the funds for operation.  With China's, India's, and South America's ascendency the probability of America and Europe wielding much power because of there dilapidated economic engines are even in doubt.

I seriously doubt that Mitt Romney and a republican congress can stop the financial cataclysm that is poised to engulf the country. Even if he and they were to open up the access to the bountiful resources of this country the economic engine has been decimated to the point that it will not be able to respond quickly enough to make a difference.

The anti-white anger that is brewing in this country and the world will more than likely boil over when the financial melt down occurs and the jobless and hopeless riot in the streets will demand this country be turned over to them. In either the following election or in a popular revolt the last white man standing will succumb and that will mark the beginning of the end for the white race.

America will be plundered for it resources and its population will be inundated by those people who are willing to work in those resource extraction activities.

I am not to sure that our innovative edge and productive capacity can be maintained because of the political leadership change over. It is evident in the B.O. presidency that America's past will not be honored or even aspired to.

Once the leadership change has been completed then even the environmental issues will take a back seat to population and political expediency. That can be seen in all of the third world countries.  Environmentalism succeeds only because there has been an American influence and willingness to indenture itself to the expense of paying to protect the world. Once that motive has disappeared I question whether the will and competence of the new leaders to protect the environment will be sufficient to succeed.

The world will continue, obviously, but how that will happen and the consequences of the ending of life as we know it will create either a new future or a dismal past with each succeeding or failing generation. I am convinced that there is no null alternative. It has always gotten better throughout history but I am not sure that this is not the tipping point. The population is too large, the resources too limited, the nature of man too perverse to have much hope.

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